Independence Day | Short Paragraph Essay on Value of Independenc Day of India


Independence Day

Day of Independent

In the 15th August 1947, Our India has got the Independence from the British Administration after many struggles of Indian rebellion.

National Festival

The Independence Day is one of the great national festivals of India. On 15th August, all Indian celebrate it in every year. Every Indian feels proud on the Indian freedom fighters. The India became free, just because of many struggles and hard work of the Indian freedom fighters.

Every Indian citizen feels very proud to remind the sacrifices of Indian freedom fighters. Independence Day is vital for the people of India.

Inspiration from India rebellion

The Independence Day had become possible when Indian freedom fighters stepped for great movement for freedom of the country.

The freedom fighters have done many of the struggles and sacrifice their lives for the country. It is one of the great inspirations for all.

It inspires us to love our country and become patriot towards the country because we are the future of the country.

We should never be back from any sacrifices towards our country because it is our India and we have to do anything for our nation.

If we follow that inspiration of the freedom fighters, then it will better for the future of the country.

Rights of freedom

The Independence Day is an essential day of our nation. We celebrate this day by doing many of the activities for our country. We are living in a free country, and we celebrate this day with great happiness and enthusiasm.

Our democratic rights as the citizen of India are secured. In India, we are also getting the great fundamental rights guaranteed by the Indian constitution.

We are living in a self-ruled democratic country, where we have many of the rights to do good work.

In free India, we have the necessary rights to select our minister of state by voting them. We choose the good government for our country.

The feeling of freedom and self-reliance fills our heart with unparalleled happiness. It is a splendid time to feel proud of the movement of the freedom fighters.

We are feeling a great movement in the fragrance of free air that we are experiencing is not free. It is the result of tireless efforts and countless sacrifices of our countrymen.

Celebration of Independence at Red Fort

In every year, the grand celebration of Independence day celebrated at the Red Fort, which is stands in New Delhi. On this day, Indian people feels very proud of our country. The Jawahar Lal Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of India, he has started to hoist the National Flag of India, which feels very high movement that time in the heart of people.

In current times, on 15th August are celebrates with the great speech and hoist of the Nation flag by our Indian Prime Minister.

In this occasion, the Prime Minister addresses the great honor and sacrifices of the known and unknown freedom fighters of the India, who fought for saving the country from British control.

We should never forget them and always should inspire from them, which will give us inspiration for great honor and sacrifices for the country.

The people sing the national song Jana Gana Man, and it is our great National Anthem, which keeps peace in mind.

In this occasion, the Parades of Indian forces held in the high moment of Independence Day ceremony. It is the great moment for every Indian.

Current times celebration of Independence Day

It is 69th Independence Day of the country. On 15th August 2015 had celebrated with an enormous moment by Narendra Modi, who is present time of Prime Minister. In this ceremony, he came and held the great speech on the Independence Day.

He hoisted and unfurled the tricolor National flag at the Red Fort. That time the Indian people once again celebrated the Independence Day proud moment with joy, hope, and enthusiasm.

In the every state, the Independence Day ceremony has honored with the proud moment. The Chief Minister of the every state may take part in the ceremony of Independence Day for hoist and unfurled the National Flag, which followed by national parades and cultural programs.

Celebration of Independence Day in all around the country

The celebration of Independence Day celebrated in all around the country. It celebrates in every state and Union territories of India.

In every state of schools, colleges, societies, and government offices celebrate the Independence Day ceremony for hoisting the national flag of India. Every Indian citizen feels very proud during the hoisting of the National flag.

In many of the societies and buildings, the decoration for this ceremony is held by everyone. They decorate the lights by tri-color of National flag. These events give the great feeling of patriotism in our heart.

The sense on oneness gets blossomed in the heart of all the people of the country. This ceremony motivates to the people, both young and old, to come forward and contribute towards the nation.

Celebration of this tradition in world

The Independence Day are celebrated in the all over the world as an “India day” on 15th August. Many of the Indian people are in the other country and during this ceremony; they celebrate it with a proud moment.

Appreciation towards freedom fighters

The freedom fighters of the country were given great struggle and sacrifices and lost their lives for saving the country. They became the success for securing the freedom for the country and died.

In the country, we are free today just because of that all freedom fighters and leaders of Independence movement. Every citizen has to pay tribute and appreciation to theses leaders.

It is that day, which we cannot forget and always remind the struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters.


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