IPS Priyanka Kashyap a 2009 batch Officer from Goa (Inspiring Story)

IPS Priyanka Kashyap a 2009 batch Officer from GoaPriyanka Kashyap, a 2009 batch officer newly appointed as The North district Superintendent of Police in Goa. She at a  function organised by the Rotary club last week said that she is in favour of legalisation of prostitution and also  mentioned that it is her personal opinion. She attended this Rotary Club function along with her husband Kartik Kashyap  who is also an IPS Superintendent of Police of the Anti-Narcotics Control Bureau. She said that this issue of legitimising  the prostitution has both its pros and cons.This person view of Priyanka has gone viral all around.

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Her comments were much similar with the bold statement which was given by the ruling BJP party with its vice President  saying that he has no problem with dance bars in Goa in the wake of the Supreme court verdict allowing for dance bars.

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These comments of Priyanka was not received by the Goan population in the much positive way.  A Congress youth leader Durgadas Kamat responding to this comment said that it was just a few days back that a BJP vice  president said that he backed dance bars on adding that it was his personal opinion. And now police wants prostitution to  be legalised. Stating that there is no smoke without fire, he further said that it seems like a back door has been opened  by this government for such evil-doing.

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The state has been trying to fight off a not so subtle image of being a sex tourism destination. There have also been  several raids on massage parlours and prostitution dens which blow a lid off the rackets. Pointing out the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar speech at the state function on independence day, in which the CM said  that ‘“Prostitution and drugs are ruining Goa’s tourism sector, but my government is determined to rid Goa of these ills…”  it is a puzzle in the mind of people what actually the government and police authorities wants to do.

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Defending her wife Kartik Kashyap said that whatever may be the decision it would be a double-edged sword. As there are  two sides of each coin, in the same way, legalising prostitution has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are some  countries who have shown prostitution a Green flag but our nation have some different view about all this things.He also  said that it is policy level question.He said that even now no matter what he says it is very definite that it will create  a controversy in the society or on talking on a larger scale in the whole nation. Swetlana Cardoso, a woman entrepreneur agrees with Kashyap about legalising prostitution being a double-edged affair.

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Giving justification to her comment Priyanka said that legalising prostitution in Goa would be inappropriate at the moment  as they are still engaged in many other rackets like mining, drugs and more which are still not taken care of, she  further added that if in case prostitution is made legal then women wouldn’t be forced into prostitution. It would be a matter of choice by them, this would also create job opportunities for some.

These comments of Priyanka also went viral on facebook.

Transfer to Delhi

Government officers said that the couple had made a representation to the MHA, requesting immediate transfer from Goa.
A V Sharma Reddy, director (service) MHA, who has issued the order said that the concerned government department is requested to relieve the officers within 15 days from the date of issuing the order.
Government officers said that the government may relieve both of them after completion of the BRICS summit, scheduled on October 15 and 16.

The ministry of home affairs (MHA) has issued an order to transfer the Indian Police Service (IPS) officers couple Karthik Kashyap and Priyanka Kashyap back to Delhi.

Both belong to the 2009 IPS batch. Karthik is holding the charge of SP crime branch, ANC and Priyanka is SP economic offences cell.
In view of the transfer, MHA has transferred 2009 IPS batch officer Sagar Singh Kalsi and 2012 batch IPS officer Devesh Kumar Mahia to Goa from Delhi. Credit (TOI)

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