Brevity is the soul of wit | Meaning and Expansion of the proverb | Essay

Brevity is the soul of wit


“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.”


Meaning of Proverb

It is the real art of speaking and many phrases coined by William Shakespeare. It is the shortness of the time to say something by using of few words for spiritual part of something and the essence of something in the ability to use words and creativity of the humor.

This proverb which is the based on the words of Polonius I “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare.

Brevity is the soul of wit is the phrase of the multiplicity of meanings. In the first sense, it means that a good piece of writing or a good speech should be brief and concise. And in another sense, it implies that the funny speech should be short. Otherwise, it tends to lose and decrease its flavor. If we will go for another hand, then it explored on the word level, and its meanings are interesting. There is the purpose of ‘wit’ is debatable, which here refers to ‘knowledge,’ ‘wisdom,’ ‘Intelligence’ during the Shakespearean era.


During the Shakespeare time in “Hamlet.” Polonius, the king’s chief counselor, informs Hamlet’s mother that her son is the maid. He says. “That’s why the brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief: that noble son is mad.” During his time the wit means a Knowledge and intelligence and the dramatics said that speakers and writers to communicate in as a clear and concise manner.

Shakespeare was a real master of the crafting characters with exquisite subtleties, and the Polonius was an incarnation of vanity and foolishness, and he was wasting his time on the rhetoric and asserting his brevity.


There is a use of that thing which is several for the rhetorical situations and context in the modern English. And it is mostly used as a sarcastic remark in response to endless nonsense chattering. The modern writers are using this concept in his speeches, essay, copywriting and fiction. Politicians use it to keep their audience glued to them lest they may leave which one is feeling bored and tedium over long and lengthy political speeches. They are wanted to demonstrate their speech or arguments which are debaters and traditional speakers.

At the time of the course, this phrase becomes the proverb of Standard English. Although this context is mostly witnessed neglect. Polonius always thinks himself the wittiest person on the planet as one can see how brief Polonius is in the telling the king as well as the queen that their son is mad.

Brevity is the soul of wit is the means of the concise and exact use of the words in writing or speech, and it is opposed to long and complicated structures.

When we give the speech in some few words which are very sensible and concise words, then people will also hear our speeches. And if we go for long speeches then people will not show interest to hear in our speech that’s why we should think that always to keep in mind those statements as short as possible.

Sometimes it becomes the brevity is the real soul of wit, and that’s why we love to that even Beiber can’t help posting the occasionally one-word tweet. “hola.”

It depends on that witless man how to improve the brevity is the actual soul of wit because sometimes numbers speak louder than words so they can go for the throw up a career states and contract comparison of Percy Harvin to Mike Wallace and Dwayne Bowe.



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