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The lion is a wild animal. It is one of the strongest animals. He is known as the king of the jungle because of its huge size and ferocious appearance. The African lion is the most common type of lion it has the species panther, Leo. The panther also has the common name of a lion and comes from the Felidae family.

Body Appearance

The lion has a healthy body. It is four-legged, it eats flesh, its paws are powerful. Its footprints are known as pug-marks. It has two sharp eyes; it hunts during the night, lions are the excellent hunter. It sleeps during the daytime.

They come out from their caves at night time. It has a huge head and neck covered with hair called mane. The lion has a fur, but the lioness has no brush. They kill animals when they feel hungry.

Lion’s roar is very famous in the world; they can run very fast and roars very loudly. It is a carnivorous animal. Lions live for about sixty years. The Lions enjoy relaxing and lazing around.

They spend between 16 and 20 hours each day resting and sleeping. They have few sweat glands in their body, so they wisely tend to conserve their energy by resting during the day and become more active at night when it is cooler.

Where they Are found

Lions are the national animal of Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Lions can reach speeds of up to 81 km/h (50 mph) but only in short bursts because of a lack of stamina.

Lions once lived in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, North America and Northern India. But now they primarily live in Africa, aside from a small group (about 300) Asiatic lions that live in India’s Gir forest Gujarat and Sunderbans delta of Bengal.


Lions are the only truly social cat species. Usually, pride consists of two males, seven females and any amount of cubs. The lioness is usually sisters or cousins that have all been together since birth.

The average mature male stands four feet at the shoulder, weighs in around 450 pounds and is approximately eight and a half feet long plus his tail. The female, on the other hand, is considerably smaller and weighs in an average of three hundred pounds.

Lions usually have a light or dark brown plain spotless coat, while coated lions are sometimes found in southern Africa but they are not true Albinos.

The male lion reaches sexual maturity at the age of five years, and the lioness which is the female lion reaches its sexual maturity at the age of four. Lioness in a pride usually enters the breeding season together and later gives birth at the same time which allows the lioness to share nursing and other maternal duties.

The lioness is pregnant between 98 and 105 days until it gives birth to an average of 3 clubs. Unfortunately only one of those cubs will survive the first year of life due to the harsh conditions in their habitats. At birth the cubs are blind, and they move very slowly. The weight of cubs is less than five pounds.


The lion is a protected animal no one can kill him; we must be strong, fearless and brave like a lion.

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