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Slogans on independence dayIndependence Day is a day that is celebrated by all the Indian people in the Indian Country and also in many other countries in which the Indian people live for respecting and saluting the Indian Flag and the National Leaders who strive hard for making India Independent from the Britisher’s Raj. People are used to giving Respect to the Indian Flag by Hoisting the Indian Flag on the 15th August with several Indian people.

Every Indian people are given a Holiday in their Government as well as Non-Government offices for remembering and Saluting the Indian Flag and the Great National Leaders of the Indian Country. People from many of the places like Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Karnataka, and many other States come to Delhi to Hoist the Indian Flag and Salute the National Leaders by putting Flowers on the Statues National Leaders like the Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, Jawaharlal Nehru, and many other Indian National Leaders.

People in their Societies are used to celebrate Independence Day by hoisting the Indian National Flag with singing the National Anthem of India and also singing many of the Patriotic Songs. Many people used to attach the Indian Flag on their dress to Respect and Salute the Indian National Flag. People on the occasion of Independence Day used to come together by conducting many of the events like Speech, Games, Discussions, Debates on many National Topics, Quiz Contests and many other events and activities. People used to sing the National Anthem of Jana Gana Mana when they Hoist the Indian National Flag to Respect and Salute the Indian Flag.

Every people are used to Stand Straight with their hands straight or folded by singing the National Anthem of India for Respecting the Indian Flag. Indian Flag is made up of three Colours which is of Saffron, White, and Green in the Whole Flag. There is an Ashoka Chakra situated in the middle of the Indian Flag. India got Independence due to the National Leaders who fight for Independence against the Britishers. Many of the National Leaders fight for the justice and Equality of the Indian People to get them every kind of Right and Opportunity to do anything in the Indian Country.

Britishers ruled India for about 150 years and they made the Indian Country like the salves of the Britishers. They harassed the people of India and used to beat them without any reason to control the Indian people. They used to make the people work for more than their limit to work. Due to this many of the Indian people died with a lot of unlimited work. Many people were used to getting beaten by the Chopsticks and other weapons to control them and punish for any activity which they consider illegal.

Consider the Indian people as their slaves and were behaved in a very bad manner with them. Many of the Farmers were used to treat very badly by making them work for their limit and used to give very income for their more hours of work. Farmers were used to paying a high amount of taxes for their Basic Goods and services and they were very depressed to pay lots of taxes to them. So many of the National Leaders made many of the And colons and Satyagraha’s to remove the taxation from the Basic Goods and also from the Salt by conducting the Salt Satyagraha Act by the Mahatma Gandhiji.

Celebration of the Independence Day

Independence Day is used to celebrate by every people in India on the 15th of August to give Respect and Salutation to the Indian National Flag. It is celebrated to remember the National Leaders of India who gave India Freedom from cruel Britishers who control India. To make the Indian Country become an Independent Nation, many National Leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, and many other National Leaders fought hard for the Indian people. They taught many of their followers to fight for their Rights and Opportunities to make India an Independent Country. They make many secret plans and ideas to remove the Britishers from the Indian Country to give India freedom from the Britishers.

Many Indian National Leaders used to punish the Britishers to make them behave in a good manner with all the Indians as well as other people. Many Leaders used to kill the Britishers for their much bad behavior with the Indian people. Britishers were used to treat the Indian people badly as they used to consider Indian people of Low Class. They were not given the Indian people to touch them as they consider them Low Class and dirty people. They made the people do their activity as they like it and they do not think of the other people’s lives and their Rights.

Britishers were used to beat a lot of people and also many National Leaders for going against their rules. Many of the National Leaders were used to get punishment for fighting against the Britishers. Many of the Indian National Leaders made many of the And loans to remove the cruel rules and regulations of the Britishers.

Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar made the Constitution of the Indian Country after India got freedom from the Britishers as they were well educated and had got many of the Highly Qualified Degree to them. It is very difficult for the people to fight for their Rights and Opportunities, but many of the Indian National Leaders work hard to make the India Country get Freedom from the Britishers.

There were many of the people who had to make decisions for their safety and security from the cruel rule of the Britishers. Britishers were used to have every type of security as well as a better life by doing every type of enjoyment. They were forced the Indians to do lots of work as per requirement for the Britishers. Britishers were not used to agree on any type of Suggestions and Rights of the Indians. So every people were used to fight for their safety and security to concentrate on every idea to remove the Britishers from the Indian Country.

Importance of the Independence Day

India got Independence from British rule in the year 1947 on 15th August. Every people of India were free from the Britisher’s rule and laws. Britishers were made many of the laws and ideas to make India under their control. But it was very difficult for the people to fight against the Britishers as they had every type of weapon to finish the Indians from the Indian Country. Britishers were used to follow many of the bad rules for the Indians and those rules were better and beneficial for them.

Every Indian were very upset and angry on all the Britishers as they used to torch the Indians without any reason to make them keep under their control. It is very difficult to maintain and focus on every task by which everyone can get all the things that they want in their life. Indians were used to focus on the goal of Independence and they were eager to capture the Britishers for their betterment and welfare. Every Britishers were used to carry many of the tasks for their benefit and they were neglecting the Rights and Opportunities of the Indians.

Symbols of the Independence Day

There were many of the kites flown by the Indians on the Occasion of Sankranti by which the Kites are symbolized as Independence Day. There were many of the Countless Kites of different Colours, Shapes, Shades, and Sizes. Many of the Kites become the Tricolor Flag which represents the Indian Flag. Red Fort of the New Delhi was the other Symbol of the Day of Independence. In the Red Fort, Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the Indian Flag on the August of 15th, 1947. 15th August was Re-birth Day of the Indian Country and on this day Britishers were used to left the Indian Country and they gave all the Responsibility to the Indian Leaders.

After Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India was used to do many of the Important and necessary tasks for the people of India to give them every right and Opportunity for their Security and Rights. He made many of Schools, Colleges, and many Job Opportunities for all the people in India. He focuses first on the Education section of all the Children in India to give them proper knowledge about how to behave with every people in the Indian Country.

There is a much more celebration in many of the States where Chief Ministers of the many different States come to Hoist the Indian National Flag on the occasion of Independence Day. On the Occasion of Independence Day, many of the Armies and also Fighter AirPilots were given many of the awards and Medals to give them every kind of Respect for saving and protecting the Country from the Enemies of the Different Countries.

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