B.Sc. Marine Engineering: Course, Career, Salary, Duration, Scope

B.Sc. Marine Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering is an undergraduate Marine Engineering course. The degree course enables its students to serve as a leading provider of technically competent, energetic, and disciplined marine engineers capable of performing to the standard required of the profession for the international and local shipping industry.

This degree incorporates the operation of the ship’s main engine, auxiliaries, and other propulsion and adjunct machinery.

The course is three years, and it is career orienting in nature that provides many jobs for them.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering

Duration: 4 Years
Level: Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: 10+2 )or Equivalent

Career At B.Sc. Marine Engineering


XII with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or equivalent with minimum 55% marks. Some reputed colleges and institutes do conduct entrance examination to get admission to their M.Sc. Degree course.

B.Sc. Marine Engineering Syllabus

Syllabus of Marine Engineering by various Universities and Colleges is:

Subjects of Study
General Psychology with Alcohol and Drug Prevention
Analytic Geometry with Solid Geometry
Engine Watchkeeping, Engine Officers
Ship Construction and Ship Stability
Marine Pollution and Prevention
Mechanics and Hydromechanics
Marine Vocabulary and Terms
Marine Power Plant, Diesel
Fuel Oils and Lubricants
Spherical Trigonometry
Aptitude for the Service
Ship and Ships Routine
Engineering Drawing
Auxiliary Machinery
Marine Power Plant
Plane Trigonometry
Engineering Physics
General Chemistry
Integral Calculus
College Algebra
Machine Shop
Heat Balance
Basic Safety

B.Sc. Marine Engineering Opportunities

  • R.L. Institute of Nautical Sciences, Madurai

B.Sc. Marine Engineering Course Suitability

  • The candidates should have good English language smoothness while talking and physical fitness is a must.
  • They should also have organizing quality, team management and practical thinking along with common sense.
  • One should not suffer seasickness as one may need to work on the boat while it is sailing.
  • The students should also possess excellent technical knowledge, math, and IT skills.

B.Sc. Marine Engineering Course Scope

The course of marine engineering serves as a base for further studies such as M.Sc., M.Phil. And Ph.D. as it gives a good base for the same. This course is beneficial to produce maritime industry with well all-rounded, qualified, well-trained complete marine engine officers to meet the human resource requirements, ashore and afloat.

Students have many opportunities in various oil and gas industry, where they have to design and build pipelines and other equipment. The students can take up employment in different foreign and Indian shipping companies and with the port and harbor departments.

B.Sc. Marine Engineering Job Types

  • Port Manager
  • Maritime Educator
  • Second Marine Engineer
  • O.I.C. of an Engineering Watch
  • Ship Manager
  • Ship Operator
  • Marine Surveyor
  • Chief Marine Engineer
  • Technical Superintendent

Advance Course in B.Sc. Marine Engineering

  • M.Tech. (Marine Engineering)

After completing B.Sc. (Marine Engineering), you can become

  • Engineer
  • Marine Engineer

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