IAS Interview Questions 2018, 100 % Genuine Questions asked in UPSC Exam

IAS Interview Questions

This is the final stage, which is held right after results for main exams are declared.Sometimes it happens that candidate clears preliminary and main exams but fails at this stage the reason behind this is preparation.It is really very important to start preparation for interview along with the written test.according to UPSC, the objective behind this final stage is to test the personality, suitability of the candidate

  • The interview is not a test of specialized knowledge, as that has already been tested in written examination. The idea is to see the social traits of a person and his personality as suited to a career in the civil services. Scoring well in the IAS interview requires a combination of knowledge, smartness, and other qualities that are detailed in this complete guide to the IAS interview. You don’t need to be good in English to score high marks. You don’t need to remember all facts and figures to score high marks.but things which are important is –
  • You should have constructive thoughts
  • You should have fresh and unique ideas
  • There must be integrity
  • Honesty plays an important role
  • Firmness is another important thing
  • Having patience is necessary
  • Candidates are not expected to be extraordinary or behave fake but should be normal and are supposed to present their natural personality before the board.
  • Interview is taken to test the mental qualities of candidate
  • Candidate should prepare well on their bio-data and current event of national and international importance
  • Preparing for the interview includes a wide reading of books, journals, magazines and at least two newspapers.
  • Candidate should try to improve his/her conversational skills with the right pronunciation.
  • The candidate should make a self-analysis of his strengths and weaknesses and make a conscious effort to play on his strengths.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Positive body language
  2.  Answer questions clearly and confidently
  3. Remain calm and composed
  4. Short explanation with important points
  5. Do not be argumentative.

Basic topics to prepare for interview

From your form-You must go through the form you have filled because most questions will arise from there. If you have changed subjects, mentioned anything out of the way, watch out for questions on them. Interviewers take a cue from the form you have filled.

Name meaning and origin of the name. Any personality associated with the name.

Hometown- for what it is famous for, geography and history of the place, origin of the name.

Important dates-significance of birth(birthday).important days and dates.

Sports- deep analysis of sport you mentioned in the form, famous players associated with them, rules of the game and other important details.

Hobbies and interests relevant details and concerned topics must be well prepared

Educational background-questions can be asked about subject and stream of graduation, analysis of place from where the candidate completed 10th /12th/graduation.


Types of questions asked to which an extreme care must be taken for minute details:

  • Why do you want to join civil services.?
  • What will you do if do not get selected?
  • Why should we select you?

From this, you get an idea what kind of questions are asked even if they are not from syllabus

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