Essay on Sri Aurobindo & Biography for Students & Children


Sri Aurobindo Ghose was born as Aurobindo Akroyd Ghose who later became famous as Sri Aurobindo Maharishi. He was born on 15th August 1872, in Kolkata. He was born to the standard Bengali family. His family was surrounded by the British Culture because of his father interest. His basic education was taken by the English nanny so he developed his English speaking skills and his further studies were completed in Darjeeling and London.


He was a great Philosopher, Patriot, Revolutionary, Guru, Mystic, Yogi, Poet and Humanist. His father’s name was Krishna Dhun Ghose, he wanted his son to enter in the Indian Civil Services. So, to achieve this success he sent Aurobindo to study in England where he was admitted to the good English school. He was knowing many languages like English, French, Bengali, Sanskrit, etc very well. He was very familiar with English as it was his childhood language.

His mother name was Swarnalotta Devi. He was the very brilliant student and excellent in speaking English. Once he attempted the civil service exam and passed but he could not be selected as he refused to give the test in riding which was a compulsory and final test. Because he was not interested in riding test and don’t want to serve British rule by his services. He sat for the exam only to satisfy his father as he wanted him to become a civil service officer.

Political Career: 

He completed his studies in London and returned to India then he started participating in Indian Politics by joining the Indian Independence Movement. Once he joined the terrorist movement where he edited a weekly magazine “Jiigantar”. Due to the fear of being arrested by the British Government, he escaped to Pondicherry where he got some relief and continued his activities.

He was a person of high moral character which made him able to become a teacher, writer, thinker, and editor. He was a good writer, he wrote in his various writings about humanity, philosophy, education, Indian culture, religion, and politics. He met Bal Gangadhar Tilak in Ahmadabad congress session in 1902 where he was influenced by his dynamic and revolutionary personality. He joined the Indian freedom struggle by getting inspired by Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

He again joined the Congress at Lucknow in 1916 and became a chief supporter with Lala Lajpat Rai and Bipin Chandra Pal for the Militant nationalism in order to get freedome from the British Rule. He never took the help and support from the Britishers as they always believed in “Swaraj”. He got help from Maulana Abdul Azad to extend the revolutionary activities outside the Bengal. Various ways to get the freedom and he refused the Foreign goods. The militant actions are mentioned by the Aurobindo in his “Bande Mataram”.


His effective writings and speeches had spread the message of Swadeshi, Swaraj, and Boycott of foreign goods to the people of India. Later he changed to be a saint in his life and he started serving humanity and welfare of Indian people. It was the time when he got popularity as Sri Aurobindo, he opened various Ashrams which are now used to teach people about how to live a healthy and happy life. He was the founder of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Auroville. He died on 5th December 1950 Pondicherry, India.





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