Constitution Day 2020: 17th September, Essay, Meaning, Celebration

Constitution Day is used to celebrate on the 17th September by lots of people to make every people know about the Rules and Regulations which is made by the DR. Babasaheb Ambedkar who was a Great Freedom Fighter of India. Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar made the Rules and Regulations of India for making a Strong India and punishing many of the Punishable people in India. Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar was a Great Indian National Leader who strive had to make the India Independent from the British rule. Every Indian were very sad about the Rules of the Britishers.

It is very useful for every people to carry out their tasks under certain conditions where there is a Non – Violence in the Country. There is a proper idea to do every task in a proper manner with the proper environment to be maintained in every Country. Constitution makes people get every type of Rights and Opportunities to get success in any type of activity. So the Constitution gives every people every Right, Justice, Equality and Opportunities to do any task properly with full confidence.

Constitution of India is formed on the 26th January 1950 and Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar was called as the Father of the Indian Constitution. Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar was made the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee on the 29th August. Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar became the Chief Architect of the Constitution of India. He was known for making the United as well as Strong India.

Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar made many of the Rules for the Untouchability which was a big problem in many of the Indian areas. He started many of the And loans for the people who were not getting the proper Rights and Opportunities in India. He was well Educated and tried to maintain Peace and Harmony in the India Country. He refuses all the Rules made by the Britishers for their own benefit.

He tried to disobey the rules of the Britishers and made Indians get their Rights and Opportunities to get all the Facilities and Services to them for their better future. He uses many Secret plans to make the Britishers go out of the India Country. He made every type of Rule to maintain a proper balance in the Environment and to make every people happy with every proper rule. Every Britishers were very happy and they were controlling India to make their every type of work complete.

It is very important for every people to Judge a particular situation to identify any problem from occurring into any work. It is quite important for every people to understand the things which are very useful for them in the future. Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar was a very Brave and Strong Person who gave India Freedom from the Britishers Rule. Britishers rule India Country for more than 150 years and they tried to maintain ruling India before they were not made to go out of the India Country after fighting against the Britishers for their cruel Behaviour.

Celebration of the Constitution Day

Constitution Day was celebrated by many of the people to make all the people know of the Rules and Laws made by Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar to get all the Facilities to the people of India. It is very helpful for every people to create a better environment to do all the possibilities for doing any task properly. It is very useful for every people to cultivate a better attitude towards every type of work for getting some type of idea from every kind of work. Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar was against the wrong rules of the Britishers and they forced the Britishers to get out of the India Country.

He went to the Foreign Countries to get Higher Education and solved many of the problems to manage the things in a proper way. He did many of the Courses from the Foreign Countries and He got many of the Degrees to get better Job and Knowledge about the World. He refuses the ideas and plans of the Britishers and tried to keep His own rules to make the better situation of the India Country. He used to manage all the things with proper checking of all the activities of the people and act according to the situation.

It is very useful for every Indian people to focus on the positive side of getting every people Independence from the rule of the Britishers. Britishers were used to concentrate on how to make every Indian their Slaves and they tried very hard to get all the Indians under their control. It is very important for every people to fight for the Right and Opportunities of the Indian People. Every Indian were very sad and were ruined by the Britishers.

It is important to make every Indian people come closer and come together to fight for their Rights to get every type of Facility to them. One has to come closer to find Right ideas and plans to focus on every kind of situation. Constitution Day makes every people get proper Facility to make every people develop a better Nation in a proper way. One has to come closer to get involved in many types of situations and to gather lots of knowledge for a better situation. Every situation faced by the Indians to make the India Independent.

There were many of the Indian National Leaders like the Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, Bhagat Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru and many Other Indian Leaders who strive hard for the Indian people to get them Freedom from the Britishers Raj. When the Indian Constitution was adopted by the people of India, the people of India had a New Scientific, Self – Governing, Modern as well as Constitutional India with the Development and Peace. Indian Constitution is unique in the World and had taken much of the time of almost 2 years and 11 Months with 17 Days for passing the Assembly of the Constituent. So the Constitution of India was very made with proper planning and Intelligence to maintain the Peace and Non – Violence in the India Country.

Importance of the Constitution Day

Constitution Day is used to celebrate by every people to get every proper idea and knowledge about the Constitution of India and to keep Peace and Discipline in the India Country. It is very easy for every people to create a proper idea to get all the activities to get done in a proper way. One has to believe to get all the Rights and Justice to do every activity in a proper way. Constitution of India makes every people get Equality, Justice, Harmony, Rights, Opportunities to every Indian People. Every people in the India Country have to strive hard for their own betterment to remove the Britishers from the India Country.

Everyone in the India Country is used to fight for their Rights with lots of Indian National Leaders to get Freedom from the Britishers. There were many Followers of many Indian National Leaders who gave support to the Indian National Leaders for Indian Freedom. Every people of India were taught to fight against the Britishers by the Indian National Leaders. Farmers in the India Country were very ruined by the Britishers.

They were not given every type of Right and Opportunities to move around the India Country and to do any developmental activities for them. Indian People had to tolerate all the pains given by the Britishers. They were used to beat all the Farmers and made them work for more Hours to keep control over the Indian Farmers. They did not pay much of the Salary to the Indian Farmers and tried to use them as much as possible.

Every people of India tried hard to remove the control from the Britishers, but Britishers were also very strong and they did not let the Indians go out from their control. Constitution of India made many of the rules for the betterment of the Indian people. There are many of the Characteristics of the Constitution of India by which every people got proper Rights for their Welfare. They are as follows -:

  • Constitution of India is Broad and Written.
  • Constitution of India contents Democratic Government of Elected Members.
  • Constitution of India gives every people the Liberty for a living, Speech, Education, Travelling, Religion and much more.
  • Constitution of India has Single Nationality.
  • Constitution of India is Non – Flexible as well as Flexible.
  • Constitution of India has the Caste System Obliteration at the Level of National.
  • Constitution of India has Common Official Languages as well as Code of the Civil.
  • Constitution of India has Similar Centre like a Buddhist ‘Ganrajya’.
  • Constitution of India involves the effect of the Buddhist as well as Buddha culture.
  • Due to the Constitution of India, the Females in India got every type of Right for voting.
  • Indian Constitution is followed by many of the Countries.
  • Bhutan which is the Neighbour Country of India has accepted the Democratic System of Indian.
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    Indian constitution how to protect,.mentain about that

    • Bhushan tayade says:

      Dr. Babasaheb ambedkar was a Excellent thinker of india . & dr. babasaheb ambedkar could do hard work for india. &my gol father only Dr. Babasaheb ambedkar ……

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