Cracking the Exam: How to Prepare for CAT?

CATWell, it’s a fact. No one likes repeated failures.

Especially in exams and, 

That too when you are trying to crack the MBA entrance exam. Students/aspirants usually do not wish to prepare for the exams repetitively. Rather, they believe it is best to prepare for the exam well in one go. This would save a lot of time, and they will not be frustrated in reading or practicing the same thing over and over again.

But let me tell you something, there is no shortcut to success, and you might not be able to crack it in one go so be patient and consistent in your efforts. When I was a student, I too at times got frustrated when my efforts and hard work didn’t reflect in the results.

So I thought of sharing some tips with you which will help many students who at some point of time got stuck just like me.

Analyze the structure

Go through the syllabus of the Common Aptitude Test (CAT) thoroughly and analyze your interests in the subjects. Make a note of the areas which you find in your comfort zone and are your strengths. Prepare them first and then focus on other aspects.

You can also do the other way round i.e. prepare topics that hold more weightage in the exam like quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and reading comprehension, data interpretation and logical reasoning.

Mind you no one can know your strengths better than you do. Bifurcate the syllabus accordingly and start from the areas which are in your comfort zone.

Develop a good Focus

Believe it or not, focus plays a great role in preparing for any exam. All your planning and goals will be in vain unless you have the focus and dedication to achieve something in life. Most of the students find it difficult to keep them focused.

To keep up the pace, always take short breaks after a study session. This will help you to refresh your mind and prevent any diversion. To crack exams in one go, it is important to stay focused and give your best. Make time-table and short achievable goals to stay motivated and positive.

Pick up the right study material

Appropriate study material is a lifesaver for the students especially when you have a vast syllabus to cover. It is on you to decide how you wish to prepare for your CAT exam. Whether you wish to rely on some coaching institute or believe in self-study.

Take advice from the experts or the ones who have already cleared the exam and make points of what you wish to inculcate in your routine too.

Say, for instance, one of your friends who has already cleared the exam started preparing for Reasoning and Aptitude first which made it easier for him to focus.

Now, if u think this is what you can achieve too, never think a lot over it and just start implementing it.

Mock Tests that are no Joke

Once you have made it so far start testing your preparation. There are several platforms that provide mock tests for CAT exams for the aspiring candidates. Most of the CAT exam crackers believe the constant practice is the key to crack the exam.

You can also choose Group Study as an alternative to keep up the competitive spirit and be in a company of like-minded people to gain motivation and a positive direction.  You can also discuss your problems, different topics, strategies and also exchange study materials/notes among each other.

This will give you the required exposure and the ability to deal with competitions and pressure at the same time.

At the end,

Why do you think studying and preparing so much for CAT is important?

Well, there you say “No Pain No Gain”. Once you crack the exam, you will be one step closure of your dreams. In a highly competitive market, people need to have something to stand out.

And who knows your MBA degree might help you become a successful entrepreneur and start business with great profits.

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