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Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba Gandhi was born on April 11, 1869, at the place of prosperous businessman Gokuladas Mukherjee of Porbandar. She was just 13 years old when she married with the Mohandas Gandhi on 1882. Kasturba Gandhi was absolute illiterate at the time of his marriage. Gandhi has taught to the Kasturba how to write and how to read. Gandhi has left the India and gone to the London on 1888 for completing his remain studies. Kasturba Gandhi stayed in India as alone, and she was upbringing the newly born son whose name kept the ‘Harilal.’ There was Kasturba Gandhi, and Mohandas Gandhi has a three more children. The first son was Harilal who was born at earlier of Mohandas Gandhi studies. Then Manilal was born to them into 1892. Ramdas has followed them in 1897, Devdas who was the last son of that couple, was born in 1900. Now we will present the biography of Kasturba Gandhi.

In the year of 1906, Mohandas Gandhi has decided to take a Bramhacharya which was he practiced on his mind. Kasturba Gandhi has accepted the Gandhi’s this decision and stood with him as a good wife for support him. Kasturba Gandhi didn’t approve that some of his ideas. After the brahmacharya of Gandhi, they did not have any relations. Gandhi himself wrote that Kasturba eagerly had asserted his decision to take a vow, but we do not have this from an own mouth, and some modern feminist readings have taken this an instance of Gandhi’s arrogant attitudes.

Kasturba Gandhi went long from his husband at the South Africa in the year of 1897. On the year of 1904 to 1914, she actively involved in the Phoenix Settlement near Durban. In the year of 1913, she was raised his voice against inhuman working conditions of Indian in South Africa, and give them the power to represent. Kasturba has done so much struggle for the save people, and she has arrested at the jail in the year of September 1913. She was imprisoned in the jail for three months and suffered the hard labor. In 1915, When Gandhi under arrested then she took the place of Gandhi and she always struggle in India with the closely associated. There she taught to the women and children about basic concepts like personal hygiene discipline etc.

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Kasturba Gandhi has taken scarcely attention in his life. She was to develop into an important figure his right but sadly she not got the attention. When Gandhi’s autobiography records an incident, and he almost tempted after the moment of acute anger, after that he throw his wife Kasturba from home. Gandhi told her that she should contribute, as did everyone else at their ashram, to a menial task; and she agreed, She was balked at having to clean the toilets, and flatly refused to do so. There was also disagreement between to who will care the children, but Gandhi was inclined to believe had been neglect to his children. Gandhi has privileges to his children to take them and no entitled to no special things.

Mohandas and Kasturba remained married for sixty-two years, but it is one of the marriages about which we know tiny, though Gandhi’s life has been recorded in excruciatingly minute detail. We do not know, for example, how she received the presence of other women who were to become Gandhi’s followers and devotees, to the point where they, rather than Kasturba, attended to his daily needs. This very question presumes the centrality of the husband-wife nexus over all others, and this may be a way of approaching problems that have had little resonance in Indian culture. Contemporary witnesses have testified to the extraordinary bonds of affection between them.

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Death of Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba Gandhi suffered the problem of chronic bronchitis. She has really stressed of caused during the arresting of her during the movement of quit India, and she was really aggravated his illness. At the jail her health was began the decline and situation get the worse. All problems are being for her in his illness which victimized her pneumonia. Her husband disagreed with her idea to go for penicillin. She had got major heart attack and she dead on February 22, 1944. After her dead his son’s Harilal particularly caused in her great sorrow.




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