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Good morning to the Principal Sir, teachers and my dear friends. We all are very glad and gathered here to celebrate children’s day. On this auspicious occasion, I would like to Speech on the children’s day. Children’s Day is also called “BAL DIVAS.” This day is celebrated on the anniversary of the great Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru.

This day is celebrated as a special day in schools and colleges to increase awareness among people about the rights and education of children.

Children’s Day

Speech on Children's DayChildren’s Day is celebrated all over India every year with enthusiasm. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm on 14th November with great passion in schools and colleges held with a lot of events and activities performed by kids. This is an event celebrated with all excitements and joys filled with love and affection on one another.

Children’s day is a special day celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary the great  Pt.Nehru. This day is observed in the name of Pt.Nehru because he was very fond of children and had been very affectionate with them. In those day children were also had affection with him and used to call him Chacha.

According to the survey, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was a true friend of children and loved to be with them all the time. He was the 1st prime minister of India and is India’s 1st PM he remained to play with children all the time whenever he gets time.

He loved the roses and children and spent his whole life with them. One day he said children are buds in the garden how you water them and take care matters so that they become beautiful roses of the country.

He understood children equally and believed in giving equal opportunity for the development of them. In one word he was the person who followed equality rule in those days.


On this very day, everyone including cabinet ministers and higher officials makes their presence and gather at his statue where he was cremated. A big wreath of many kinds and colors of flowers are placed on his samadhi. This was followed by prayers and hymns chanting.

On this occasional day, students perform many activities in their schools to celebrate this occasion.

No only this day is filled with performances, but also a remembrance of Pt.Nehru’s sacrifices and his contributions towards his country and nation are discussed.

This day is celebrated with many activities related to children to build ideal citizen and be one. There will be many competitions held in schools in every aspect like physically, mentally and morally.

Citizens of this country including every age takes the pledge on this very day to never neglect their children. Children’s are offered new books and food. Many activities like puzzles, dance, storytelling, paintings, poems, fancy dress competition are held at schools organized by teachers for students.S schools remain open on this day so that every child gets chance to participate in all activities and various events conducted by schools or college.

In some schools, this day is celebrated in such a way that children dress up them self as teaching staff like teachers, principal, accountant, etc. and have fun in various ways.

By winning the students are rewarded in school by authority. Organizing such events is not only responsibility of schools but also the social and corporate institutions.S students wear any kind of dresses like fancy or formal in which they are comfortable.

Not only students but also teacher wear formal dresses and also participate in various events like dramas. They thoroughly enjoy with little cuteness filled around them.

Why It Is Necessary

It is necessary to celebrate every year in order bring awareness among the people about the real status of children, importance of them and their education as they are India’s future.

To make their future bright and make India well-educated government should make sure that every child in our country is educated because we all knew that they could create a revolution and make India developed. By celebrating this day, everyone especially neglecting people in the country will know how important is an education for children.

At this day special programs are run by TV and radio especially for children to honor them at Children’s Day as they are future leaders of the nation. As children’s are valuable assets of the country and only hope of the tomorrow. Chacha Nehru decides to celebrate this event on his birthday because he wanted to focus on young and future’s something of India.

  • They should get proper care and love from the parents and family.
  • They should get healthy food, clean clothes, and security.
  • They should get a healthy living environment where they can feel safe at home, school or another place.
  • They should get proper and good level of education.
  • They should be provided special care when disabled or sick.

Parents should take care of children as of now many are killing themselves slowly by taking drugs, being a victim to child abuse, etc. To make aware of this thing and help children in getting the right way this day is celebrated to make everyone realize.


To make everyone realize how important every child is to this society plays an important role to develop this country.

Everyone in the country should pay attention to children’s health and studies. Politicians should make sure that every child gets equal opportunity to get go forward in his or her future.

We should take care of them because students are the future of India they can make the country and they can also break the country.

Thank you

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