How to become an IIS Officer (Indian Information Service)


The Indian Information Services (IIS Officer) are controlled by the Ministry of Defence (Directorate of Public Relations). The tasks

Managing government’s print media, electronic media, advertising agency, Union Ministeries (news desk), act as press advisors

Constitute a press party

Organise press conferences

Control official media

Organise festivals (national and international), etc

The work is interesting as it uses the flare for journalism, public relations and administration altogether. There is a special requirement to enter this service. The officer needs to have some previous experience of work in a newspaper or news agency or ad agency. The promotional channel is more or less the same as that of other Services.

Indian Information Service (IIS Officer) Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the Indian Information Service exam is the same as for other services. Once the candidate clears the civil services and gets an allotment to the Indian foreign service as per his rank, he has to go through specified training.

Indian Information Service (IIS Officer) Recruitment and Training

The training for Indian Information Service is of two sorts; one is the thought the Civil Service Exam which is conducted by UPSC every year (50%) and the other is upgrading the officers already working at the senior position of IIS of Group B (50%).

After the distribution by Department of Personnel & Training, the newly appointed officers have to pursue three months basic training in any of the recognized national academies.

The other part of training includes nine months certified training in India Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and further one year being part of media in several outlets like PIB, DPD, NSD, RNI, AIR, DFP, DDN and NMW under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Indian Information Service (IIS Officer) Junior Grade Ranks their Salaries and Service Hierarchy are as follow:

  • Junior time scale

Salary usually ranges from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 13500

Grade Pay for this position stays at Rs. 275

Post: Assistant Director, Inspector of Exhibition, Assistant News Editor, New Reporter/Correspondent, Assistant Director (Monitoring), Field Publicity Officer, Assistant Regional Officer, Assistant Research Officer Assistant Director, PIB

  • Senior time scale

Salary usually ranges from Rs. 10650 to Rs. 15850

Grade Pay for this position stays at Rs. 325

Post: Assistant Press registrar, Campaign Officer, Public Relations Officer, deputy Director, Editor, Copy Tester, Research Officer, Senior Correspondent-cum-Editor, Regional Officer, Officer on Special duty, Talks officers, Senior correspondent, Public Relations Officer, Special Correspondent (abroad) Deputy Director, PIB

  • Junior administrative grade

Salary usually ranges from Rs. 12000 to Rs. 16500

Grade Pay for this position stays at Rs. 375

Post: Joint Director (News), Chief (Media), Director (Media), Deputy Press Registrar, editor-in-Chief, Special correspondent (abroad), Joint Director Counselor Director

  • JAG (NFSG)

Salary usually ranges from Rs. 14300 to Rs. 18300

Grade Pay for this position stays at Rs. 400

Post: Director

  • Senior administrative grade

Salary usually ranges from Rs. 18400 to Rs. 22400

Grade Pay for this position stays at Rs. 500

Post: Director, Registrar of Newspapers for India, Additional Director General (News), Special correspondent (abroad)

Deputy Director General, PIB

  • Higher administrative grade

(i)   Salary usually ranges from Rs. 22400 to Rs. 24500

Grade Pay for this position stays at Rs. 525

Post: Director General (News)

Additional Director General, PIB

(ii) Salary usually for them is fixed at Rs. 26000

Post: Director General / Principal Information Officer

Director General, PIB

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