4 Best Reasons to become an IAS and Its real Value

4 Best Reasons to become an IAS and Its real Value

4 Best Reasons to become an IAS and Its real Value

Toughest Exam: The toughness of this makes it so powerful that you can the highest respect if you clear the exam. Even after giving 4-5 attempts some of the brilliant students are not able to crack it. It the toughness which makes it outstanding among the other jobs in India. Being an Engineer and IIT student can make you pass this exam. It requires bravery and sobriety from the Globe for some years and high thinking Power.

Power: In India Value of Human Status is more than a Money and Wealth you have. You are earning crores of rupees and you have no contacts at all then you will be disgraced and hard-pressed at any time in India. Even low-level Police Officers can become a pain for you if you only have money. You can’t live happily in India if you only have money, you need contacts with some top level peoples. Being an IAS you will be having an Ultra High Power and Contacts. Only the red light on the roof of the car makes many people give IAS exam. Once you are an IAS, no one is above you, not even politicians, they cannot stop you, if you want a transfer. Not even State government can take any action against you without permission of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). As soon as you clear the IAS exam life becomes easily. People who use to panic you will become the most helpful person in your eyes. IAS Officers have contacts with top level people of India and even at every Government department.

Money: Its true that many IAS Officers become corrupted to earn crores of rupees but they lose their dignity and own Self Respect. 86,000+ ₹ is not bad and you even get top notch facilities like Vehicles, housing, telephone and travelling allowances which make it even bigger

Parents Dream: Nowadays Market value of IAS is so high that almost 80% of Indian Parents want their child to become IAS Officers. Even you grandparents will die happily if their grandson is IAS. As soon you crack the IAS the relatives who never use to give you any value will become your best friend immediately. Even if you the UK or US return or you studies in Harvard University or Oxford University or even you become Millionaire, you will not gain ultra high honor and respect once you become IAS even if you live in the India’s Smallest town or Village.

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