Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) : Consumer Awareness

Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) : Consumer Awareness

Consumer Guidance (CGSI)

What is CGSI? Why was it formed? And when? Who regulates it? What are the objectives of the consumer guidance society? And what is their role towards the consumer safety and to secure the rights of the consumers in INDIA?  This article is aiming to solve all your queries regarding the CGSI one of the organizations formed by the Nation for the consumer protection in India.

The consumer guidance society of India was formed in the year 1966 and was registered under the societies registration act as a voluntary and service organization. In order to protect and educate the Indian consumer about substandard products and services adultered foods , short weights and exorbitant prices , and a host of other problems. And in the year of 1991 the consumer guidance society of India has received National award for consumer protection for its 25th year for service to consumers.and the CGSI is the first one to establish consumer product testing in India.

Following are the objectives of the  Consumer guidance society of India:

  1. To inform , educate and organize consumers so s to enable them to protect their interests and assert their interests and assert their rights.
  2. To protect and promote the interests of the consumers of goods and services by whatever lawful means.
  3. To provide a forum for mobilizing public opinion in respect of unfair trade practices and to recommend to the government for suitable action.
  4. To undertake consumer research to determine the needs of the consumers.
  5. To apprise manufacturers of the need for improving the quality and utility of consumer products.
  6. To promote and popularize the use of goods produced according to  recognized standards such as a product with AGMARK and ISI mark.
  7. To co operate with and assist various organizations and public authorities both in India and abroad in the formation and adoption of quality standards for consumer products and services.
  8. To do all such other lawful activities which are conductive to the attainment of any or all the objects of the society mentioned above.

ROLE of Consumer guidance society of India:

  1. Consumer education and guidance-  the main purpose of CGSI are to create awareness among the consumers about their rights and duties . for this CGSI provides valuable information and guidance by undertaking following activities.
  1. Arrangements of lectures by eminent scholars.
  2. It publishes booklets, monthly magazine and other literature relating to consumer education and guidance.
  1. Consumer protection – this is another important area of CGSI  activities and includes.
  1. It encourages aggrieved customers  to come forward and lodge a complaint against Business mal practices.
  2. It assists government to detect cases of black marketing adulteration of food items .
  3. It insists and exerts pressure on the manufacturer to improve the quality of good as per ISO SPECIFICATION.
  4. CGSI has also initiated actions against misleading advertisement.
  1. Consumer representation- as a representative of consumers the CGSI has been nominated on many committee and councils, CGSI advises the government and other agencies on matters relating to consumer welfare. THE CGSI  nominated a representative of consumers in following state councils and committees.
  1. Council of fair business practices.
  2. Food and drug administrations.
  3. Advertising standards council of India.
  4. Bureau of Indian standards.
  5. Central pollution control board etc.
  1. Complaint Redressal – CGSI handles consumer complaints and offers legal guidance to those wishing to file suits in the consumer courts. In cases where there are a number of complaints against a particular party, both sides are brought together to resolve the issue.
  2. Product testing- AS early as 1977 , CGSI established the facility product testing . it first assessed the safety and performance of domestic pressure stoves and found that two- third of the samples tested failed In safety parameters . CGSI sent the results to the government and Indian standards institute popularly known as ISI with a demand for mandatory a compulsory certification. Many other products were tested and reports published in the society’s monthly journal “ KEEMAT”.
  3. Consumer education for  Rural consumers-  consumer guidance society of India started a rural project in the villages of thane and Raigad districts which is situated in the state of Maharashtra in the year of 1977. consumer training was given to people in several villages.

Villagers have received consumer education through talk shows and demonstrations . Training programs were organized and potential activists have been given special training in Consumer Activism.

This is all about consumer guidance society of India one should know.

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  1. I see that majority of the shops, hotels, bakeries etc do not give a bill or receipt. Is that a cause for concern and should it be reported and if so where?
    One NBFC and my friends misguided me into a debt trap from where I took loan over my own deposit. Now they are sending me legal notices to repay the loan but they are not allowing me to sell my shares either to compensate for it.
    Bus conductors do not give tickets.
    I am suffering from depressive illness and I know how law of the land has isolated me by implementing their justice to protect everybody’s interest but mine.

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