Atul Nalini IAS Topper Rank 39 UPSC CSE 2013


Atul Nalini IAS Topper Rank 39 UPSC CSE 2013

Cracking Union Public Service Commission, Civil Services  Examination  sometimes it’s sound like very difficult but according to “Atul Nalini IAS”,  Learning is a never ending process  and each time there is a difficulty it is actually the process which is warming me up.



Atul  did his Bachelor’s (Electrical Engineering) from National Institute of Technology (Regional Engineering College).He had previously worked with National Thermal Power Corporation. Atul has acquired 39 position in Civil Services Examination by scoring 46.12%.In written he had obtained 783 out of 1750 and in Personality test (Interview) he got 151 out of 275, this was accurately enough to get a good position in the government sector. Currently, Atul Nalini  is an Officer Trainee at Mussoorie.

According to Atul good strategic planning had played an important role to cracked UPSC CSE.


Key Factor for Cracking UPSC CSE


Proper guidance is the key to success. The right frame of mind will help you crack the exam. Read newspapers and current affairs magazines. Taking help of coaching Institutes might be a good idea to boost up your studies, talking with senior who had cracked this examination will be benefits to understanding how the whole procedure is carried out, what type of question is frequently asked.



In Interview (Personality Test) the logical question was asked to Atul Nalini IAS. According to Atul if you want to crack an interview you should maintain some of the good personality and should remember some points that are, To have a positive body language , To have a good personal turnout and ensuring the right posture, To answer questions clearly and confidently , Try to remain calm and composed even when faced with provocative questions, Try not getting into long-winded explanations and answer to the point.

So now thinking that cracking the UPSC CS Examination is too difficult, then you are totally wrong.


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