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In modern-day computer is a necessary technology, it can store extensive data in it. It is a great invention. And it is straightforward to handle. The computer is a very reliable device that can help people to store extensive data in it. The computer can be used in an office, bank, educational institution, an, etc.  computer made life easy for man efforts in his position.

The computer can give information about various kinds of things in the world. It helps in connecting people through the internet. The computer can do more work in a less is an imperative device for the future generation

It has a lot of functioning in it. The computer is a gift from science to a Human fraternity. It works faster than the human mind. The computer can be used for calculating, printing, today, the generation most of the work is done by a computer.

Uses in Company

It helps with editing and tally purpose. MNC companies used it For accounting purposes, invoicing, payrolls, control, etc. Life without a computer in modern days will be hard. The government of India made computer education compulsory in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for their future benefits.

It is significantly used for business purposes. Through computers there is an online transaction and online buying, Selling. In the computer, the company can be formed quickly and can process over the world. In now a day, there are various online shopping portals, Like Amazon, flip kart, etc.  are done through the computer.

The computer has two critical things hardware and software. The computer can never be wrong until the owner of it makes a mistake. Generally, it consists of a processing unit called the central processing unit. The computer can store information about a company and a particular thing. And it will always be there until it’s been deleted from its.


It has various benefits. The train, plane, ships can be controlled by a Computer. The computer has a distinct feature like paint, VLC media, etc.

The computer can also use for entertainment. It has various multimedia such as music, video, etc. we can also play games on it, and there are unlimited choices of games. The computer also has disadvantages that can be operated only by a literate person. This can result in more employment generation.

Some of the languages are basic in it like COBOL, C, C++; JAVA is a few names. To program a computer there are many words are used to it. The computer is the most critical technology in today’s generation.

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