How to Ace Your MBA Interview 2020 – Get 10 Tips Here To Crack MBA

How to Ace Your MBA Interview With the admission season beginning soon, here we share ten tips to ace an MBA interview, shared by Great Lakes Institute of Management Admissions Director, Gautam Lakhamraju. These tips will guide you about the phases to crack the assortment procedure.

You must have performed in some of the top MBA entrance exams previously, like CAT, IIFT, MICAT, but, the encounter is not finished yet- in fact, it has just started. Now comes the time for the most rational part-  the Selection Rounds, and prominently the Personal Interview (PI) round.

Preparation is the Key to Success: It might seem impractical, but the key to successfully dealing with a PI round lies in how well you get ready for it. Prepare your answers for the standard questions to like, why do you want to follow the MBA, why select this school, what do you carry to the school community, your past accomplishments, etc. 

Build a Great Story: It is vital to prepare a list of at least five key points that you wish to carry to the examiner. Then, hit them from a mental checklist as you talk about them as the interview grows. Formulating this ahead of time confirms that you don’t leave the interview room regretting missing out on a key aspect that could have been vital for your assortment.

Practice your answers: The examiners are highly experienced professionals and can quickly identify whether your answers are frank, or you are just declaiming the crammed-up phrases taken from all the prep sites. Therefore, practice the standard interview questions with your friends. Mock interviews will help you go to the stage where you are bright and comfortable about the point that you wish to make but are no longer stressed to discover the actual words.

Develop a Rapport with the Interviewer: The likelihood of you getting selected in an interview increase exponentially if you harmonize with the interviewers. 

Lead the Conversation towards your Strengths: A strong contender is the one who can direct the conversation to his assets without the examiner realizing it.

Stay Calm in Adversity: Remember the fact that you have been called for an interview because the school trusts you can be countlessly totaling its student base. Nonetheless, there can be a couple of issues that they might want to elucidate in detail. 

Don’t lie in your CV: Again, this might sound like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised at the number of students who make this error, and it effectively brings about their refusal.

Intelligent Questions: An MBA interview is a cooperative procedure and your letdown to ask a relevant and brainy question about the school and the program can work against you

The Basics:  Like any professional interview, it is essential to arrive at the place before time to efficiently collect your thoughts and get refreshed, so that you don’t appear scruffy because of the traveling. Also, you must be adorned in your best professional business attire and must have a confident and confident body language.

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