IAS Exam Study Schedule for IAS Aspirants (Must Read)

A Schedule suggested by IAS Paper for IAS aspirants. It will help you in planning how to study for the IAS exam. Start in December:

December to February: Finish your Mains Option Subject from December to January (i.e., Optional 2) thoroughly.

March and April: Give these two months fully for your Optional 1.

May to August: This month should be exclusively Utilize for your Prelims preparations. Critical and Specific coverage of a Preliminary syllabus is required.

Give Your Preliminary Exams

After Prelims take complete rest for 10-15 days. Relax and hang out with friends, do the things of your interest. Energize yourself for Mains Exam.

First Half of September: Complete the Optional 1 where you left it. It should be done by mid of September.

The second half of September till Mains Exam: Give the Second half of September to your Optional 2, Once again. Prepare all the General Studies and don’t forget to include Current Affairs in September. Then prepare for “English qualifying paper” and “Indian Language qualifying paper” in October, if you are weak in Languages start its preparation little earlier. From November till your Mains Exam do Revision for Mains.

Give your Mains Exam

After Mains take a break until the end of the Year, Just keep reading Newspapers and Magazines during this time. [The Hindu is the most recommended Newspaper / CSR (Competetive Success Review) recommended magazine].

January: Start preparation for your third round. If this is your 2nd/3rd attempt to prepare for topics that you could not coup up in your 1st attempt and try to recover it. Work hard for the areas you feel you are weak. By March, you should be fully ready to give the Mains once again if you failed (hopefully you pass the Mains, still you need to be prepared if you fail).

March: Mains results are out and precisely afterward start your Interview preparation.

Give your Interview

If you passed then Congratulation in Advance if you don’t then don’t be nervous there are many more attempts left.

I hope you found the IAS Exam Study Schedule helpful. If you did, then share and tell about these articles to all your friends who will be giving the Civil Services Exam for IAS/IPS, etc. In addition, I wish you All the Very Best for your Exams. Writing this article was easy but actually doing it a totally different thing!

I hope you Crack your Civil Service Exam and modify the face of this Nation (India)

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If you any queries regarding IAS Exam Study Schedule, you can ask your query leave comments below.

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  1. op upadhyay says:

    Very excellent word for administration, rule and make peace in public, make arrangement to be live in harmony key holder of treasury of district and department, organisation adviser called IAS. But alas now a days some people making them slave influenced and they do not know how many years they have been wasted how much books they have studied to reach such rich post.
    Reason corruption character less rapist making fool to whole social system. As i experienced when I joined small clerk job to save my all properties i wrote in my service book for police verification all details and have land nearly ten BEEGHA mine own name in Amad Pur Dabaria Dhanapur Chanduali UP.
    I could not buy a acre land and not can purchase four wheeler till date in my 34 years tenure of Govt Job and now I am Admin officer.

    My one son is in Ohio US for MS after leaving JSW JSPL as assistant Engr on 18 Aug 2013 he was paying Income tax since his appointment and brilliant KVYP scholar. Second is in some where doing ty. editing job after doing Mass communication after selection in IPU alter joined Lovely university Julludher with some people wasted all earning for education i can under stand when shield and trophy certificate acquired by son daughter who make all efforts to make them worthy for administration for world.

    But now i am looking past those became leader by JP Narayan they are now trillion difference is such as i was also best in college and best in all field but did not inter in politics. So why because of loose IAS. Otherwise they are only head of every where leader party only man date for five years they were getting minimum nominal money but they made .

    So any corruption if they do not think one can not do so leaders are being saved by them by cheque signatory are they not any one else as per side of Govt.

    Best of luck for exam and preparation but need to learn lesson after getting appointment and i wish pray no one will be approach nay one because the time left When KR narayan Jagjeevan Ram were helped by Leader out of way being bright brain now they will know some one are bright they will make trangender grab their family and declared mad. By Op Upadhyay

  2. dheeru says:

    Meri study beach m hi rah gai thi ab Main dubara se achhi Tarah se karna chahti hu

  3. sanjay singh kushwaha says:

    i want to become an ias officer ,but now i am doing a job ,so i want to do preparation with my job so now u can tell me how many ways and suggest best book of and exam collection for ias preparation.

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