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As the festival of Diwali brings a lot of happiness and pleasurable for kids and all. The kids are more excited to enjoy this festival, and they wait the whole year for this great festival. All love this festival and enjoy it very much. As the is about to come, the kids ask their parents for new clothes, firecrackers, sweets, and gifts.

Everyone loves to clean their house and decorate it for Diwali, they change the look of their houses. The kids love to help their parents in doing all these things and love to listen to the story of Diwali. The grandparents are always there to tell them about the rituals and meaning of the rituals. They wait for Diwali with a lot of courage and enthusiasm to enjoy and have fun during Diwali.

Activities for kids at Diwali: 

There are many activities to do at Diwali festival for the Kids in India. All the Kids play and enjoy doing things at Diwali, they prepare for Diwali events and celebrate the festival by getting together. They take part in different activities of the home while preparing or celebrating the festival of Diwali. They are very keen to learn more things during Diwali season to fully enjoy the celebration.

Cleaning Houses: 

Kids are more enthusiastic to involve in cleaning and decorating their home with their parents. Diwali brings a lot of opportunities for the kids to learn many things like cleaning each and every space of their house and rearrange their home and decorate it with many different things. They learn to make rangolis, and other creative things to decorate home at Diwali. They get to know about their culture and traditions, honoring the elders and much more.

Games for Kids: 

They enjoy the festival by playing various different games as they get the holiday from schools. They enjoy playing with friends and family. Kids enjoy playing the hide and seek, passing the buck, dumb charades, word scrambler, musical chair, and other indoor games like carom, ludo, chess, etc. In this way, they involve in various extra-curricular activities. They get more socialize with their friends at Diwali, they spend more time with their friends and family members.

Fire Crackers: 

Kids are enjoyed by bursting the firecrackers at Diwali in the evening time with their family or friends. Kids light firecrackers under the supervision of their parents as they may get harm or any accidents may happen. Parents teach them the safety measures before burning the crackers.

Diwali Dishes: 

Kids love to eat the variety of foods and sweets or other dishes at Diwali. The mothers at home prepare many types of dishes and sweets, all the family members, and kids enjoy eating the delicious and tasty breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. The kids are also involved in preparing some sweets as they like to help their mother and love to learn the new things. This way they spend precious time with their parents and enjoy Diwali.

Crafts and Rangoli Making: 

Kids love to make the crafts related things at Diwali festival at their home or in the classrooms with their friends. The crafts for Diwali are Diyas, Garlands, Candles, and home decorating things etc. At Home, the kids help their parents in making Diwali lanterns and Rangoli to decorate their house.


So, the Diwali festival is full of fun, and kids have a lot of fun by enjoying the precious moments during Diwali.



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