Speech on Humour and Wisdom for Students & Children (1-2 Mins)

speech on humour and wisdomGood morning friends, thank you for joining me on this day. We all are gathered here to discuss the topic of Humor and Wisdom can go together. I am glad to see such a great audience are presented over here.

Our topic for today’s discussion is ‘Naughty and Sincere’. Sorry, I took it literally. Alright, our topic is ‘Humor and Wisdom’. I am sure everybody sitting here has gone into a deep thought that why we are talking about completely two different topics together in one place. Right??

Friends these two words might seem different but if you take my point when we blend humor with a bit of wise comment then it is a great powerful combination. Humor and wisdom are either sides of a coin. Both of these can go hand in hand in the case of a person who is ideal for society.

Wisdom helps to guide us through life, and also enables us to reflect on life and draw conclusions about it. Whereas, humor can relieve the stress of life and bring people together as a society. Mixing a little humor into a wise statement can make it more readily accessible and easy to learn for our audience. And in most of the comic stories actually, has something wise to tell us about life. Humor acts as a power of attraction to whatever the person says. And, adding humor to wise statements eventually, makes the learning easy.

To be humorous is not a great deal but being a wise and sensible person with humor is a rare trait. To handle the humor with wise is a very big tactic, once it becomes an insult then there is no humor left in it. Any humor is considered as healthy humor when it has been perfectly coordinated with wise thoughts. Every wise man speaks humorous things by keeping them restricted to all the levels of decency. A decent person is well skilled in handling the humor and wisdom hand in hand.

The humor lies in the unseen connections and bringing out things that are not easily visible. Humor is the most effective way of sharing wisdom. True humor is something that makes people feel good and not cut off or separated. Both of these are important components of our life. Out of the entire population, there are only a few people who have the perfect blend and using knowledge of these two things. People who can perfectly blend and use knowledge of these two ingredients can make a smart person. As per my experience, I understand that humor and wisdom are the two qualities that can live together.

As a conclusion to our discussion on ‘Humor and Wisdom’, I would just say that a person who has the ability to balance the humor and wisdom is the one who leads an ideal life with happiness and knowledge. Humor may lack wisdom but wisdom can create healthy humor. When we have a good humor and necessary wisdom, we feel healthy and good.

So people should carry both of these elements hand in hand as a humorous wise man is always an addition to the spark and prosperity of a country.

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  1. Suhani patel says:

    Nice speech

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