Honesty, Honesty is the great policy, Short paragraph for Students

Honesty means that people, who have high involvement in their hard work without any bad work and bad things against it. They can make the resolution of reliability; those people are doing his work with excitement and nothing any evil else in his mind.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy that is a very famous proverb that refers to the importance and value of honesty in our life and how it rewards people who follow it.

Honest people

Everyone should be honest in their life with real purpose. Honesty is a decent quality of honest people. An accurate ever become fearless and courageous. He is not doing that thing, which can create a problem for him, even he can face any situation in their life with courage and confidence. Thus honesty is the best policy.

Causes of dishonesty


In the world, there is a lot of competition. At, a large number of competitions, people forget the value of honesty. There is a race between the people as a rat race for getting more and more wealth and power.

Short-cut way

Some people are chasing for taking the massive power of money. They don’t want enough money; that’s why the people forget honesty. They want more and more money and power with the use of short-cut.

Unnecessary dreams

They always have useless desires to get over money and cheats on everyone in their mind. There is no any honesty. Some people became dishonest at this time. People feel that they cannot earn money if they are honest.

Merits of honesty

  • An honest man never sells his honesty. They may be the trouble to want money. But they not being the sad at any condition. They always are happy until the end.
  • Honest people always get respect from each other.
  • They are always happy, fearless and contented, while on the bad day or good day.
  • An honest man never feels bad, while they are poor or wealthy. If they are poor, so they do not do that type of work which can be harmful to other people. It is a good thing for honest people.
  • If they are rich, then also they not show his money to other people and always help to all.
  • If in every family, one person is honest, then the family can be so happy family.

Demerits of honesty

  • Dishonest people always think that; they may become rich by dishonest means. But this is not a good way.
  • Money or wealth got through dishonest means does not last long.
  • The dishonest person earns the wealth or money and wastes it tomorrow.
  • Dishonest people are always fearful, immoral and corrupt.
  • The dishonest man hated by society.

The moral story of the honesty

Chintu and Banti were good friends. They had great confidence in each other. Banti was a very honest boy. Once, they decided to enjoy their holidays together. They went out to a hill station for a week.

Both enjoyed their stay at the hill station. After seven days, they planned to return. When they reached the station to board the train, they found a bag lying on the station platform. Chintu noticed it first and picked it up. He opened it and saw that it contained a lot of cash and jewelry in it.

Chintu tried to hide it in his suitcase. But Banti suggested, “Chintu, we are honest people. We should not keep it with us. Somebody has missed it. We should ask people at the station. If someone claims and can tell the exact details, we shall hand over this bag to him”.

Chintu said, don’t tell anyone, it will be foolish, and everyone will claim to us for this bag. We have fond it; then it is mine.

Banti said, “What are you talking about? In case you do not want to give it to its owner, we should divide it into two equal parts. Both of us have found it. We have shared every moment, every food, and every joy here together. Therefore, we should divide the cash and jewelry also into two parts to enjoy together”.

“I don’t agree with you. I saw it first, and so it is mine”. Saying so Chintu kept the bag in his possession.

Meanwhile, the train arrived at the station. Chintu and Banti boarded it. Once they occupied their seats, they were at ease and began talking to each other. Time was rolling on. When night fell, they started feeling sleepy. After some time the train halted at the next station. Suddenly they saw some police officers entering their compartment. Chintu was frightened to see them. He tried to put his suitcase behind his back.

Chintu whispered in Banti’s ear, “We are in great trouble. The police have come. They would arrest us and put us behind bars. You know, we have not stolen the bat”.

The police saw lines of terror in Chintu’s face and became suspicious about him. They searched his belongings and found the bag. They had come searching for the bag. They arrested him and sent him to jail. Now Chintu was repenting that he should have listened to his friend’s advice. The Moral of the Story is “Honesty is the Best Policy.


A dishonest man may have some advantage for the time being. But he soon realizes his mistakes. A dishonest man is a curse to society. He ruins the whole system of society. Such a person should punish. Even God is unhappy with him. So we should always believe in the saying, “Honesty is the best policy.”

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