19 Extraordinary IAS Officer Powers, Duties and Responsibilities

IAS Officer Power

IAS officer ( Indian administration service) officer one of the elite jobs in the government jobs. The job has equal responsibilities as it has powers. The IAS officer power depends on the pay scale. The Indian administrative service was formed in the year 1946.

There is much misunderstanding about the power of IAS.

The power or authority to make something flow from the publication you are holding. IAS is not a job, it’s a service. So when the officials of this service are placed in different positions, assume the role, responsibility, and authority of that position. Posts in which only one IAS official can be posted are called posts in the table. They vary from state to state.

E.g. As DM, an IAS officer has masterful powers, but they are not enjoyed by him when he is the CEO of Zilla Panchayat or Municipal Commissioner

Following are the functions/powers of the IAS officer:

  1.  The IAS officer is responsible for the government affairs and working in the areas of farming, implementation of the policy under the consultation of the minister.
  2.  To implement the policies, supervise and to be present in the different places where the decided policies are been implemented.
  3. The officers are also entitled to answer the state legislatures and parliament if there are any irregularities occurring in the area of the respective IAS officer.
  4. The IAS officer is also responsible for keeping a track of expenditure as they are answerable to the parliament and state legislatures.
  5. At the first stage of joining the IAS officer joints the job at the post of sub-divisional level’s as sub-divisional magistrate
    And here the power is to handle the development work of the area under their control and also to they have the authority to look after the law and order is maintained.
  6.  The next level is when the IAS officer is posted at the district level known as the district magistrate, deputy officer they are mainly responsible and have the power to conduct such programs that will lead to the development of the district in charge .
  7.  The IAS also serve at the post of state secretariat or they also serve as the head of a PSU(public sector unit).
    And at the central level, the IAS is posted as the Cabinet Secretary Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary and also as the Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary.
  8. They have the power to formulate policies and implement them regarding the commerce and finance.But the final decision of the policy is taken by the minister the IAS s working under.
  9. As it is nicely said the IAS officer is the man who has the capability, authority and opportunity to help the life of the poor and needy man.
  10. Recovery of income and functioning as tax courts.
  11. Maintenance of law and order.
  12. Working as an executive magistrate.
  13. Officer as Head of Development (CDO) / District Development Commissioner.
  14. Monitoring the implementation of state and central government policies.
  15. Go to places to monitor policy implementation.
  16. Monitoring of the expenditure of public funds in accordance with the rules of financial ownership.
  17. In the process of policy making and decision making, IAS staff at various levels, such as the undersecretary, the undersecretary, etc.
  18. Make a contribution and give a definitive form to the policies.
  19. Manage the daily activities of the government, including the development and implementation of the policy in consultation with the minister responsible for the department concerned.


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    difference between DC and DM on the basis of their powers ???

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