The Atomic Age : Atomic Energy (UPSC Science)

by Sharoz Dawa | Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2017

The atomic age

Ever wondered about what is India strength in the atomic energy generation? When was it started? What is its history? Who is the father of atomic energy in India? And what is the atomic power of the country? And the reactors in India? This article is aiming to solve all the queries about the atomic energy in the country. Prof Rutherford is considered as the father of atomic energy. The means of atomic energy became known to man through the endless efforts of Einstein earnest Walton , Robert Oppenheimer , Fermi Oppenheimer , Neil Bohr , Otto Ham etc.

The man started machine age with the help of steam energy and electric energy . But the minerals like coal, petrol needed for it limited. According to the scientists, these stock will fall short at the end of this century. The scientists have found  out the new energy means in the form of atomic energy as a remedy. Atomic energy is the power created by the division of extremely minute atom. The mass which is lost while dividing an atom. Is transformed  or converted into energy. Heavy atoms like Uranium-thorium are taken for the division of the atom.

Uses of atomic energy:

  1. Production of  electricity.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  3. Development of agriculture industry.
  4. Aeroplanes run by atomic energy and nondetectable   radar are made.
  5. The sea base is researched with the help of atomic submarines.
  6. Destructive atomic weapons are prepared.

Dr Homi Bhabha is the father of Indian atomic age. The institute of fundamental research. Was founded in 1945 for the research in the atomic science in India.

The government of India founded the atomic board. DR Bhabha was the director of both these institutions “ atomic research city” was erected at Turbhe near Mumbai under the guidance of Dr Bhabha . Atomic reactors named Apsara , Cyrus , Zarlina and Purnima are present in the city. Care has been taken for the safety of these reactors erecting.

Atomic science is studied through the atomic reactors Production of about 350 radioactive substances are made in the atomic centre at Turbhe. They are used  in Industrial , agricultural and medical fields government of India honoured him by giving his name to the atomic research centre at turbhe is now known as “ Bhabha atomic research centre”

For the production of atomic energy Uranium and thorium are available in Large quantity in India. The stocks of uranium have been found in Himachal Pradesh, east Bihar and near the west coast. The stocks of thorium have been found on Malabar coast. Uranium fuel is prepared in the factory at Jadugad in Bihar. For the production of atomic energy, there is need of density water. Atomic energy plants have been erected at Nangal , telcher and Tutikorin , Kota etc.

Atomic Power

Energy means the capacity to work. As a man needs food water air so also energy. Energy or power is essential for making life happier. We light electric bulb as it gets dark. We start fan as it gets warmer.  Tv computer is the objects of daily needs for us . all these needs electricity. Due to the limited energy sources today , atomic energy is looked upon as necessary energy sources.

The greatest use of atomic energy is the production of electricity . the first atomic power station of India was raised at Tarapur to the north if Mumbai in 1969 a.d. which is of 1400 megawatt electricity is produced in the power station at Tarapur.

There are 17 atomic energy power stations in India today and are producing nearly 4120-megawatt electricity.

And atomic bomb was prepared out of atomic energy. America demolished the Japnese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki by attacking them with the atomic weapons towards the end of the second world war. The second world war is viewed the destructive form of atomic energy. Today united states and Russia possess thousand of atomic weapons.

India has made a great progress in the field of the atomic energy.India conducted the first test of an atomic weapon at the Pokhran in the Rajasthan in the year 1974 . India is included in the selected nations possessing atomic weapons . But our country insists on the peaceful and constructive use of the atomic energy.

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