Indian Army Day 2021: 15th January, Theme, Slogan, Celebration and Essay

Indian Army DayArmy Day is a day by which people are used to celebrating army day with proper encouragement to their Youth and children’s. Army Day is used to observe for those people who gave their all their life to save crores of people of the country.

Army Day is used to mark on the 15ht January on which people used to salute the Army for saving their Life in critical conditions. Army Day is used to develop the art of encouragement in the people to fight for the country in dangerous times.

It is used to cultivate the people to build a great future by gathering much information from the Army. Army Day is used to generate a proper knowledge about how the Army provides his/her full life for the betterment and safety of the people.

Army Day is used to produce many valuable ideas and plans to safeguard the country and to gather many different types of knowledge for the people living in the country. Army Day is used to cultivate a better attitude towards many people to develop great ideas and plans for their future.

Army Day is usually known to provide safety to the people of the country where the people are used to give every kind of protection to the Nation. It is better to stand strong across every field to manage and handle every task better with full confidence. Every country has it’s own Army, and they are used to save its people from the opponents who want to destroy and control their land. So it is an enormous task for the Army to save Crores of people for maintaining a Nation to survive from the opponents and by which the country becomes more strong to be able to handle and tackle every problem.

Army Day is celebrated on the 15th of January for the respect of the Lieutenant General of India. Kodendara Madappa Carriappa who was the First Army’s Commander-in-Chief. Army Day is celebrated all over India every year at National Capital and the Army Command Headquarters in which many parades and Military Shows are organized. General Kodendara Madappa Carriappa became the First Commander-in-Chief of Independent India.

Indian Army is used to face many difficulties and problems, and they courageously solve every problem and maintains and saves the life of the people to live in a better way by the people. Indian Army is used to save a lot of Indian people who want to develop the art to make the people able to survive with the proper completion of their tasks. Indian Army provides a lot of safety and maintains peace and harmony between the Nations. The Army is used to behave in that manner by which every people should live in better order in the country.

Indian Army provides every people to cultivate betterment to the people to reside with peace and harmony in the country. Indian Army also fights in the National Border, and they are used to save much life of the people facing many Natural Calamities in the Country. Indian Army has many types of tasks to complete in a better manner by which every people should remain safe and secure in the Country. Indian Army provides many kinds of knowledge to the people to help them when there is a need for them in times of War. Indian Army is used to provide much help to the people when they are in need at the time of War. Indian Army is used to deliver every task with a proper idea and plan to make the country more stable and robust for the survival of the country.

Army Day Celebration

Army Day is used to celebrate for the people to know the Army who gave their lives for the betterment of the people. Army Day Celebration is used to make the people make the country more Stable and Strong for saving the Nation from any big War. Every people is used to maintain their Country to become Strong for their Safety and to come up to reach the Country a better life of the people.

In the Army Day Celebration, Government of India is used to provide many types of Medals and Awards to the Indian Army for their excellent work of saving the Country in the times of War.  In the Army Day Celebration, people are used to providing many Claps and Salute the Army for savings the Nation from the War between many Countries. The government of India is used to produce many types of Vishista Medals, Prizes to the Relatives and Family Members of the  Indian Army when the Army dies in the War with facing many difficulties in safeguarding the Country.

One has to Face Difficulties to keep every people to become Safe and Secure in the times of War. Indian Army is used to develop a better attitude towards the people to maintain Peace and Non-Violence in the Country. They provide their whole life for the people residing in India.

Indian Army is used to cultivate a positive attitude towards every War between many Countries to make the people safe from the War between Two or More Countries. So it is better to get a proper plan and Ideas to take control of the War between many Countries for the betterment of the people. Indian Army generates many types of severe and Dangerous tasks to be performed for safeguarding the people. Indian Army manages every work to be complete for the welfare of the people. They make every Country to become Strong in front of many different Countries to compete with many Countries.

The government in the Army Day Celebration shows many types of technologies invented by the people to save the Country. The government also provides many bravery Wards and Medals to the Indian Army for their great Ideas and Plans to keep the Country. It also offers many types of free Education to the Children’s of the Indian Army by which people are used to getting every knowledge about the work performs in the Country. Army Day Parade

Army Day Parade is used to perform many types of Parade by which the Army is used to encourage the people by showing all their Tasks to provide them with every knowledge of the activities they perform. It is used to develop the Countries Power in front of many Countries by which the Country becomes Strong and also gets the contribution from many Countries. Army Day Parade provides many Young generations to come up for surviving the Country from many dangerous Nations. It is time to make the people more able to create new ideas and plans to cultivate every kind of knowledge for the welfare of the Country.

Young Generation is used to provide different types of information for their proper growth regarding behaving in a good way for the people of the country. The young generation today is used to come together to make every people contribute to the success of the Country. A countries target is to safeguard its people by the Opposition who requires destroying or eradicate the people of the Nation to take control over the Nations. So people should be able to develop every task to make the people more Stable, Reliable and Strong for the safety and security of the people to remain in an entirely better way in the Nation.

The government shows many types of Achievements of the Indian Army by which people are used to gathering every knowledge of the Past, and they are used to make a better future by providing a better understanding of the ideas and plans to the people in the Present. People are used to offering various schemes and expect to get out of many issues and problems and to solve those problems with multiple types of solutions to the problems.

Every people is used to face many types of difficulties and problems, and they get a proper experience of how the difficult must be solved to make the issues to address in a much easier way.

People are more curious to understand and explain many difficulties in managing all the things correctly with the help of many possibilities to maintain and handle every activity without any issues. So the Government is used to search for those people who can fight for the Country for saving lives of Crores of people.

Nowadays there are many technologies and Machines made by the Government by which every task in the War is completed within some days to control the opponents in the War. To monitor the opponents in the War, Government has too many different and Strong Machines to destroy the Opponents Soldiers to save the Country from many threatening Opponents. There are many Machines invented by the people by which people are more enable to cope-up with different activities to solve many critical tasks. So the Country needs to come up with a lot of Technologies and Machines to safeguard the Country from the Dangerous Countries.

The government of India nowadays tries to force the people of India to come across many ideas and plans to develop the country for the countries welfare and security. It makes the young generation to come up to make a Strong Nation by providing them with Education and every facility and service.

It requires a better gaining of the knowledge to the young generation for building a Strong Nation. So the Government tries to make the Young age to get every experience and knowledge about the Indian Army to make them come and join the Indian Army for the Country’s Safety and Security.

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    Army day painting competition theme , sheet size, and last date for submission this year 2020-21

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    Could you tell me the theme of Army day 15th January 21.
    Thank you

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    Be proud of as an indian..
    Greetings to all militery.
    Greetings to local oneman-army PM.Modiji

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