Best health care in the world Cuba

by Sandeep | Posted on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Best health care in the world Cuba

Have you listened the word “Heaven” (In terms of Best health care in the world)?

Off course you have listened. As we listen fairy tales in our childhood, it was definitely the part of it.

We are talking about a place, thinking, an imagination which is perfect in every term. Where you will find perfect governance  , Where all the people are taken care of in well comfort manner, Where everyone is happy, Where everyone get chance to fulfill their dream, Where there is no discrimination between people, Where everyone is having right to study  and succeed in life.

If that is not in our country, that heaven will be somewhere in this world?

 And if heaven is exist? How it would be looking?

Yes that heaven exist is Cuba. A country with best health care in the world, a country from which our country can also learn many things.

How you know Cuba?

Because of revolutionary politician and Former Prime Minister Mr. Fidel Castro? Or because of great revolutionary politician and guerrilla leader Mr. Che Guevara .Or because of America which is only 80 Miles away from Cuba had banned it because this country do not left the path of communism and Socialism. Do you know Cuba for it Adornment or for the Cuba’s boxers who won 27 Olympics Gold Medal till 2015 and from last many years Cuba’s coaches are giving consistent training to other countries boxer’s.

Achievements of Cuba Best health care in the world.


Today we will talk about the achievement of Cuba which is ignored normally by the world. This achievement is done by Cuba in Best health care service and at the peak of that level where we can tell that “Heaven” in terms of best health care service in the world.

For Example (Comparison)

  • In Cuba there are 67 Doctors per 10000 People .In India there are 7 Doctors per 10000 People.
  • Cuba spends 8.6% of total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on health care service. While India spends 3.8% of total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on health care service.
  • Average Life span of a person in Cuba is 78 Years while in India average Life span of a person is 66 Years.
  • When a child born in Cuba 5 children died before completing age 1 year of his/her age out of 1000 children born/In USA 6 died out of 1000, while in India 41 children died before completing age 1 year of his/her age out of 1000 children born.


This was the First big different between India and Cuba best health care service. If we will take the topic of Economy Cuba is definitely less than India but it is better than India and in termes of Health Services and equivalent to America and Canada.


Attraction towards Cuba for Tourists

Some people are attracted towards Cuba in terms of its Music, Sea Beaches, and Dances. The possibility of Best health care in the world was only possible with the number of Doctors and nurses in the country. Here people call clinic as Consultorio. On an average there is a free Consultorio on every 500 to 600 people of the Country.

Specialty of Cuba iN Best health care in the world


  • Every citizen gets free medical help of doctor.
  • 1 Consultorio for every 150-160 family.
  • No one have to go away from home for Consultorio.
  • Once a year a Doctor will come at every citizen’s house for free medical checkup.
  • Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapist and speech therapist visit your home if you need .

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