Ira Singhal IAS Topper Rank 1 Interview , Profile, Family and Marriage

Ira Singhal IAS Topper Rank 1 Interview


Father name Rajendra Singhal
Mother name Anita Singhal
Height 4.5 feet
Cleared UPSC Examinations in 2010 – Joined IRS
School (Class 10th)- Lorento convent
School (Class 12th)- Army Public School, Dhaula kaun.
Graduation- B.E (Computer engineering) from Netaji Subhas Institute Of Technology
Post Graduation -(M.B.A) in marketing and finance from the faculty of management studies, University of Delhi.
Hobby – She has keen interest in football

Work – Alos worked in Pepsi Co

Date of Birth – 31-08-1983


Percentage secured in UPSC Exam 2014-2015 –  53.43 per cent

Marks – 1,082 marks out of a total 2,025

Last candidate of UPSC Exam 2014 marks – 713 marks (35.20 percent)

Name :Ms. Ira Singhal
Identity No. :01UT114A01
Service/ Cadre/ Allotment Year :Indian Administrative Service / A G M U T / 2015
Source of Recruitment :Direct Recruitment
Date of Birth :31/08/1983
Gender :Female
Place of Domicile :Delhi
Mother Tongue :N.A.
Languages Known :
Retirement Reason :Serving
II. Details of Central Deputation
A. 1. Whether Presently on deputation to GOI ?No
    2. Date of Start of Central Deputation
    3. Expiry Date of tenure of Central Deputation
    4. Tenure Type
B. If in Cadre, date of reversion from Central Deputation, if any
C. Whether debarred from Central Deputation
    If so, period of debarment

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This is the latest update about Ira Singhal IAS Topper Rank 1 Interview who cleared UPSC exams more than 2 times. UPSC result declared in the evening of 4th July 2015 and there was the flow of success and happiness stricken at the door of Ira Singhal who secured 1st position in UPSC Civil service examination 2014.She was the topper of UPSC examinations who secured AIR 1.Ira Singhal got 920 marks in written Exam and 162 marks in the Interview section or personality test.

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As Renu Raj and Nidhi Gupta has secured second and third positions respectively.

Ira Singhal and Nidhi, who are from Delhi, are Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) officers and third ranker Renu Raj is a doctor by profession. She is from Kerala.


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Ira Singhal told that I want to be an IAS officer. I want to do something for the benefit of physically challenged people”.Nidhi told that it is the proud moment for her to get selected in the UPSC examination. “It is really a proud moment. I put in a lot of hard work and finally it paid,” She revealed.

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Ira Singhal was 32 years old in 2015, a general category candidate and also a physically challenged. Ira Singhal was shocked and surprised by her success in UPSC Civil service examinations. Ira Singhal had never allowed her disability to come in the way of pursuing her dreams. Ira Singhal is suffering from scoliosis or curvature of the spine is curved, but this has never stopped or demotivated her. She told BBC in an Interview”crazy desire to serve my country”.

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An interview given to Hindustan Times, she told the reporter that “I am both shocked and surprised at becoming the national topper. I just want to say to everyone who is reading this, please let your daughters study and work. Let your daughters go out in this world and make something of their lives.”

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The biggest issue with Ira Singhal was related with the physical and medical point of view, Ira Singhal is not eligible to be an Indian Revenue Services Officer due to her health issue.Ira Singhal’s disability means she was not eligible for any service of UPSC apart from IAS. She was not allowed to join any other service after giving CSE in UPSC including secretarial and clerical Posts. As we all know that getting into UPSC qualified candidates list is tough but ranking the best to become an IAS is tougher. So she had to obtain the best marks out of lakhs of candidates to get her dream Job of an IAS.
But, she never gives up. she fights against discrimination system due to the medical and physical issue, According to her this should not be in the system of UPSC Examinations as it is the highest exam of the country.

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Ira Singhal had given CSE in the year 2010, 2011,2013 and in 2014. Ira Singhal’s file was rejected in 2011 when she had filed the lawsuit and Ira won in the year 2014.Her lawsuit was rejected because according to commission her disability did not fit into any of the disability categories. According to Ira Singhal, the commission had violated the Persons with Disabilities Act (PWD) Articles 14 and 16 when she filed the lawsuit. After the rejection of her lawsuit by the commission, she moved to Central Administrative Tribunal and she won it. In her previous attempt when Ira Singhal did not able to come in the top lists, she had “almost given up”

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An Interview is given to Livemint in which she said “We girls are not meant for the kitchen, we have to shine and show we can do wonders in the work field,”

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And, while the phone started ringing continuously after the news of her result broke, the most special call was undoubtedly from that of a top official of the Department of Personnel and Training, who in 2010 had denied her posting, reported Hindustan Times.

An Interview is given to Indian Express  in which she told the reporter that “It was a big disappointment, a major setback then. But I decided to fight back. It was tough initially as I had to undergo tests, submit medical certificates and prove that I am capable of doing jobs entrusted to me in the IRS. For two years, it was tough but then everyone realised that I am capable of working in spite of the disabilities. They realised I am no pushover,”

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The question asked by Zee news with the Parents of Ira Singhal “How do you feel after knowing that your daughter topped the civil service examination, You was confident on your daughter that she will get succeeded ?”

Answer given by Parents “Yes we were confident but not sure till the result get declared”

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Ira Singhal loves to read books. Her other hobby was reading books. She vested St Ann’s Junior College and told the students “I read everything under the sun, I read a lot of fiction too. I have around 750 unread books with me. I have been buying and buying and hoping one day I will find time to read them,” She also told the students “While struggling through all the insecurities of life, just remember that this too shall pass” She love reading Victoria Holt and Jane Austen.

Suggestion by Ira Singhal to UPSC aspirants

She told the Future UPSC Aspirants and Civil service Aspirants “First get a professional degree, get a few years work experience and then take the UPSC exam if you want to. And no matter what you do, always remember to have a life.” Ira derives inspiration from “fiction by female authors which has female protagonists.”

Ira Singal also told “No matter what you do, remember to have a life”

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Self-written Message to all the fans of Ira Singhal on her Facebook Profile

Dear All,
I am overwhelmed by the immense amount of blessings and wishes you have all been so wonderful in sending. It feels like the biggest honour to receive your messages. I am trying to respond to everyone, but it is taking some time so please forgive me if I haven’t yet responded.

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Some people have sent me messages that I cannot reply to, so I’d just like to thank you all here. I am truly touched.

To all the aspirants who have added me or sent me messages, I am trying to get back to you as fast as I can, but before that I just wish to say that I feel very very blessed that you all think that I can be of help. I will try to answer all the queries I receive from your end so please feel free to message me with any questions you have. I don’t think I am some kind of an expert, but I will respond to the best of my knowledge and understanding. Do give me some time to respond, though. I also wanted to just say that if some of you feel that adding me is somehow going to be extra beneficial, then I don’t think it will. To my understanding, the only thing that will help you is your sincere effort and your faith in yourself. So please study hard and don’t listen to anyone else on how you should study. Choose what works best for you. I shall be unable to add you as I don’t think that will be of any special help to you. I am always available through messages so you can always send me your problems there. Please do not feel offended or singled out if I am unable to accept your requests. I truly cherish that you felt I was someone worth adding, but I sincerely believe I can be there for you just as much without that. I hope you do understand my dilemma. Best of luck to all of you and I hope to see you all as fellow officers, serving the nation sometime soon! And again, truly blessed to have all your wishes sent my way.

Warmest Regards and Sincerest Thanks

Ira Singhal IAS Topper Rank 1 


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Watch Video – Hindi interview of Ira Singhal given to DD New


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