ANUPAM SHUKLA IAS UPSC 2015 – 2016 11th Rank Interview


ANUPAM SHUKLA IAS UPSC 2015 – 2016 11th Rank Interview



Name – Anupam Shukla


State – Bihar




RANK – 10


Anupam Shukla in UPSC Civil Services Examinations scored 11th  rank from Patna . This was his  third attempt.

UPSC Civil Services Examination in the prestigious 11th rank Patna Anupam Shukla said. Daily News in an interview, he said it was his third attempt. In the previous two efforts, they had reached the interview stage but were finally selected.

They rank 11th and are confident of getting IAS Choice. This time the IAS in the alternative services already. Candidates selected by the Indian Forest Service Examination in 2013 after training in Dehradun and Lucknow are employed in the past six months.

Do not take the burden of preparation

Civil Service Exam candidates are advised of the unique take it not as a burden. Whenever you get time to study during the day. Do not stress over exams. Do not need to lose from failure. Dehradun Indian Forest Service whenever he had time off during training they were studying. Much time was spent studying on Saturdays and Sundays. Father also contributed to the success. Come on, tell them the way this success.

1984 families in Bihar

They told about their family background originally hails from Lucknow. However, since 1984 the family is living in the state. DK Shukla father is currently Principal Chief Conservator of Forests. 1984, are posted in the state. Shukla, a housewife mother talent.

The academic background of the first to fifth-grade school studies in England. DAV school in Muzaffarpur, from sixth to 10th, 11th and 12th classes in Patna Central School, Bailey Road from. Later joined Hindu College of Delhi University. College of physics is the topper.

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