How to become an IRPS Officer (Indian Railway Personnel Service)


Indian Railway Personnel Service consists of tasks such as recruitment (selection) of all railway staff (inspectors, drivers, IRTS officer) and planning of recruitments, deciding promotions, postings, training, welfare, in fact, all work related to personnel.

Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS Officer) Eligibility

The eligibility criterion for the Indian Railway Personnel Service exam is actually similar to that for other services. So if the candidates get to qualify the civil services exam and so get allotted to the service according to his rank, he/she then would have to undergo a special training session.

Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS Officer) Recruitment and Training

One of the departments of Indian Railways, here also the officers are selected in two ways i.e one by regular UPSC or Civil Services Exam and  the other by promoting the Group ‘B’ officers who are already working for the IRPS division. The trainee IRPS officers have to go through a period of  93 weeks training program which also includes 15 weeks UPSC or Civil Service foundation course.

The IRPS officers training program is conducted at

  1. LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration) – Missouri,
  2. NAIR (National Academy of Indian Railways) – Vadodara,
  3. NADT (National Academy for Direct Taxes) – Nagpur

and  other special institutes authorized for training. Such as on-field training at Railways Zones, Manufacturing Units, and Construction Units of Indian Railways and also authorized and well known reputed management institution for Human Resources and Personnel Management.

Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS Officer) Ranks their Salaries and Service Hierarchy are as follow:

  • Junior time scale

Basic pay generally ranges between Rs. 8000-13500

Post existing designation: Assistant personnel officer

  • Selection time scale sr. scale

Basic pay generally ranges between Rs. 10000-15200

Post existing designation: Divisional personnel officer

Senior personnel officer

  • Junior administrative grade

Basic pay generally ranges between Rs. 12000-16000

Post existing designation: Sr. Divisional personnel officer

Deputy chief personnel officer

  • Selection grade

Basic pay generally ranges between Rs. 14300-18300

Post existing designation: Senior administrative grade

  • Higher administrative grade

Basic pay generally ranges between Rs. 22400-24500

They generally get a grade pay of Rs. 525

Post existing designation: Coordinating chief personnel officer

Additional member

  • Higher grade

Their salary is fixed at Rs 26000.

Post: Member staff

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