How to Get Your Dream through a Job Agency

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Can A Job Agency Get Me A Job?

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding job agencies. Some people are ignorant about considering job agencies when looking for a job since they think that these agencies only offer temp or entry-level jobs. Others assume that when you get a job through a job agency, you will not be entitled to benefits. But how true are these claims? None of them is true.

If you are looking for a job, you can utilise an employment agency which is also called a staffing agency to find various jobs from different industries. Staffing agencies don’t restrict themselves in hiring only temp or entry-level workers, but they hire everyone from entry-level employees to top managers. Continue reading below to know more about a job agency and how you can use one to get your dream job.

1. How Staffing Agencies Work.

At a job agency, client companies normally pay a fee to recruitment agencies to find the right candidates to fill a certain position. Job seekers usually apply for the jobs they are interested in through the recruitment agency, or they may contact the staffing agency searching for jobs. The company selects applicants and interviews them. Typically, staffing firms pay the selected candidate to work for the client company.

If with time, the client company decides to employ the candidate permanently, the agency ceases paying the candidate. The client company now starts paying the employee.

2. Benefits.

There are several benefits a job seeker enjoys when he uses a job agency Toronto. Some include;

  • It’s free- since the company which wants to fill a position is a client and not the person looking for a job. You don’t pay anything to the agency.
  • They do the job searching for you –when you consider working with a job agency and you sign up with them, all that you tell them is your skills and experience. When the staffing company gets a job that fits your skills and expertise, it contacts you for an interview.
  • There is variety- there are so many recruitment agencies specialising in different fields. So regardless of what you are looking for, you will get a job agency Toronto that specialises in searching for jobs within your field. You can also get different jobs within almost all staffing agencies.
  • There are benefits- some staffing agencies offer benefits after an employee has worked with them for a given number of days or even hours. The benefits may include tuition reimbursement, retirement plan, or health insurance. Some even offer all three benefits.
  • They give you feedback- most recruitment agencies provide you with feedback during and after the application process. They tell you how to revise your resume and coach you on how to answer interview questions. This type of feedback is essential to job seekers.

3. Types of Available Jobs.

There is a misconception that job agency Toronto only offers entry and temp jobs. However, that is not true as you can get all jobs from entry-level to executive positions. Job agencies in Toronto also work with all industries and don’t confine themselves in a particular industry. However, some agencies focus on specific fields, such as health or technology.

Some of the jobs that you are likely to get include;

  • Temp jobs- businesses usually need people to hire, especially during high peak seasons or when some employees are on leave. These jobs typically span months, weeks, days, or even hours.
  • Temp-to-hire perm jobs- they are also called temp-to-hire jobs. These are the jobs that start as temp positions and turn out to be perm. The company employs the job seeker on a temp basis, and if it is satisfied with the performance of the employee, it hires him on a permanent basis. While the job agency pays the candidate during the temp period, the company takes over when the candidate is employed on a perm basis.
  • Permanent jobs- these are jobs where the job seeker is hired permanently. In this case, the recruitment agency works like a traditional recruiter. It carries out the entire staffing process from finding, interviewing, choosing, and placement of the candidates. Here, the client company pays the staffing agency some fee. If the firm hires the candidate, they pay his/her salary.


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