Happy Holi Festival 2022, Best Wishes, 19+ HD Images and Essay for Students

The festival of Holi is celebrated in India and Nepal with a variety of colors.

Holi is defined as a festival in which the people used to through colors on each and every one with great enjoyment.

Holi makes every people happier and enthusiastic with the rich of self-respect and democracy in the heart of the people.

Holi maintains the group of people to come together with the different types of culture and celebrate with one another for happiness and enthusiasm.

Holi is celebrated in the season of spring and it ends in the season of winter.

Holi means it is a festival in which there is a destruction or elimination of the evil powers and the rise of the good powers or good things.

It is assumed that when holi comes, there is always a rise of brightness and the elimination of darkness.

It is a part of our culture where Holi is celebrated in a group of people or by worshipping of god.

It comes in the month of the march or it sometimes comes in the month of February.

In Holi everyone forgets the past bad activities and remembers the past good activities.

Holi is also a festival of forgiving what was happen in the past and going ahead to do something different and more better than the past deeds and activities done.

Holi maintains the equality amongst the people of different culture and religions by which everyone enjoys at the most by maintaining giving and taking relationship within the people of different places.

Holi is also very famous festival among many different continents like South Asia, North Asia and many other countries like Sri Lanka.

Holi comes with full of happy environment around the people where people used to get involved for lots of happiness and good deeds and activities across every area.

It starts on the Purnima which has full moon day night falling in the Bikram Sambat Hindu calendar which is celebrated in the Falgun.

It falls in the end of February and the ends in the middle of March.

People call Holi with many different names like Holika Dahan, Chhoti Holi, Rangwali Holi ,Dhuleti, Dhulivandan and Dhulandi.

Holi is an ancient festival from many decades which transforms every activity into good deeds.

In holi every people come together to play with rangoli and sprays which make each and every children and adults more happy.

Holi keeps each and every person close for every activity and everyone helps each other for number of problems.

The people also workship gods for maintaining and making better life of the people.

They workship god for giving thanks to them as god keeps everyone safe, secure and happy with eliminating the evil powers and rising of good powers.

Holi creates equality and peace amongst the nations also.

People from the foreign countries come to play Holi as they like it to play with colors, sprays and water.

Holi cultivates the art of making people relieving from their stress situations and maintaining better life without stress.

History of Holi

Holi is an famous festival of india and it is also known as holika.

Holi come into existence many before Christ.

From many years the meaning of the festival has been changed over period.

In the early days, holi was celebrated by the married woman for the well-being and enjoyment of their family members by worshipping god.

a.Calculating the holi days

A lunar month has two ways of reckoning they are:

‘Purnimanta’ and ‘Amanta’.

The Amanta reckoning is very common, but the purnimanta was very famous in the early days.

The phalguna purnima is considred as the last day of the year and starting the new year.

When the spring starts from the next day then there is a new year of Vasanta ritu.

The full moon festival in the holi season become a festival of merrymaking

Due to this there is an another names of Vasanta festival like Vasanta Mahotsav and Kama Mahotsav.

Ancient texts and Inscription reference

Holiis described in the ancient literature, Vedas and Puranas in the Narad Purana and Bhavishya Purana.

Holi festival is mention in the Jaimini Mimansa.

A stone insription is found in the Ramgach in the 300 B.C. has mention the name of holikotsav on it in the province of Vindhya.

Harsha was a king in the ancient century who mentioned the holi in his job of Ratnavali which was written in the 7th century.

In the historical memories, a muslim tourist which was  famous, Ulbaruni too has mentioned about holi.

The holi was not only celebrated by the hindus, but it was celebrated by the muslims too.

Ancient paintings and Murals Reference.

There is a reference in the walls of the old temple of holi.

Humpi temple is sculpted in the 16th century which is the capital of Vijayanagar.

In the paintings, There was a prince and princess standing close to each other and putting colours on each other.

Ahmednagar painting of 16th century is the theme of Vasanta Ragini which is the song or music.

It was painted that a big couple and many oher maidens were playing holi by putting water and pichkaris on each other.

There are many paintings of murals and temples in the middle India which represents the description of holi.

In the ancient paintings it was shown that a king which was sitting in his royal chair was coloured with the holi spray and water.

Some paintings shows that a king is giving gifts to the people and there was a merry dance which was going on and a tank in the middle was filled with water.

Legends and Mythology

In the Bengal and Orissa, the purnima of holi is celebrated as a birthday of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The meaning of the holi word is ‘Burning’.

The Hiranyakashyap was a big legend demon king by which the festival of holi was started.

Hiranyakashyap wanted everybody to worship only him without worshipping god.

His son Pralhad, was not worshipping him, but he was worshipping Lord Narayan.

Due to this, Hiranyakasyap got angry on his child pralhad and he told his sister Holika to burn Pralhad.

But due to Lord Narayan, Pralhad was safe and instead of Pralhad, Holika got burn in the fire.

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures

Happy Holi 2017 Images | Photos | Wallpapers | Pictures


Importance of Holi

Holi is a festival of colours and burning of the fire.

Holi is celebrated in India as the holika demonee was burned in the fire by god Narayan.

Holi is a festival of spiritual and mental happiness.

It resembles the art of eradicating the evil deeds and rising of good deeds.

Colour Festival

In holi, people through water and colour oneach other to celebrate the festival in a way that everyone should be happy and enthuistic.

In holi everyone wants to play with colour waters, colour sprays and water ballons.

Holi provides major enjoyment to the children’s which plays with great happiness.

People use many types of colour like water colour, haldi , and powder ingredients to play holi.

Spring Season

Holi is celebrated in the season of Spring in the month of February or March for two days.

Holi comes in a Spring atmosphere where people used to come with lot of passion and brings many colourful clothes to wear.

Holi maintains the dignity and equality amongst the people.

Holi comes in the end of february and ends in the month of march with two days.


In the holi, everyone comes across with their collegues and relatives to dance , sing and play holi.

Holi is also known as the symbol of destructing of evils and rising of goodness.

Holi represents the burning of the holika demon by which the holi festival is celebrated.

Holi is the festival which enables the people to be very enthusiastic and happy.

It creates the harmony between the people of the nation.

It resembles the art of creating a vital growth of good deeds and eliminating the bad deeds.

It develops the art of creating the equality and attractiveness between the people.

It effects the spiritual and mental problems of the people and provides them good spiritual and mental growth.


Holi is the festival of forgiveness of past deeds and remembering of the past good deeds.

Holi gives birth to the attitude of forgiveness of some bad deeds which are done by people in their past activities.

Holi makes every people to forgive past deeds and begin with a new start in the present for better future.

Holi brings happiness to those who are in stress in their day to day work activities.

Holi maintains the flow of positiveness in the mental and physical flow of the people.

It is important to create a better environment within the people for betterment of the growth of the people in various activities.

It is better to forgive others as it will generate good relationships between the people.

Caste difference is not involved

In Holi , people come from many different places with different castes and culture to play it.

People don’t look after the castes and culture of the people and they play holi without any problem.

People come together with various types of colours and colour water and they also sing, dance with people with various religions and castes.

Reason of celebrating Holi

People celebrate holi to destroy the evil deeds and to produce good deeds along the people.

People celebrate holi for eliminating bad things from the people and brings them together for doing good deeds.

People celebrate holi due to the reason for burning the holika demon which was very cruel and bad.

People assumes that holika demon wanted to burn the Hiranyakasyap’s son Pralhad because he use to pray to Lord Narayan and not his father.

Hiranyakashyap’s son was not listening to his father that he should only worship his father hiranyakashyap.

Hiranyakashyap was assuming that he is only strongest god in the universe.

But his son Pralhad didn’t worship him after telling him so much.

So the hiranyakashyap decided to kill his child with any method.

He tries to kill his child by giving him poison, making him fall from the sky to the valley etc.

But he was unable to kill him with every technique because Lord Narayan used to save him again and again.

That’s why hiranyakashyap decided to kill his child Pralhad by his sister Holika.

So when pralhad was doing tappasya somewhere near his home, at that time Holika came there sitting besides the Pralhad and she with her power burns the fire in the entire place where both holika and pralhad was sitting.

But the cruel holika which was sister of Hiranyakasyap was burned instead of hiranyakashyap’s son by Lord Narayan and Pralhad again was saved by Lord Narayan.

So after that hirannykashyap who was very cruel demon also killed by the Lord Narshimha by his own nails.

So this concludes that whenever bad things happen anywhere else, then for destroying the bad things and rising the good things, God comes to place.

From this story, Holi is celebrated for eliminating the evils and enabling the good things in life.

Holi was also celebrated in the ancient culture in the full moon night by the married women for safety and success to their family members.

Holi is also celebrated in many different countries today for happiness and growth of the good deeds.

Holi enables people to get out of their house and come together which makes them to know each other well.

This enables people to get them more closer with better understanding of the people.

People considers holi as a festival of brightness as it lightens the life of each of the people.

It is considered to be the important festival like any other festival.

People from various states and countries come around to play it.

People also go to the temple for worshipping the god for thanking them and making their life more easy and happy.

People give and take sweets, fruits, pedas and many more items to their relatives and collegues to maintain good relationship between them.

To make good consistency and closeness between high class and low class people, holi enables this things and values in a very high content.

So to maintain positiveness along the people everyone should play holi for better relationship.

Abortion of Chemical Colours in Holi

In Holi, people come together and enjoy holi with great enthuistic and happiness.

They maintain good relationship with the people.

They play holi with many different types of colours like powder colours, water spray etc.

It is necessary to keep some safety from these colours as they can harm you.

It is very important for people that they should remain alert of artificial colours as these types of colours can harm their body.

These colours are very harmful as they contains many types of harmful chemicals which can harm the skin of the person.

It is use to safely check the colours and buy it from a good and qualitative shops by which the colours cannot harm your body.

It is use to make sure that the shops which one is buying from should be recognize a good shop by the people.

Some colours are very harmful to the body as they content much of the chemicals like Copper Sulphate, Chromium Iodide, Aluminium Bromide etc.

Doctors used to say people that they abort the play of holi with the chemical colours.

They should play holi only through water.

They should make sure that no one can harm their eyes through chemical colours as the eyes are very much crucial and important to everyone.

There are many reasons why one should not play with chemical colours. The chemical colours can harm the body in a different way. They are:

1.Green colour is made from the Copper Sulphate which can harm the person’s eyes and can make the person temporary blind with allergic systems.

Purple colour is made from Chromium Iodide which causes bronchial Asthama and many different allergic diseases.

Silver is made up of Aluminium Bromide which can cause you carcinogenic disease.

Black is made from Lead Oxide which can cause renal Failures and disability of learning.

Red is made up of Mercury Sulphite which causes Skin Cancer or Minamata Disease (Mental retardation ,impaired vision ,Paralysis etc).

Shiny Colours are made up of powdered glass addedto the colours.

Many water colours have alkaline chemical which causes severe injuries to the health.

There are toxic colours in form of pastes which is mixed in a base of engine oil or other bad quality oil which causes skin problems and temporary blindness.

These toxic chemical in the water contains chemicals which enter the river and then causes soil and water pollution.

When we play holi, it is very dangerous to our body as it can harm you mainly to various ways to the eyes, skin, ears or to any part of your body etc.

You should always play holi with safety as when someone throws a ballon from a long distance, it can come contact with other’s body which can harm their eyes, ears, or any part of the body.

When one plays holi, you should always keep in mind and pay attention to everyone that no one should throw any ballon on you by which you can get injured by ballon.

God Worship in Holi festival

In Holi, everybody worship many types of god which they are influenced by and closer to that god.

In Holi, everyone visits their own god to who they pray regularly and maintains close relationship with god.

In Holi, everyone visits to their own god in the long distance temple where people worshipped their own god for safety, peace, well-being and prosperity of their family.

In Holi, one should pray or worship to that god which they like and wants to thanks them for providing everything to them which family requires.

Holi is a festival where Lord Krishna firstly started to through ballons and colours on the people of the Mathura.

Lord Krishna was a small child where he used to started throwing various rangoli colours on the people for his fun.

He was very naughty and used to throw ballons on his friends and people.

He was the Avatar of Lord Vishnu who runs the universe.

He was very brave and charming in that years.

He used to broke matki’s of the women walking in the jungle, when they return to their home after gathering the butter in the matki.

So he was breaking the matki for eating the butter which was there in the matki.

Due to the Lord Krishna, the festival of Holi started as he was influenced by this festival.

So in the festival of Holi, Lord Krishna and Radha is mostly worship for the good and prosperous life.

In Holi, Lord Ram and Sita Mata was also worship as it is assumed that Lord Ram and Lord Krishna both are avatar of the Lord Vishnu.

The hindus worship the god of Lord Krishna, Ram, Vitthal, Dutta, SaiBaba , ganapati, Shiva and many others.

In Muslims, they worship only one god which is Allah.

There are many different gods in the hindu ,muslims, Sikh ,Christian religions etc.

These religions worship only those gods which they are familiar with and also to that god which they pray regularly.

In hindu’s people worship god by putting flowers and burning Agarbattis to god.

They also light candles or light punti’s to god.

They keep Punti’s outside the house for better growth in the family’s prosperity and peace.

They use the Ghee instead of Oil to the god as it provides their family a good growth and steady in life.

In Christians, they used to light Candles to the God Jesus as they believe only in God Jesus.

In Muslims, they celebrate holi by praying to Allah and eating non-veg items like Hen, Goat, Pigs etc.

In Sikh religion, they use to go to the temple and provide flowers, Agarbattis, haldi, kumkum and candles to the god.

In Jain religion, they use to workship the lord Arihant, Parshawanath and Aadeshwar God and also 108 Thirthankers and also many other gods by light them with punti’s and burning Agarbattis to god.

Hindu religion also does Puja and Aarti’s of god by singing many devotional songs of god and goddess with many mantras and Slokas.

Some Jain’s also used to dance and sing songs in the jain temples.

Relationship of Lord Ram with Holi Festival

In Holi festival everyone remembers the Story of Lord Ram.

People got to the temple of Lord Ram for worship.

They workshiped Lord Ram because in the ancient time, Lord Ram killed Demon Ravan with his bow and arrow.

There is a big story behind the worship of Lord Ram.

This story belongs to the ancient time where Lord Ram was a small child.

Lord Ram was a very Brave and Strong person with full of knowledge and power with him.

He was an great warrior and also a great person who always cares about his Parents.

He used to listen to every people which were elder to them.

He used to look after their family and also to the people belonging near his home and also his relatives.

He always used to help people who are sick and needs financial help in times of financial problems.

He used to gather people for many festivals and make them to celebrate with him.

He used to teach everyone to do everything in a very right and good manner.

He teach not to harass anyone for anything without any reason.

He provided people the knowledge of culture, tradition,  literature and the important knowledge of how to behave properly in a real life.

He never did any inequality between the people of low caste and high caste.

He believed that every people should give equal rights and respect whether one is poor or rich.

He used to love to the small children’s also to his parents.

He used to believe that each and every person should get anything according to the work he is doing.

When he became young, he was married to Mata Sita who was the avatar of Goddess Laxmi.

Mata Sita was a great person with lot of talent and full of knowledge with her.

Mata Sita was a good looking and her personality was great.

Due to this , One day, a demon who’s name was Ravan, kidnapped Sita Mata to his own house.

This news was spread to Lord Ram and his collegues.

They all got angry on Demon Ravan and Lord Ram gave an ultimatum or warning to the Demon Ravan that if he did not leave Mata Sita to Lord Ram, then Lord Ram will kill him and then take Mata Sita back to Lord Ram’s home.

But Demon Ravan didn’t listen to Lord Ram to leave Mata Sita.

Due to this, Lord Ram and his slaves went to Ravan’s place to kill him and leave Mata Sita.

So there was a battle between Lord Ram and Demon Ravan in which Lord Ram killed Demon Ravan with his powerful arrow and took Mata Sita to his place.

From this story, there is a conclusion that when there is wrong things happening around anyone then to destroy those wrong things, someone like Lord Ram comes for winning or establishing rightness over the wrong things.

So due to eliminating of wrong things and establishing  the right things by Lord Ram, every people in Holi visits the temple of Lord Ram.

Reason of Holika Dahaan in Holi

Holi is celebrated all over India and in many places like Srilanka, Bangladesh, South Asia ,North Asia etc.

Holi is celebrated due to establishment of rightness over the wrong things.

In the ancient times Holi was not known to the people as there was no reason to play it.

But in the later time, Holi was played by many people for eliminating the wrong things and winning over the wrong things.

Holi cultivates major awareness amongst the people about the right and wrong things happening in the world.

Holi keeps everyone closer to each other which helps every person to bring oneness among the people.

Holi is form of festival where people come together to enjoy, sing songs and play with colours.

Holi was started from the ancient century, when people got freedom from a Demon name Holika.

Holika was a cruel Demon who always use to harass and kill the people who were innocent.

She was a sister of the Demon King Hiranykashyap who was also very cruel and strong king.

Hiranyakashyap always assume that he is only the strongest god in the whole universe and no one is superior then him.

He was thinking that everyone is inferior to him.

So he told everyone in his kingdom and his son and wife to take only his name and nobody else.

But his son Pralhad always took the name of Lord Narayan or Vishnu and not his father’s name.

Demon Hiranyakashyap got very angry with his son Pralhad and told him to only take his name and not the name of Lord Narayan or Vishnu.

But Pralhad didn’t listen to his father hiranyakashyap and always tooks Lord Narayan’s name.

This thing made angry to the Hiranyakashyap by which he decided to kill his son Pralhad.

To kill his son, he made many plans like to throw his son from a more height to the valley, giving him poison and many things.

He did all these things, but every time his son was saved by Lord Narayan.

So he decided to burn his child with the help of his sister Demon Holika.

Holika had many magical powers by which she can kill anyone by burning or by anything.

One day, when Pralhad doing tapassya and taking the name of Lord Narayan in the jungle near his house, Holika decided knew that thing and she decided to burn Pralhad.

Holika then went to Pralhad and she sat beside Pralhad with her plan to burn Pralhad.

She burn fire with her magical powers to burn Pralhad.

But instead of burning the Pralhad, She was burned with her own powers, due to Lord Narayan who saved Pralhad and burnt Demon Holika.

After that King Hiranyakashyap also got killed by the Lord Narayan with his nails.

Due to the Lord Narayan, hiranyakashyap and her sister got killed.

Due to this the people living under hiranyakashyap kingdom got freedom and there was a rise of rightness over the wrong things.

So due to the burning of the Demon Holika, people use to celebrate Holi to eliminate the evil and to establish good things.

Benefits of playing with natural colours in Holi

In Holi, everyone plays holi with many different colours.

Holi should be played with using that colours which does not harm anyone.

One should play Holi only by natural colours as these natural colours does not harm anyone’s body.

Everyone should be alerted from the water colours as these colours are made up of chemicals which can harm your body.

Many people use artificial colours which harms their and others bodies.

Use of artificial colours, may cause you skin cancer, eye temporary blindness and many allergic diseases.

These colours also go to the river water and then pollute the soil and water of the river by chemicals.

These types of chemicals make your body to be more harmful and serious.

When we use haldi colours from the non-branded stores, it impacts negatively on your body.

These non-branded colours includes high toxic chemicals which reacts on your body in a negative way.

So everyone should buy colours from a branded stores where the colours are chemical free.

These types of colours cannot harm your body due to no chemicals in it.

Natural colours can easily get out from your body when anyone uses soap.

These natural colours do not pollute the river water and soil due to lack of chemical in it.

Natural colours has good substances in it which do not harm your body and environment.

It contains the substances which are naturally developed from the nature which are unable to harm the body.

It prevents anyone from eye, ear and skin allergic problems.

Natural colours are develop from the haldi or turmeric, sandalwood, mehendi and many other items.

Natural colours are cheap as compared to colours which uses chemicals.

It can be easily made up at home also.

Natural colours in the ancient India is made up of natural fragnant colours which is good for our skin and also for therapeutic use.

Gulal is also used in India which uses good quality ingredients.

Holi is played in Vrindavan with natural colours with flower petals, rajnigandha and rose colours.

When we use natural colours our environment is saved by pollution from chemical colours.

Chemicals colours contains many chemicals like Sulphate Oxide, Lead Oxide, Oxidised metals etc.

Natural colours comes from diverse of natural elements from trees.

In Ancient days, everyone used natural colours with number of good elements added in it.

These elements contains those elements which cannot harm anyone.

They played Holi with water and good colours only.

So in Ancient days there was no harm to their body and they played with it for a longer period of time.

It is written in many vedic books that they all played Holi with Haldi and Turmeric so that they have a safety for going the colours into their mouth, nose, ears, eyes and on skin.

It is very important that everyone should take the colours from the mall or any branded shop whether it is more costly than the artificial colours.

Everyone should first concentrate on their safety than to concentrate on the cost of artificial colours.

So everyone should use only natural colours which give them safety from harmful diseases and causes.

States where Holi is celebrated

Holi is celebrated everywhere in India like Gujrat, Bengal, Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kolkata, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Punjab, Rajasthan and rest all the states.

Holi is celebrated in every different parts of India.

It is celebrated in each and every area small and big area where people live and come together to celebrate it.

It is usually celebrated in States of Maharashtra , West Bengal , Northeast India, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc.

In some states before Holi, people clean their house neatly and starts making food items and sweets.

People at the Holi firstly pray to their god and then the elder member of the family put tika on the forehead of the younger ones.

The main member of the family is then put tika on his legs by the younger ones and the younger one is blessed by elder one.

People use to burn fire with the help of woods of trees and they offer food items in the fire like coconut, mangoes, corns, toys made up of sugars and khoya.

In Maharashtra Holi is celebrated by making puranpoli and many other sweets.

In Maharashtra Holi is known as Shimgo.

In Maharshtra people also drink Fruit Juices like Sugarcane, Watermelon etc.

In Goa people use to do Naman from the 9th day to the full moon day.

In these days, people don’t eat any non-veg food or drink alcohol.

In Holi in Goa , people in the 11th day of Holi decorate their home with the torans.

They wear colours dresses with make-up and mehendi.

There is a holi on the 5th day where people used to play Holi with Gulal and Neel.

This 5th day of Holi is also known as Rangpanchami.

In South India, Holi is also known as Kamavilas, Kamadhaman and Kaman Pandigai.

People give sandalwood which is mixed with the beer to Holika.

On the next day of Holi, the people put this mixture on their forehead and they eat it with the mango trees flowers and leaves of trees.

People in Goa also sing many different types of song which are romantic, rocking or devotional etc.

People in many states also used to do kirtans, do puja and offer flowers, bells, agarbattis and many food items to god.

They also make various types of rangolis in their houses and out of their house.

They keep their home shinny and clean with lots of decorative articles decorated on the walls.

So there is a great importance of Holi in all the states in India which brings every people more happy and enthuastic.

This influences the contribution to many different parts of the India and world also.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Holi in India

Advantages of Holi

Holi is a festival of happiness and joy.

It is a festival which brings many different group of people to each other.

Holi makes people to come together in a way that they all should interact with each other happily and respect.

Holi co-operates many different people to celebrate in a much wider way that every poor and rich are able to play with each other.

It is big and much larger advantage that each and every person maintains the equality in between rich and poor people.

This gives birth to many aspects of the life that everyone can get what they want and can be fulfilling their dreams in life.

People in Holi celebrate with great enthuastic and honour.

Holi gives people a relief from their daily work.

In Holi, people go to the temple to worship god and goddess for the goodness of their family.

Therefore, People are blessed by god by which they get everything what they want in life.

In real life, everyone is full of stress and pressure in every company by which they suffer from many diseases.

But due to the Holi festivals, there is some kind of relief in the person stress and depression by which they can work fast with great pleasure.

The festival of Holi comes in the season of Winter to Spring .

In this season, the colours spread in celebrating Holi gives brain’s neuron and nervous system relief from stress.

Holi gives peace and harmony to the people as it produces good environment between the people of different regions.

Holi evaluates the values in one life that enables every person to grow in a better I life.

It provides nourishment to the children to grow in a smart and good way.Purifying life in Holi

Holi is a colourful festival contains lots of happiness and joy around the environment.

Holi keeps every person close to their work and maintains diverse nature around vast people.

Holi gathers people to count each and every mistake by which one can correct their mistakes.

Holi develops the art of living inside the people where they can be able to maintain good relationship between the large number of people.

It provides a New Start

Holi is a festival which starts in the end of February and first month of the March.

Holi wakes up people physically and mentally with various sparkling of colours on people.

Holi builds different types of relationships with major of the people.

Holi polishes the mentality and behavior of the people.

Their thinking about the different types of the people also changes in different ways.

Disadvantages of Holi

Holi is played all around the India and many different parts of the world.

Holi is full of colour’s festival which maintains good flow of humanity in the environment.

Holi is played with various types of colours which are Artificial.

Due to artificial colours, people causing number of diseases and allergies to the eyes, ears, skin and various parts of the body.

People also causes temporary and permanent blindness.

To prevent from the various ill and side effects of the Holi Artificial colours, everyone should only use natural colours as they cannot harm anyone’s body.

Month and Reason of Holi Celebration

Holi is celebrated in the start in the month of February and ends in the month of March.

It starts in the month of Phalguna  purnima on the full moon day.

It differs from the one calendar to different calendar where the time and day becomes different.

Sometimes it comes in the month of February and sometimes in the March.

In Gogerian calendar, it come  sometimes in the month of February and sometimes in March.

The word Holi means Dhulati or Dhulivandan.

It is said to be have this festival as it is an ancient story from where this festival is started.

It is started from the story of Demon Holika who use to harass and kill the innocent people.

She was the sister of the king Hiranykashyap who was given a wish to him by Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva gave him the boon that no one can kill him and he will remain immortal.

Hiranykashyap was a cruel and bad king, who use to hurt people daily in their day to day life.

He prayed a lot to the Lord Shiva, and made his wish come true.

He wanted to kill Lord Vishnu as Lord Vishnu who gave a punishment to the brothers of the Hiranyakashyap due to some bad activities.

Hiranyakashyap wanted to take a revenge of his brothers from Lord Vishnu.

That’s why he gain a boon from the Lord Shiva.

He after getting the boon from the Lord Shiva, and then he considered himself a god.

He then told every people to only pray him and no one else.

But his son Pralhad was a big and great devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashyap told his son Pralhad, to only take his name and not Lord Vishnu’s name.

His son Pralhad didn’t listen to him and he prayed only to Lord Vishnu.

This made angry to the Hiranyakashyap and decided to kill his son Pralhad.

He was so cruel and tough hearted that he plan to kill his own son Pralhad.

He then made various plans and ideas to kill his child.

So he tried to kill him with many ideas like making his son fall into the valley from a great height.

He also tried to kill him by giving him poison.

All this plans and ideas of Hiranyakashyap were failed as Lord Vishnu saved his son Pralhad because he Pralhad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Then due to angriness of the Hiranyakashyap, he decided to kill his son Pralhad by calling his sister Holika who was a strong and powerful Demon.

She wanted to burn Pralhad by her Magical powers.

When Pralhad was praying to Lord Vishnu in the some area, Holika came there with her bad plan in mind.

She sat beside the Pralhad and burn the whole area with her magical powers.

But instead of burning the Pralhad, She was herself burn and dead in her own fire which she wanted to burn and kill Pralhad.

But due to Lord Vishnu, Pralhad was saved and Holika died in the fire.

From this story, people used to celebrate Holi for burning of bad things and making rise of good things.

Preparation of Dishes in Holi

In Holi, every people used to decorate their houses by making number of sweets items, snacks and qualitative food items.

In Holi, people used to give and take many different food items to their relatives, collegues and friends.

Holi is also a festival of give and take relationship.

It is time when people used to give many gifts of cards, paintings, food items, sweets and crackers.

It is the festival in which people celebrate and take many blessings from their elders.

In many places, people celebrate Holi with their family members by putting tika on their foreheads.

In Holi, there is a climate where people used to come from one place to another to make number of food items and sweets.

Many people, visit to their relatives for making many food items, sweets and variety of menus.

In Maharashtra, people make Puranpolis which is the main item of the Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra, people make many food items like farsan, kachori, jabeli and sweets.

There are many dishes made in Holi like Puranpoli, Aloo Puri, Namak puri, Chole puri, Aloo Chaat, Chana Chaat etc.

In Holi, the recipe made in Gujarat, are delishies and mindblowing.

There are many recipes made in the Gujarat they are:


Gujiyas is a type of sweet which is made up of flour and maida with the mixture of dry fruits and khoya.

There arev different types of Gujiyas with variety in it they are:

Baked Gujiya

It is made-up of whole wheat and Semolina instead of using flour which is called as maida.

This recipe is bake with perfection by adding nuts and dip the recipe into the honey.

Coconut Gujiya

This item is made-up of nuts, khoya and tender coconut flakes.

This item is then fried and dip into the Sugar Syrup.

Chocolate Gujiya

Chocolate Gujiya is of the fusion colour.

It is made-up of Chocolate chips and mava which garnish with the Chocolate sauce and cream.


Malpuas is made-up of the pohas which is fried in the ghee and dip into sugar syrup.

It is famous and mostly made in North India.

It is desert like a pancake.

Paneer Malpua

This is made-up of cottage cheese and khoya.

People also add kesar to it to make it more better and delicious.

Ragi Malpua

Ragi Malpua is made-up of Wheat, flour and Oats.

This item make this recipe more better and tasty.

Bhaang Pakori

Bhaang is a  type of drink which most of the people drink in many parts of the countries.

Bhaang is also drunk by the Lord Shiva.

Bhaang Chutney

Bhaang ki chutney is type of chutney which people use for dipping to give extra taste to the bhang pakori.


Thandai is a cold drink which is use for serving the people when they are thirsty.

Thandai is used in the major party and big occasions.

Gol Gappa/ Pani Puri

Pani Puri is more famous item in the parts of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune etc.

It is made-up with the water of chutney and puris.

Dal Kachori

Dal kachori is made with the dal of various types with water added in it.

Dal Kachori is made up of a variety of ingredients and types of dal.

Papri Chaat and Dahi(Curd) Bhalla

Papri Chaat and Dahi Bhalla is made-up of Dahi and papads with soft and spongy items added to it.

Masala Chana with Baked Kachori

Channa is made-up with masala added to it with baked kachori.

Apple Kher

Apple kher is made with the delicious apples with kher added on it by making a nice mixture of blend new aroma.

Almond Malai Kulfi

It is made up of rich and creamy items with milk, cream, nuts, dry fruits and sweets items on it.

Activities are done by Families and People on Holi

In Holi, people keep their house clean and neat before the holi comes nearby one week ago.

People make various food items and sweets with lots of farsan and creamy items.

People visit to their relatives with many gifts and food items.

People belonging to many different places comes to their natives by travelling longer distances.

People stay to their natives for many long times with variety of happiness showers on the relatives.

There are number of people who make things in a much easier way in making food items and sweets.

There are people who don’t know how to make many items properly and neatly in a well manner.

Therefore people from long distances come to them to teach many recipes in a short period of time.

People before Holi, cleans their home by decorating with number of decorative articles and also decorating outside the house.

Many people make Rangoli outside the house as it is assume that it is good for the family members.

When Holi comes people used to provide flowers, bells, agarbattis to the god.

They visit to the temple to a longer distance where there is a home situated of the god and goddess.

People of many various states make many different items which gathers the tastes in every states.

People maintain a well and good relationship with the number of people living in their areas.

They belong to some different castes, culture, tradition, and also speak many different languages.

Every group of people maintain coordination between the states of the nation where each people creates something different in their local areas.

Every people with different castes and culture gives respect to every people with great honour.

Some people first do the puja of the god and then do Aarti of the main family member with lots of sweets given to them.

In return the main member of the family, gives the gifts to the younger member of the family.

The younger member then puts tika on the forehead to the younger members.

Then the elder member puts tika on the leg of the main family member and takes the blessings of the main member.

The younger generation also takes selfies and photos of the family members and message to the different friends, relatives and collegues.

They also draw some decorative articles of the Om and gods in their mobiles for sending to their friends, relatives and collegues.

The Family members happily go with their natives to visit the temples.

In temples, they use to do puja and Aarti with cooperation and dedication.

The family members then go to their ritual pandits for the blessings from them.

They give their pandits gifts and donate money to the pandits for the developing their family in each and every activities.

The pandit does the puja for them by taking family members into the temple.

The family gets the blessings from their god which they consider.

It is said that one should visit the temple in the festivals like Holi and many others as this days, all the people can get more blessings by god.

It is said that one should go to the temple every year of this festivals for the better growth of their family.

In temples, people looks after the awesome scenario of the mountains and greenery surrounded around there.

There is a wide range of people come to the temple with lots of dreams and wishes taken with them.

People from various places come to the temple for worshipping god and to see the beauty of the nature and environment surrounded besides them.

People meets different types of people from different states and shares their happiness and Sorrow with each other.

People brings around majority of information and happiness with them to develop each individual to a better stage.

People in the temple comes with the calmness and joy to worship the god.

They respect many different types of people in a very different way by offering them sweets, farsan ,drinks, decorative articles and many more.

They maintain good relationship with the poor as well as rich people.

They concentrate on the god only when they pray rather then to concentrate on the other things.

People cooperate with each other with number of different information provided to everyone about the health, wealth and happiness of the people.

Many children’s visit to their friends and enjoy with playing various games, music and watching pictures.

The friends in the morning with their family members play Holi with full of enjoyment and happiness.

They play Holi with lots of colours and water sprays by which everyone comes together with ease.

One has to start to play Holi for playing it with different and many people.

People already makes all the readymade items for the Holi for playing with colours.

Every person palys Holi with many Artificial as well as Natural colours.

It is much safer to play Holi with Natural colours then top play it with Artificial colours.

It is useful to keep every small child safe by the vibrant and dangerous coloursof Holi used in many places.

To keep everyone secure , one should buy Holi colours from a well being malls and shops where he colours are not harmful to the body.

In Holi, one tries to capture each and every moment with the camera by clicking the photos of the family members and their friends.

Every people in Holi, provides various types of drinks, sharbats, wafers, food items and sweets to the people staying near their area and also to the Holi playing members.

Holi gives every person a chance to give them a relief from the stress and depression.

Growth in the business of shopkeepers and traders in Holi festival

In Holi, people plays with lot of colours and variety of water colours.

They take these items from many well-known stores by which there is a growth in their capital and finance.

People take many decorative articles and Holi colours from many different stores and malls.

That’s why, the shopkeepers in the days of Holi, maintains good relationship with their customers.

They also earn more capital then the other days .

They return better goods after getting the money by the customers.

The shopkeepers offers many types of discount to the customers by which they can buy many types of good.

They create better relationship with the customers by providing them better goods.

The traders offers major discount like 50 to 60 percent to the customers as the customers can take their items in a bulk.

People carry a long relationship with their traders for better discount for coming years.

The people are also very satisfied with their goods from the traders.

The traders in return cooperate with their customers in a good manner.

This results in a better trade with the customers and traders.

They maintain a casual relationship by which people carry subordinate relation with each other.

There is a great line in the market and causes great days to the traders.

They create great difference in the manufacturing and major in the society of the people.

Traders and Business people have a wide notification of every give and take capital between the different customers.

Traders have the future idea that every person wil surely play Holi as it is major occassion which one celebrates during the major festival.

Traders have an idea that there should be big amount of goods needed for Holi festival.

So they firstly with an assumption keep much of the goods ready for sale.

They get proper knowledge from the customers and then accordingly react as per the situation.

Traders and shopkeepers have many plans and idea to get profits from the customers which are new to them.

They keep the offer on the sales and maintain wide possibility of sailing of goods to the customers.

They keep give and take relationship where people used to maintain much wealthy relation by which people can carry good and appropriate goods for them.

Traders and Shopkeepers note the activity of sales that the customers purchase from them in the times of festivals like Holi.

They after sales decide whether to keep the available goods for sales or not.

They contain lot of goods in the whole store for sales as they know that the customers from wide places will come to them for purchasing Holi Materials like Colours,  Rangoli and many decorative articles.

Traders wants to know whether the customers wants which type of goods for their use in Holi.

Traders and shopkeepers make this customers list and note down the items list which they want according to customers.

This creates the awareness about the customers needs and therefore it results in getting good profits to traders and shopkeepers.

There are two types of sales going in the market.

Direct Sale

In this type of sale, customers comes to the shops and malls to buy the things and then they make shops to get the profits.

Here the customer has to meet the traders directly and then they make their views and gives the ideas of trading systems and also make them more competitive in the market.

In this type of sale, People coordinate with their shopkeepers to wind up the things in a more co-operative and understandable manner to gain good management of the trading with respect to the customers.

Customers also can gain profits by bargaining the things in a wide ways that can also affect the traders and shopkeepers.

Customers are also try to make sure that the goods which they want to purchase should be within their capability to buy.

Due to this they keep some range of money according to their financial capability to buy the goods.

Customers also provide many types of knowledge of sales to the traders by which they can generate better sales from their well-known as well as unknown customers.

They think the ideas and plans of maintaining a better relationship for the further upcoming festivals like Ganapati, Navratri, Diwali and many small festivals occurring in our country.

In this type of trading, customers gain better profit on various goods and knowledge about goods from the traders.

Customers also take goods in a bulk amount for a better profit for them.

Online Trading

Nowadays many traders generate apps of their shops by which customers can buy goods by downloading the apps from their smart phones.

In the Online trading, there are all the things kept in the online for sale.

Customers has to select the goods from their smart phones according to their capability and the total of the goods selected are calculated in a seconds.

In Online trading, customers get the discount on every goods which they purchase.

When they buy many types of goods then they get much more discount.

So Customers buys many goods in a bulk by which they get lot of discount on the items purchased.

There are many types of items kept on the app like food items, toys, drinks, dress materials, electronic items etc.

On each items there are different prices and discount like 30, 40, and 50 percent and so on.

The customer has to pay the amount by their debit and credit card.

This amount is then deducted from their debit or credit cards which they use in the buying of the goods.

The majority of the customers use the debit card than the credit card as the debit card takes less charge of the service tax from the customers than the credit card and but the credit card takes much more service tax as compared to debit card.

Due to it the customers, choose the debit card as it is more helpful for them to save lot of money on the goods.

Further some people use credit card instead of debit card as credit card gives the ability to pay the money in much later period.

This gives the time to the customers to pay their amount when they are in financial problem and they can recover the full amount when they are relieved from their financial problem.

In Online Trading, Customers are able to give the products back to the trader, if they don’t want the purchased goods or they don’t like those goods.

They has every freedom to return the goods back to the traders.

This leads to the good Online Trading for the customers.

The credit card gives the chance to the customers to pay the amount after long period of time.

But with debit card, one has to pay the amount at the time they buy the goods.

So this type of trading is famous in many areas as it is more flexible for customers who cannot go to the shops for buying the goods due to work or any other reason.

In Online trading, Customer is not able to bargain about any goods as there is a lack of face to face meeting between the customer and trader.

Many customers buy some goods after they firstly see the goods from the shops as some goods are not be taken from the shops properly as they require like clothes and other goods.

So sometimes it is require for someone to visit the shop onetime for properly choosing the goods from the shops and malls.

Telephonic Trading

In Telephonic Trading, customer’s has to just phone the trader for ordering the goods to the trader.

In this Trading, Customer requires the list of Items and their prices to be known as it is difficult and time consuming for the trader to provide each and every information about the goods and prices of their goods.

In this type of Trading, the trader provides the customer the full service of giving the goods to their require place.

This gives customer a betterment of not going to the shops and allows them to do the work without any disconcentration from their work.

In Telephonic Trading, the customer is able to get the goods in his require place without the interruption in his work.

In this Trading, there is a lack of meeting between the trader and the customer by which the customer can’t bargain the prices of the goods.

In this Trading, it is also possible there is a misunderstanding between the customers and the traders about the products and prices due to the low signals in the area and telephonic problems.

There is also a problem of change in this trading as one is use to provide the money at the time, when the goods are delivered to the customer’s place.

So, one should be ready to provide the exact change to the delivery boy for convenience of both the customer and delivery boy.

So, in all the three Trading Methods, it is convenient to the customers as per their requirements and it is possible that all the three methods makes the traders and shopkeepers more efficient way to get the profit from most of the customers.

So all the three methods, makes many customers for the Traders and Shopkeepers by which they get major amount of profit from the customers.

So, in Holi festival, Customers get much more discount on many goods by which the Traders and Shopkeepers make much more of the profit coming from their well known and known customers.

So in Holi, Traders and Shopkeepers get more profits and also they get their goods more purchase than the normal days where there are not much of the discounts on the goods for the customers.

In many places like Big Malls, there are many types of items found like Food Materials, Decorative Articles, Electronic Materials, Dress Materials like Tops, Punjabi, and Western Dresses and many more.

In Malls, there is a lot of things available for the customers to buy in bulk as there is a lot of stock items reserved for the customers.

So in the Holi festival, there are many discounts on the goods by which the customers are forced to take the things in a bulk mode, so that they can get lot of discount and can save a lot of money during the festivals like Holi and many other festivals.

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