Ideas on How to Title an Essay

Essayists often underuse or ignore the helpful tool that is titling a paper when writing a perfect essay. Feeling stuck, essayists might give up on drafting a title. As such, they may end up labeling their essays by task (“Rogerian Rhetoric”). Or, they may end up titling their essays by assignment sequence (“Paper 4”).

An absent or vague title only takes away from your paper. Good essay titles help essayists prepare readers for what the essay entails.  If you are struggling when it comes to generating a compelling title, do not fret. We have curated a list of tips that will help you draft a powerful title.

Read on to discover how to come up with a title for an essay.

1. The Importance of an Essay Title

One of the most important components of an essay is the title. That is why the wrong title can add to or impact the quality of the essay you submit. This is because the title you give your essay has to intrigue both your professor and other readers.

Your title has to make your readers want to read the entire paper. Which is why how you create a title is crucial to the success of your entire essay.  It is easy to believe that the content of your paper is the only aspect that matters. This is not true! To get a high score on your essay, every part of the essay must check out.

The title is the first aspect of your paper that readers will see. Your title will either get you an “Oh Goodness, this seems boring” or a “Cant’s wait to read this” reaction. So, ensure that you generate catchy titles for essay to intrigue your readers.

2. What Qualities Should an Essay Title Have?

Before titling an essay, you must know about the qualities that each headline should have. Knowing all the qualities of good titles will help you draft your own effective title. You will be able to make better decisions and complete this part with ease.

If you do not know what the most important qualities of the title are, here they are:

  • Eye-Catching. Well, this is rather obvious. A paper with an eye-catching title will capture the attention of readers. Boring titles are dull and make the reader want to look for something more interesting.
  • Believable. Most writers try to make their titles appealing in such a way that they end up fabricating the truth. This makes the headline incorrect and false. A title that does not deliver will hurt the quality of your paper.
  • Brief. Always make your titles as brief as possible. Long titles can be confusing. Long titles also show that you are incapable of writing in a concise manner.
  • Easy-to-Read. No reader likes complex and hard-to-read titles. Avoid strange phrases, complicated jargon, and uncommon fonts when drafting your title.
  • Accurate. Your title must be accurate. Ensure that you give your reader a clear picture of what to expect from your title. Do not try to mislead your readers by your title. This will affect the quality of your essay.

3. Components of an Essay Title

All types of essays follow a standard outline, and the same applies to titles. If you have no idea how to title a college essay, you are in luck. The following are the main components of an essay title:

  • A catchy hook. A catchy hook captures the attention of your reader. It also introduces your paper in a creative way.
  • Topic Key Words. These include the “what” of your paper. Topic keywords identify the concepts you will explore in your paper.
  • Focus Key Words. These include the “when/where” of your paper.

All these components are essential for your title. They provide more information that makes your title more professional. For example:

You Can Heal Your Life: Habits that Effective People Follow

Catchy Hook: You can Heal Your Life

Topic Key Words: Heal, Effective,

Focus Key Words: Habits, People

4. How to Build a Title

To build an effective title, you need to:

Draft the Essay first, and the title last.

Writing your paper first will enable you to determine what you want to include in your title. As you write and revise your essay, you will know what you want your title to entail. Another bonus of writing your title last is that you will not waste too much time on it.

Use your Thesis

One of the best places to find a good title is the thesis. For instance, if your thesis statement is:

“Reality Television has a plethora of negative effects on teenagers, and they impart unrealistic standards of beauty on viewers.”

To generate a title, you may use “The Effects of Reality Television on Teenagers.” Or, “Unrealistic beauty Standards Set by Reality Television.”

If you are struggling with creating a thesis, you can seek help from an  These services have skilled writers who can draft you a powerful essay title.

Use Popular Catchphrases

Popular phrases that apply to your essay topic can make great titles. Apart from popular phrases, you can also opt for clichés. Ensure that the phrases or clichés apply to your topic before you use them.

Consider the Tone of your Paper

If you are writing about a serious subject, do not be silly or witty with your title. If you are writing a personal essay, you can create a humorous title. Ensure that the tone of your title matches your essay.

Use Three Words to Sum-Up Your Paper

This is an effective technique for creating captivating titles. All you need to do is sum-up your essay in three words. Then, use those three words to generate a title. Put a colon and then state what your essay entails.

Final Word

A great title contributes to a perfect essay. Title-writing is not a one-minute task. It is a process that demands your attention and creativity. With the above tips, you no longer have to worry about generating an effective title. Following these tips will simplify the title-creating process and leave you with an intriguing title.

If you struggle with creating titles that relate to your paper, you are not alone. Many students also face this challenge. You can ask a custom essay writing service to “write my essay for me” and get professional help. There is no shame in seeking help!


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