How to become an IAS officer

How to become an IAS officer

The Full form of IAS is Indian administrative services. IAS is one of the top and core service of India and the top rankers who secures best marks are only eligible for IAS.To get into the IAS, you will have to give the “UPSC held Civil Services Examination”. It is a common exam for getting into the IAS, IPS etc.

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IAS is top service among other 24 services which comes under UPSC services like





IES etc.

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The person who gets job of an IAS work on top position of country like



Chief Secretary

Cabinet secretary

Head of public sector unit

And other prestigious jobs in the country. Becoming an IAS is not an easy task, but yes, if you have spirit, then it is also not impossible. The job of IAS gives you the chance to make a difference in the livelihood of the Indians and help many Indians which make this prestigious job.

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To become an IAS, you have to first give an entrance exam which is popularly known as UPSC civil service exam in short CSE. UPSC exam is divided into three parts i.e

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Preliminary examinations
Mains examination
Interview section

The people who will clear preliminary exams will be allowed to attend main examinations and then those who will pass mains examination will be allowed to attend interview section. More than 9 lakes candidate appear for the exam of UPSC CSE every Year, but only 1000 will be selected for 24 services of UPSC. The top few hundred candidates are selected as an IAS.

How to clear the civil service examinations?

To clear civil service, examination or an IAS exam candidates are advised that they should have a good strategy from beginning. Many candidates take 10 to 12 months of preparation before examination date, but it is not possible for everyone that is why you should start preparing after you higher secondary education till your graduation gets completed.

What is the eligibility criteria of giving UPSC examinations to become an IAS?

There are few small criteria which everyone has to follow, these are
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India
  • You should not be more than 32 years of age in case of open category and 35 if  reserved category
  • The candidate must be a graduate in any  field or stream.
  • Starting age of giving an IAS exam is 21.

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  • July 1, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    hii ..from 6th to 12th ncerts all chptrs are to do or selected chptrs to do..

    • July 1, 2015 at 8:18 pm

      The most important is u have to know each and everything from all the books and chapters because we don’t know from where UPSC will ask questions.

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    actually i m doing chemical engg. and so i was thinking to have the same as optional sub.
    i have to give exam in 2017 . so can i get info. from other source if u know.

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    hii i want to know that will chemical engg be optional subject in future? do u have any info. about that

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      Person in Quora Anupam Sahota told this according to him

      To be very honest, I have done my graduation in totally different field from that you have asked me. Still I will try my best to answer this. The engineering optionals in official syllabus of UPSC are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. If you are good at these subjects I mean have solid command on them (you would be well aware of that by grades you got in your grad or PG) then don’t think for anything else pick them and polish them according to the competition, nothing could be better than that. If you think that these are no more interesting to you then don’t worry for a bit you can chose any optional you want to, while Pub Admin and Sociology are top choices but there are no hard and fast rules of scoring high from a particular optional. So it will be fruitful to read the syllabus of optional subject you want to pursue before buying study material and decide yourself. There is nothing called Best Optional as UPSC treat every optional equal. So high score depends upon your knowledge and writing skills. All the best and choose your subject wisely.

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