Jamat Ul Vida Festival : History, Significance & Celebration

Jamat Ul Vida FestivalRamzan is the holy month wherein the Muslims observe a fast. It is a special and holy festival that falls every year a day before the end of Ramzan month. At this day Muslim people perform special prayer including their regular Friday prayers by reciting their holy Quran for the whole day.

Many people more than thousands of Muslim people get together to attend their special Jamat-ul-Vida festival, which is the last prayer of Ramzan Month. It is celebrated in the nearby mosques of the city by performing prayer for peace, success, and harmony in the world.


Jamat-ul-Vida 2018 would be celebrated worldwide by the people of Islam religion on the 15th of June on Friday.


According to the Islamic cultures and traditions, every Friday of the week becomes a special day and source of blessings and salvation. Jamat-ul-Vida is also known as the Jummat-al-wida which indicates good wishes of the Holy Quran. People celebrate this festival by reciting their holy book Quran, special prayers and lots of social works such as feeding to poor and helpless people to get a reward from God.

If the people spend their Friday by worshipping and reciting the Holy Quran would always be protected throughout the entire week from the Allah. Muslims believe that on this day an angel of God enters the Mosque and listens to the Imam (Friday prayer). People get rewarded if they go to the mosque for prayer in the early morning. Prophet Mohammad had also stated that Allah would forgive all the sins of the people who perform the Friday Namaaz regularly.


On this holy day, the Muslims are required to attend the congregation instead of the usual mid-day prayer on Friday. The people gather in a huge number to recite the holy Quran for the whole day. While it is compulsory for the men to attend the congregation, it is not compulsory for Muslim women.

The largest congregation is conducted in the city of Hyderabad at the Mecca Masjid, which is one of the biggest mosques in the country. This day also sees as Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen organizing the “Quran day” meeting at Mecca Masjid annually in the same place.

Muslims visit the Mosques in their cities and pray for a peaceful and better world. They do it in their clean clothes and skull caps, but only after having a bath in the morning. Very special prayers are also offered by them. The devotees pray for the forgiveness of the sins which they have committed and pray for the guidance for their future life. They also pray for their loved ones who are departed ones.

The priests encourage the people to follow the words of the Quran which will help them in their life and also after death. It is believed that if on this day people feed the poor, they will be rewarded in the future. They also get together and cook special feasts.


Also “Namaaz” is done on two consecutive Fridays; people get to understand their real selves and conscience tells about the right path that one should follow. It is believed that on Jamat-ul-Vida, prayers are accepted by Allah.

Mosques usually erect tents outside the main building to create an additional area to accommodate a large number of gathering. We can say that this day involves religious reverence as mosques are flooded with devotees seeking divine blessings. Moreover, greater and stronger unity is developed amongst the Muslim community in their gathering.

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