India and World Geography Including Environment for CSE

India and World Geography Including Environment for CSE IAS IPS UPSC

India and World Geography Including Environment for CSE

In Geography, the thrust has been on the Indian Geography, which covers around 70 percent of the questions. In ‘Indian Geography’ a thorough understanding of physical aspects of India, with a proper clarity of locations, is the minimum requirement. This will help in the economic as well as the human aspects of Indian Geography.

In General Geography or  Indian Geography, the emphasis is on conceptual aspects. A careful study of ‘A Certificate Course in Physical and Human Geography’ by Goh Cheng Leong is the least expected of you. In World Geography”, the emphasis is more on current developments, which can be covered by map reading while going through the newspaper. For reading maps, any atlas and particularly Oxford can be of great help. A student should give 15 minutes daily on reading maps. This he should do on a routine basis. It is a gradual exercise and it needs time to have a command over the map entries related to various countries and capital cities including those of India.

In Geography, the recent changes in syllabus have included topics like environment and climate change, sustainable development, etc. A student, therefore, must focus on the newly-added topics.

In future, the weightage on Geography, especially Indian Geography, will continue to be more. A proper preparation of NCERT textbooks on Geography (from VIth to XIIth) along with Goh Cheng Leong and regular study of Atlas is recommended. The student must focus on those countries and cities which are in news. For example, nowadays you must be aware of the location of Syria, Egypt, etc. as well as the countries bordering these regions.


Books to prefer for preparation:

1.Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations Indian and World Geography: For UPSC and Other Civil Service Exams Paperback – 1 Oct 2014 by Jigeesha

2.Indian and World Geography by Paperback

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