Essay on Leadership | Importance , Qualities and Management


Leadership is defined as a way to manage the things or any work in a right order by someone else in a way that the leader wants to do from someone else by using managers own thinking, and he wants to get the work done perfectly and effectively.

Leadership is one who performs the task in an effective and efficient way by someone else using his thinking and ability to do the task in a right way.

It is an art of performing things by someone else in a way that the leader wants to do from someone else.

Leadership Importance

  • Gain Control

Leadership is necessary and important to gain control over his members for the better growth and task completion.

It is important to maintain the discipline between the group members as to do the work I an efficient and effective manner.

  • Grow Positive Attitude

To make the task complete in an easy and effective way leader has to grow positive attitude amongst his members to make the goal easier and perfectly.

If this is not done than there cannot be a growth and improvement in his members to work effectively with better confidence.

Leaders have more expectations that hard work leads to better goal results.

Leaders also expect that the goal results can cultivate into better rewards.

By Enhancing sharp and positive focus over the goal within his members, He makes more gain from his goal in the future.

  • Maintain Discipline

Each and every Leader has to maintain discipline within his members to gain more and more control over the work to perform it correctly.

If there is no discipline within his members than there will be more problems for the work to get done.


  • Creating an Inspiration for Future Vision

Leadership sees each and every positive and negative prospects and behavior to the goal.

On behalf of his goals nature and behavior, leader suggests his members reflect according to the situation or circumstances.

To make the goal more effective and efficient, the leader gives inspiration to his members about how the goal should be managed in future in a certain circumstances or conditions.

  • Vision Delivery Management

In an organization, leaders are used to performing any task according to the vision of the goal.

This vision of the goal should be managed successfully for the better finishing of the task.

To make the successful goal leader have to maintain good delivery of the goal from the start till the end for a successful report of the task.

A leader clearly knows his vision of the goal, and he efficiently manages and delivers his goal in a right and positive way to reach the goal successfully.

  • Coaching and Building better Performance of Team Members

In an organization, there are many team members working under one group according to the leader.

Each team member has the different type of work provided as per his working skills and ability to work according to work given by leader.

Each team member has different work performance according to his level of work.

Some teammates perform at an average level and while some teammates perform with a high-level performance.

To make each and every teammates perform at a high level, the leader has to train his team to do the work faster than they were before and leader has to manage every member according to their ability to increase the level of team members for the better work management.

This improvement of work in the team members provides a lot of potentials for members to cultivate the task effectively and in the better manner.

This leadership can lead to perfect and effective work amongst the teammates which make every teammate more professional about their work.


Leadership  Characteristics

There are mainly three types of leaders:

  • Effective Leadership

Leaders should be effective for the proper gain of a goal. They should maintain proper success in a vision of the goal. They should work according to the ability of the teammates.

An Effective Leader gains knowledge about the companies weak and strong points and manages to eliminate those weaknesses from the enterprise.

Effective Leader also gains knowledge about their teammates and checks whether the teammates are doing their job well or not and acts accordingly to get the work done successfully.

They keep the honest, trustworthy attitude towards their teammates.

They teach the teammates to do the work in a better manner for faster work management.

They understand their teammates and suggests them to perform the task as per teammates ability and skills to work.

They suggest and teach team members in a different and proper way that all the members can cooperate with their leader with full flexibility without any problem.

  • Strong Leadership

A strong leader is one which includes better communication skills to make his employees more focus on the job.

A strong leader possesses excellent communication skills with self- dedication, and motivation.

A strong leader makes his teammates more confident and motivated about the job.

Strong leader manages and transforms each and every activity in a position to make the job more easy and understandable for the teammates.

Strong leader checks each, and every ability of the members and asks them questions about their work and also answers them clearly for better doing the job.

  • True Leadership

A true Leader is a leader who watches the level and growth of the company.

He checks whether there is any downfall in the company report.

He asks queries to the teammates and then thinks accordingly

to get the business to a bigger level.

He thinks about the companies rise regarding each and every prospects that the firm wants to get the company rise than other businesses.

He focuses about how the company can grow in a very short period.

He deals with the financial problems and gets the solution accordingly.

He also makes the deals with the manpower resource and other hardware resources to cultivate the good growth of the company and also manage managerial activities to regarding the member’s activities for better growth of the company.




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