7 Reasons to Obtain a Second Passport of Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a country in the pacific region known for its remoteness, deserted beaches, and luxurious life. It is the ideal location for people seeking privacy and a calm place away from the hustle and bustle of bigger fast-paced countries.

Its citizenship by investment program was established in 2017 and gives interested parties and their families passports in exchange for investments in the region.

Vanuatu is the only Pacific nation offering citizenship by investment and this makes it unique and gives you a chance to enjoy the Pacific privileges.

Vanuatu passports are hereditary. To obtain this passport you need to make a non-refundable donation of $130,000 for individuals and $150,000 for couples. This payment along with other fees will kick start your application process.

A second passport has become more than a luxury and more of a necessity for people looking for a second home or a means to preserve their wealth and better their future. People looking to by-pass the need for rigorous and expensive visa applications into different countries would benefit from citizenship from a country with a strong passport.

Vanuatu offers this and more. Here are some of the reasons you should jump on this program and obtain a Vanuatu passport.

1.  Fast Processing Time

The speed at which Vanuatu processes its citizenship-by-investment applications is one of its greatest advantages. People looking for a quick passport would love the Vanuatu system as an application can be processed in just 30 days.

No need to wait 4 to 6 months like most countries offering this program. It is fast and hassle-free, giving you a second passport in time for that business meeting or vacation in another country.

2.  Strong Passport

Ranked 39th strongest passport in the world, Vanuatu’s passport will guarantee you seamless travel across several countries without the need for long visa applications.

A Vanuatu second passport grants you visa-free access into 130 countries including six months visa-free stay in the UK. It is among the Commonwealth which comes with additional benefits among Commonwealth states.

3.  Tax Relief

If your country of origin or where you reside is eating deep into your income through tax, may want to consider a second passport. Not just any second passport, a Vanuatu citizenship.

Vanuatu collects no income tax, inheritance tax, or wealth taxes from its citizens; this creates somewhat of a tax haven for its citizens.

As a Vanuatu citizen, you get to enjoy more of your income as you pay very little tax.

4.  No Residence Requirements

While other countries offering this type of citizenship program may require you to stay in the country for at least a specified number of days, Vanuatu makes it even better.

You do not need to live in Vanuatu for any number of days to obtain or maintain your passport. You do not even need a physical residence or interview before you can obtain the passport.

5.  Privacy

Your application for a second passport is not shared with third parties including your home country. This will allow you to enjoy dual citizenship without the knowledge of your home country.

It is also perfect for people looking for private lives. Being a low-profile country, Vanuatu allows you to live your life away from the paparazzi and attention of the media. This is especially important for public figures looking to take a break.

You get to enjoy its almost deserted islands and beautiful beaches in a slow-paced environment.

6.  Transparent Application Process

While most countries offering this type of citizenship program may require you to pay huge sums even before your application is granted, Vanuatu only requires a due diligence fee and 25% of the donation amount during the application. An obligation to pay up the remaining amount is only active after the application has been approved.

Vanuatu also guarantees a transparent process where applicants who provide truthful statements and are eligible are given their second passports without issues.

7.  Crypto Currency Payment Options

With the rise of bitcoin and crypto currency, Vanuatu accepts crypto as a means of payment for their citizenship by investment program.

Although the government will not accept payments in crypto, their approved agents can collect crypto payments and then remit to the government in USD.

This gives a more seamless process and allows applicants to pay through whichever means is ideal for them.

Last Words

Vanuatu is one of the fastest citizenship by investment programs taking between 30 to 60 days from the date of application to obtaining your second passport.

Its other amazing benefits shoot it up the list of top citizenship by investment programs in the world.