B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology: Course, Career, Salary, Duration, Scope

B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology or Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Nanotechnology is an undergraduate Electronics and Nanotechnology course.

Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology develops engineers with a firm grounding in conventional electronics, plus the specialist skills at the electronics/physics interface required to work at the forefront of modern Nanoscale device fabrication.

Programs enable you to build on a common foundation in electronics by introducing many specialist modules from the second year. These modules cover topics in Nanoscale electronic devices, optoelectronics, nanofabrication, and advanced experimental methods.

It enables you to understand the principles of electronics and nanotechnology, in particular, the principles of the fabrication and design of modern microelectronic products. The duration of the course is four years and it is carrier oriented subjects.

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Nanotechnology

Duration: 4 Years
Level: Graduation
Type: Degree
Eligibility: 10+2 or Equivalent

B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology Eligibility               

  • XII with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or equivalent with minimum 55% marks.
  • Some reputed colleges and institutes conduct entrance examination for admission.

B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology Syllabus

Syllabus of Electronics and Nanotechnology as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study 
A Theory
1 English
2 Mathematics I
3 Physics
4 Chemistry
5 Basic Engineering I
B Practical
1 Personality Development I
3 Computer Literacy
4 Physics Laboratory
5 Chemistry Laboratory
6 Workshop Practice/Engineering Graphics
Sem. II
B Theory
1 Value Education
2 Mathematics II
3 Materials Science
4 Biology for Engineers
5 Principles of Environmental Science
6 Basic Engineering II
7 Elements of Nano-science and Nanotechnology
B Practical
1 Personality Development II
2 Computer Practice
3 Engineering Graphics/Workshop Practice
Sem. III
A Theory
1 German/Japanese/French Language Phase I
2 Mathematics III
3 Basic Engineering III
4 Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
5 Fundamentals of Solid State Technology
6 Instrumentation Techniques
7 Properties of Nanomaterials
B Practical
1 Personality Development III
2 Instrumentation Lab I
3 Properties of Materials Lab
Sem. IV
A Theory
1 German/Japanese/French Language Phase II
2 Probability and Random Processes
3 Synthesis of Nano-materials
4 Quantum Mechanics
5 BioNanotechnology
6 Advanced Electronics and Instrumentation
7 Basic Engineering IV
B Practical
1 Personality Development IV
2 Instrumentation Lab II
3 Materials Synthesis Lab
4 Comprehension I
Sem. V
A Theory
1 Engineering Economics and Management
2 Nano-photonics
3 Micro and Nano Fluidics
4 Characterization Techniques
5 Nano-toxicology
6 Surface and Interfaces
B Practical
1 Personality Development V
2 Characterization Lab
3 Surface Science Lab
4 Industrial Training I
Sem. VI
A Theory
1 Applications of Nanotechnology
2 Molecular Nano-electronics
3 Polymer and Nano-composites
4 Elective I
B Practical
1 Personality Development VI
2 Nano-electronics simulation Lab
3 Polymer Science Lab
4 Comprehension II
5 Computer Skills
Sem. VII
A Theory
1 Spintronics
2 Thin Film Technology
3 Elective II
4 Elective III
B Practical
1 Thin Film Technology Lab
2 Industrial Training II
3 Seminar
A Theory
1 Elective IV
2 Elective V
B Practical
1 Project Work

List of Electives

Micro/Nano Devices and Sensors
The fictionalization of CNT and Metallic Nanoparticles
Advanced drug delivery systems
Lithography techniques and fabrication
Nanotechnology in Health Care
Product Design, Management Techniques, and Entrepreneurship
Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Technology
Societal Implications of Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology for Energy Systems
Operation Research
Microelectronics and VLSI

B.Tech Electronics and Nanotechnology Colleges

  • SRM University – Kattankulathur, Kanchipuram
  • IIMT Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut

B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology Course Suitability

  • The course is suitable for those candidates who have the scientific bent of mind and adequate interests for research work; sound analytical brain and computer programming skills.
  • It also helps those who have good skills in mathematics and computer programming would be an asset. Any knowledge that can be gained through formal, informal and self-education would add your potential and value.
  • The candidates must be hard working as research in this field needs spending long hours in the laboratory.

How is B.Tech? Electronics and Nanotechnology Course Beneficial?

  • The course is beneficial for those who want to go for the Master’s degree as it gives a solid base for it.
  • They can find jobs in the field of nano-medicine, bioinformatics, stem cell development, pharmaceutical companies, nanotoxicology and nano power generating sectors.
  • They can also work from creating cosmetics to enhancing energy-efficient windows, from auto and plane manufacturing to researching the nature of matter itself.
  • Degree holders are in demand, not only in research and development but also in the City, in technical sales, management, and government and public services.

B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology Employment Areas

  • Colleges & Universities (IITs)
  • Environment Industry
  • IT Companies
  • Genetics Projects
  • Space Research Science
  • Food and Beverages Companies
  • Bio-Technology Companies
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Health Industry
  • Forensic Science 

B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology Job Types

  • Senior Research Officer
  • Project Assistant
  • Lecturer/Professor
  • Researcher
  • Graphics Designing Professional
  • Senior Knowledge Officer
  • Laboratory Manager

Advanced Courses in B.Tech. Electronics and Nanotechnology

  • M.Tech. (Nanotechnology)
  • Ph.D. (Nanotechnology)

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