Failure of the League of Nations (UPSC History)


Political work , Social work and the reasons of the failure of the league of nations.

The world of the league of nations began in January 1920 and its failure began with the beginning of second world war. The league of nations  worked for nearly twenty years. The administration of the league of nations can be studied as the political and the social parts.

Political work

To avoid the wars and establish   the peace in the world was the main political work of the league of nations. In this work the league of nations partially fulfilled its goal. During 1920- 1930 , the league of nations was successful in handling political issues. It solved nearly forty international complaints among the nations . among these the main were the issue of Sweden- Finland and Holland . the border issue between turkey and Iran; the border issue between Albania and Yugoslavia, to take vote in Sit said province and hand over it too. Germany the war issue of Greece and Bulgaria; attack of Italy on Kaifu island etc. All these issues were solved by peacefully by the united nations. But here it should be noted that all these issues were among the small nations. The issues among the powerful European nations went out of the hand of the league of nations. The attack of Italy on Ethiopia of Africa in the year 1935. Hitlers attack on Austria; Japan attacks on Manchuria and the attacking policy of the dictators were out of control of the league of nations.

Social work

The league of nations did mentionable work in the social fields. But it has been shadowed by the failure in the political field. The league of nations organized a conference in the year 1925 against slavery and compelled all the nations to ban slavery legally in all the countries of the world. The economic committee of the league of nations controlled the duplicate international currency and determined gold based currency value.

The international health organization of the league of nations started a movement against the disease like leprosy , malaria , cancer etc. and provided health-related assistance to many countries  international workers union organized an international workers conference to frame rules for improvement of workers conditions.

The intellectual educational and literary organization of the league of nations organized conferences on knowledge , art literature and promoted research . the international transport organization formed international rules for transportations.

In short, this was the international organization working for humanity education and social welfare of the world in the form of the league of nations.

The destruction of the first world war led the thinkers and the government in the world to think seriously about the foundation of the international organization to prevent the wars. In various conference the decisions continued on how wars can be prevented in the world the foundation of the league of nations was one of the main issues included in the fourteen points program declared by the president of America Woodrow Wilson in the treaty of  wrsailles Mr. Wilson focused the need of league of nations. Accordingly on 10th Jan. 1928 Geneva in Switzerland, the league of nations was founded.

Then what was the reason for the failure of such a great association? Why it got collapsed and subdivided into 2 split ends? Why they broke apart? Excited to know the reasons? Well yes following are the reason

Reasons for the failure of the league of nations:

  1. Rights from its formation of a league of nations brought nations together and established friendly relations among them. The extreme nationalism  and imperialism of a few leaders of European    nations pulled the world into the destruction of the second  world war. The league of nations had to close its office. If we consider the basic reasons of the failure of the league of nations, we find it selfish strong and contrary to each other   policies of the member nations and not in the basic idea of forming the league of nations.
  2. The lack of faith in  international co- operation .
  3. Lack of coordination between principal nations like France and England.
  4. Rejection of membership by America and
  5. Most important is the lack of Arm power to punish the member  nations denying to obey the clauses in the agreement and may other reasons caused the failure of the league of nations .
  6. Due to the failure of the league of nations, the aggressive nations became more aggressive and the world once again divided into two groups. The international crises thus became inevitable.
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