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10 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Study to get Better Result

To be self-motivated to study is important for everyone. The self-motivation helps a person to commit to the study or any project in life, be a good leader as well as involve in types of creative activities. Self-motivation can be available in the person as a trait by birth, however; it can be developed with time through regular practice.

When you sit for studies you read deeply, you understand all aspects of the subject and get a good command over it. So, this can be a subject of academic study as part of your curriculum whether it is at school, college or any other institution of learning or it can be any other subject that you like and wish to learn about. Whichever the subject of study is and whatever the reason to study, it requires a certain commitment on your part. Well, obviously that is why you are engaging in the study at first.

What are the benefits of the deep study?

Always keep in mind that there are many benefits of deep study. A study of any subject will give you many benefits. The study helps to expand the brain and the mind. Till you don’t study and gain any knowledge and without knowledge, you deny yourself all scope for growth and development mentally, intellectually and scholastically.

When you engage in the deep study you will gain extensive knowledge on the subject matter. As a result, you can share your ideas and knowledge on the subject with others. By sharing your knowledge, you can help others in a good way.

The deep study also allows for specialization. If one wants to specialize in a subject, there is no way but to study with unwavering interest and steadfastness. The benefits to study translate into the making of a career.

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Why is self-motivation important?

We all need to motivate ourselves to keep at it. The study is not a one-off activity; you need to persevere. You need to commit. The study requires long-term engagement. It may mean repeated reading, a self-help book. It may have to be read again.

Scripture may be read again and again. And in the case of study for a profession or career, it may mean many years of study. Isn’t it?

Whatever the topic or subject of study, we need to prod ourselves to actually engage in it. Often students who have to study find it hard to keep at it.

So, there is a need to motivate oneself to study. Also, those who have, due to some of the other reason, give up the course without its completion need to be motivated to resume their study to gain an academic qualification.

Important Points to get yourself motivated:

  • Develop a reading habit.
  • Engage in repeated reading and study.
  • Read inspirational biographies.
  • Engaging in the study is a habit, so develop it.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • Keep your goal in view.
  • Time is the Essence.
  • Resources are Limited, make the best use.
  • Success is sweet, savor it.
  • Be practical, be optimistic, and be positive.


If you are self-motivated by birth, you are a lucky one and really blessed by God. but if you lack this quality of self-motivation, you need to develop it through practice on a regular basis.


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