Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officer Salary, Pay Scale, Perks in 2021

Indian Foreign Service is the answer to every question related to a government post with a sparkling future, an attraction for youngsters these days. Earlier UPSC toppers used to choose IFS before other all India services although this tradition has fallen a step you can’t reject the fact of IFS still being one of the most awaited and admired job. It has maintained its glam over time.

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) comes under Central Services opposite to misconception created of being one of the three all India services i.e. IAS, IPS, IFOS (forest services). There is one more misconception related to this job i.e. its salary people think it is the same as in the IAS post but they are a different number of allowance creates the difference through the range depends on which country you are placed into.

After aspirants being qualified through the entire process, they are then sent to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie for a time duration of three months where they are given the first part of their training.

After which they are supposed to experience further training in the Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi.

Trainees are then supposed to learn one out of the foreign languages like   Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and some others whatever chosen by the candidate. After they are done with the language they are finally posted in Indian Mission as a Third Secretary. Generally, 10-15 candidates only are recruited as IFS every year.

Salary of Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officers

As a well-known fact, Indian Foreign Service IFS officers are posted in Indian embassies and High Commissions around the world as well as offices of the Indian Ministry of External Offices within India after the training. While talking about the salary and perks, the location of officers’ posting is to be kept in mind.

For example, two officers of the same batch are in situations posted in New Delhi and Washington respectively. It is obvious that the officer posted in Washington has more financial needs and thus should get more than the person posted in New Delhi.

Keeping this in mind the government of India has introduced a Special Foreign Allowance for those officers who are supposed to be posted outside the geographical boundaries of the country.

Now this allowance will though dependent upon the Purchasing Power parity of that particular country in which the officer is posted. Thus, the salary structure represented below it ought to be varied with the Special Foreign Allowance that these officers intake.

Salary Structure of Indian Foreign Service (IFS) according to their ranks is as follow:

  1. Junior Time Scale 

Officers at this level join as Under Secretary and the salary basically ranges between Rs. 8000 – 275 – 13, 500

  1. Senior Time Scale 

Officers at this level join as Under Secretary and the salary basically ranges between Rs. 10, 650 – 325 – 15, 850

  1. Junior Administrative Scale

Officers at this level join as Deputy Secretary and the salary basically ranges between Rs. 12, 750 – 375 – 16, 500

  1. Selection Grade – IV 

Officers at this level join as Counselor Director and the salary basically ranges between Rs. 15, 100 – 400 – 18, 300

  1. Senior Administrative Scale 

Officers at this level join as Joint Secretary and the salary basically ranges between Rs. 18, 400 – 500 – 22, 400

6. High Commissioner / Ambassador

Officers at this level join as Foreign Secretary and the salary they receive is Rs. 26, 000 and is fixed.

After adding salary and all the perks and allowances the salary of an IFS officer totals around Rs. 60, 000. This amount is for those posted in India Amount varies with the country they are posted in.

It is the Special Foreign Allowance that makes the major mark in the salary of an IFS officer. For example, if a new IFS officer is posted at the Indian Embassy in the USA, then he is entitled to get at least $ 4, 000 (2.40 Lakhs) per month as Special Foreign Allowance. 

This allowance increased with the increase in the Grade and level. As you can see, an IFS officer really gets a very fat check when he/she becomes an Ambassador or High Commissioner.

The DA currently is around 80% W.E.F. Jan 2013. It is predicted to be around 90% of Basic Pay wW.E.F. July 2013. If we calculate by assuming DA to be 90% of the Basic Pay, then the net amount left with the officer of  all the four levels can be as follow:

  1. Junior Scale – A newly posted officer would begin with this pay scale

Pay Band Rs 15,600 – Rs 39,100

Grade Pay Rs 5400

  1. Senior Scales – The Senior Scales are though divided into 3 major categories
  • Senior timeScale

Pay Band Rs 15600 – Rs 39100

Grade Pay Rs 6600

  • Junior Administrative Grade

Pay Band Rs 15,600 – Rs 39,100

Grade Pay Rs 7,600

  • Selection Grade

Pay Band Rs 37,400 – 67,000

Grade Pay Rs 8,700

  1. Super Time Scale – It may take around 20 years for an officer to reach this stage of payment.

Pay Band Rs 37,400 – Rs 67,000

Grade Pay Rs 10,000

  • Above Super Time Scale – Above Super Time Scale is also divided into 3 main categories I.e. The Pay Band of Rs 37,400 – Rs 67,000 with the Grade Pay of Rs 12,000

The Apex Pay Scale of Rs 80,000 (fixed) with no Grade Pay

The Cabinet Secretary Grade pay scale of Rs 90,000 (fixed) with no Grade Pay


  1. Wonderful accommodation at cheap rates
  2. Household helpers and security guards
  3. Official vehicles
  4. Free electricity
  5. Freephone call facility
  6. High level of job security
  7. Abroad study options
  8. Retirement benefits and Pension

For any other queries about Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officer Salary, Pay Scale, Perks, you can leave your queries below in the comment box.

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  1. Lavanya says:

    I want to know the job security for a women ,posted in other countries as an IFS officer, because we know that we will be posted for the different countries where we are required the most…

    • Akhil chanadran says:

      Whay is the salary of a ifs ofgicers at posted at asian countries

    • PRABHAAKAR says:

      It’ll be much better when compared with the security provided in our very own country Ms.Lavanya!!!
      Focus more on clearing the exam instead of querying on these datas!!!

  2. Taslim ferdoz.Sayed says:

    I want to my goal IFS its so important in my life i want to salute with my country PM

  3. Rabi says:

    I am a poor boy.

  4. Aruna manker says:

    Bhartiya Videsh Sachiv Rajdoot ki salary 225000 se shuru hokar adhiktam Kitni ho sakti hai

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