How to Crack UPSC IAS IPS Exam in the first attempt?

How to Crack UPSC IAS IPS in the first attempt?

To clear UPSC exam in his first attempt, one has to follow proper strategy.The simple meaning of strategy is careful planning to achieve something in the given circumstances within a particular time frame. On thinking about the strategies to become a civil servant in the just first attempt, the foremost idea that comes to our mind is that one should start preparing for sufficient time and hard work. If these two things are not present than one may not even be able to cross the first stage that is a preliminary exam. This will drop down your motivation.


Best Time to start Preparation 

The best time to start preparing is from the middle of May or the beginning of June, which is soon after your final exams of graduation or post graduation. If you appear for the graduation or post graduation exam in 2017, you should aim for the civil services exam of 2018. This gives you one and a half years to prepare for the IAS Main exam. This is a sufficient time frame to be successful in your first attempt.


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You must prepare your notes. This will help you in your revision as the exam approaches. But to sustain the effort for such a long time, you need to remain motivated throughout this period and maintain good health.


Main Focus

Always remain focused on your main goal, do not divert yourself. Always keep reminding yourself that you have to clear your exam in the first attempt. Most of the Candidates have the habit of preparing for different competitive exams simultaneously to play safe. In such case, your minds get diverted.

You must realise that properly preparing for the civil services exam is not a part-time job. It is a fact that if you are fully devoted to preparing for the civil services exam without pursuing any other studies, competitive exams or job.

Your concentration level will be at its peak, and this would give you the best results. The desire to grab one job or the other and playing it safe leads to failure on all fronts. As the famous saying goes, ‘ a man sailing on two different boats at the same time reaches nowhere.’


Statics of Candidates who appear and Pass

Every year lakhs of student apply for civil services examination, but among them, only a few lakhs people could master the courage of actually appearing in the exam.There is no other competition in which almost 36 per cent of the candidates drops the idea of just appearing for the exam. And also the cut-off percentage in preliminary exam changes every year, so it’s difficult to state that what percentage of cut-off will be set this year. So it is advisable to prepare as hard as you can and appear for the exam with full confidence.If you look at the percentage of marks obtained by students in the 2013 civil services exam, you will find that the candidates who got just 32.5 per cent marks were called for the interview, and, after adding the marks of the interview, those who got an aggregate of just 38.5 per cent got the jobs.

Once you leave every other thing and focus only on your UPSC exams, no one can stop you from reaching to your go of becoming an IAS officer.

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