How To Study For IAS and Do Self-Study Of IAS & Prepare it easily

This is the article that will boost your confidence and also help you to know the secret of How To Study For IAS and Do Self-Study Of IAS in some most effective way. There are some important links added to this post which you may also read for deep knowledge. 

Is your Dream to Become an IAS Officer?

If no then ignore but if yes then, you have to pay attention!!

Frankly speaking! No matter how badly you are carving for this if you don’t have proper direction all your hard work is as wasteful as shit.

It is not going to affect whether you are a bookworm or a fun freak, a beginner or an experienced competition attempt giver.

All you need is a strong goodwill and a smart plan. Now focusing on Civil Services Exam Cycle, which has three stages – Prelims, Mains and Interview, which normally has a predicted schedule like August (for Preliminary exams), Nov/Dec (for Mains examination) and March/April (for Interviews/personality test).

Qualities to be Produced to Get the Job.

1)  Study hard

2)  Effective writing style

3) To the Point Approach

4) Good  English approach

5) Up to date to current affairs

6) Quality material and guidance

7)  Patience and Self-confidence

Now there are few general questions that every aspirant has in his mind and recollecting them at one place for you.

QUERY -1    When to Start the Prelims Preparation?

SUGGESTION– Well, if your goal is to crack it anyhow you need at least seven months for perfect preparation. In case, If you are appearing immediately after graduation, then don’t waste time, and just start your preparation after your final exam. For those who are going to prepare for it while working, you need more time to handle it with care or else end up with the mess.

QUERY-2   How to start preparation?

SUGGESTION– if you have joined some coaching then follow their guideline but if you believe in self-study of IAS then read ahead.

A schedule is ready!!

Watch out.

1) Read previous question papers

2) Understand Syllabus

3) Read basic study material

4) Start writing on your own.

QUERY-3 How to Select the Optional Subject?

SUGGESTION– This is a very important decision, So don’t take this decision at the beginning. First, start preparing for GS and then after some time take this decision. This will help you to determine your inclination to a particular subject. Every subject has its own demand (i.e. thinking pattern, writing style, presentation techniques etc). Your personality should be according to it.

Following are Some Steps to Decide on Selecting the Optional Subject:

  • Interest and understanding of the subject.
  • Read the syllabus and previous years’ question papers.
  • The writing style and presentation techniques.
  • Availability of study material
  • Availability of guidance
  • Weightage of optional in GS
  • Apart from this, some give importance to the length of the syllabus, so decide carefully.

QUERY-4   How to manage other examinations like State Civil Service Exam along with UPSC?

SOLUTION-In starting of the preparation duration better concentrates on UPSC exam as it is going to cover major portions of other exam patterns too. Being the toughest to crack you have a study for it with a whole heart.

QUERY-5   Can I prepare while working or pursuing graduation?

SOLUTION– Yes, of course, it is possible for you to crack. Since it generally gets messy with people of a busy schedule, So, you need to be very patient and dedicated to it.

SOLUTION– Yes, of course, it is possible for you to crack. Since it generally gets messy with people of a busy schedule, you need to be very patient and dedicated. If you have trouble balancing the two financially, check out Crediful and see if they have options to offset the cost and time of preparing for the exam.

Aspirants are now wished with good fortune and are advised to study hard. We hope our initiative to educate you about this might turn fruitful until you reach your destination.

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  1. Zishan says:

    I’m working in a private organisation I didn’t get much time to study because my working duty hours is fixed plz guide me to upsc preparation in a proper manner because I didn’t get time to read a lot of books.

  2. Kiran salave says:

    I am studying in TYBA. I want to take the UPSC exam. And I’m definitely 28 years old. Guide me How should I study. Thank you

  3. Aliza tamang says:

    I am interested towards civil service examinations ..please help me out how to parepare and consulting..

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