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We live in a world where each person has the right to make their choice and as such Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai is designed to give you the right to make your choice from a variety of the cars made available. There are different types of cars designed to fit different purposes, hence your purpose for car rentals will definitely affect your choice. However, whatever your purpose is, Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai have all sorts of cars to suit your needs.

Let’s check out the different categories of vehicles;

LUXURY CARS: These cars are specially designed for the purpose of high comfort and safety. It provides high quality ride performance due to its super engine quality for a better price. It comes with GPS apps, and other equipment, all aimed at giving the rider great comfort. It is however a costly category, but with Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai, it is possible to rent luxury cars at a cheaper rate, be it long term rentals or short term rentals. Luxury cars available at Car Rental Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai are top notch, aligned with the modern age space technology, and excellent interior quality which birthes a stress free, smooth and comfortable ride.

The List of luxury cars available for rent at Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai include the Mercedes S-class, Bentley Continental GT, Range Rover, Roll Royce, Bentley Bentayga 2019, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Spiders, Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Aveo, Range Rovers, Porsche Panamera, Audi R8, Maserati’s etc.

SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE: These are Popularly abbreviated as SUV’s. They are crafted with large and stylish designs which give it a high ground clearance and a tall body with great navigation quality suspected to be used on rough surfaces but oftenly used on roads and highways. It also boasts of a good level of comfort. SUVs available at Monthly Rent a Car Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai include Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Creta, Nissan Kicks, Kia Sportage, Ford Eco sport, Mazda CX3, Mazda CX5, Nissan Xtrial etc. 

SEDAN CARS: It is popularly known in some parts of the world as Saloon Cars. It has a three-box design with the engine and the cargo area at the front and rear respectively. It has a good headroom but lacks sporting appearance. Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai has sedans for rent and it includes Nissan Versa, Honda civic, Kia Forte, Kia K5, Honda Accord and many more.

SPORT CARS: A sports car is designed to meet the standard of high quality dynamic performance, and the fun of speedy driving making it fit for race tracks. Sport cars are also designed for luxury purposes, for example Lamborghini products. Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai have a variety of sport cars for rentals including the two seat sport cars and the four seat sport cars. Available for rent are Caterham 7, Mazda MX-5, Chevrolet Corvette, Ferrari 488, Ford GT, Toyota MR2, Lamborghini Aventador S and others.

MINIVANS: In comparison with the full size vans, minivans are based on a passenger car platform and have a lower body. They are used as family cars, and leisure cars. The advantages of renting minivans is that it can carry a good number of persons making it fit for family outings. It is also perfect for persons with luggage. Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai offers excellent mini vans for rentals. Minivans available are Honda Odyssey 2020, KIA Sedona, and Toyota Siennas.

VANS: It is mostly used for the transportation of goods. Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai rent out food vans, perfectly refrigerated vans (for storing of perishable goods) and we also have moving vans used if you want to relocate properties; all for both long term and short term use. Vans available are High roof Toyota hiace van, Flat forino, Renault Dokker van, Mercedes Benz MPV etc.

CONVERTIBLES: They most times belong to the sports car family; it can be used with or without a roof. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the blissful breeze of Dubai. Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai offer convertibles for rentals at lower rates including Ford Mustang, Mecedez, Royce rolls and many other convertibles.

COUPÉ: This is a passenger car with sloping back; a fixed roof, two doors with two or four seats. Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai offers varieties of coupé including Chevrolet Camaro, Hyundai Veloster, Lexus, Toyota supra etc.

All these cars and many more are available for rentals at Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai at a lower rate. All cars are in good condition,  and very reliable.

A great advantage of renting a car with Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai is that you can always change any car already rented and go for your choice.

In conclusion, rent any car of your choice with Car Rentals Dubai and Rent a Car Dubai.

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