Legal Forms : Some Important Laws to be known

Legal Form: Some Important Laws to be known

Legal Forms

1) APMC act 1960

  1. Under the agriculture producer marketing committee act farmers can sell only trough APMC markets where cartel of sorts is created , resulting in unfair pricing .
  2. Industries impacted include agribusiness  food  processing   and modern retail.
  3. Removing fruits and vegetables from the APMC’s preview could be the first step towards abolishing the act.

2) Apprenticeship act 1961

  1. Companies are required to absorb a percentage of the apprentices they train which places an unnecessary obligation on business .
  2. Industries impacted include IT , ITes engineering, and infrastructure.
  3. Can hire train the number of the people extreme in numbers if this regulation is junked?

3) Industrial  disputes act , 1947

  1. Companies that employ more  than 100 workers need to seek permission from the government  before firing  even a single worker .
  2. All manufacturing companies are subject to this law .
  3. A change would give companies greater flexibility in hiring  and firing which could improve productivity and efficiency.

4) Environment protection act , 1986

  1. Environment clearances are required for construction  of a new project , expansion, and modernization.
  2. Industries affected include real estate and construction.
  3. This regulation duplicates the process far builder as environment approvals  are already taken when the government clears town planning.

Removal cut down on delays and corruption.

5) Building and other construction workers act 1996

  1. Companies are subject to a large number of labour compliance requirements ranging from welfare to safety to technical knowledge
  2. Industries affected include real estate  and construction.
  3. The labor commissioner has the power to harass a company for even minor offences . A simpler  compliance  checklist in needed.

(The laws  are archaic . the practical aspects of running an industry are not addressed by our labour laws says the – director of Wipro “  B.C. Prabhakar “ )

6) Drugs and cosmetics act , 1940

  1. Needs to address industry concerns over the slow grant of approvals for clinical trials and other permissions
  2. Industries impacted are pharmaceuticals and health care.
  3. A simplified procedure would encourage drug discovery.

(The president of the DR reddy’s laboratories  “ Satish reddy” says that there is a clear  slowdown  in the process  of granting approvals for new drugs )

7) Recovery of the debts due to financial and banks institutions act, 1993

  1. Procedures under the SARFAESI act 2002 and debt recovery tribunals  are time-consuming .
  2. Industries impacted are banks and financial services.
  3. The urgent need for additional Arts and special benches in high courts to deal with the defaulters .

8) Indian wireless telegraphy act , 1993

  1. Direct to home licenses are valid for 10 years without any provision for long extension.
  2. Industries impacted are DTH media and entertainment.
  3. Capital intensive DTH requires regulatory clarity with renewal for the long term .

9) Aircraft act 1934

  1. The office of the director general of the civil aviation gives title flexibility to airlines to chart out commercially viable operations plans
  2. Industries impacted are civil aviation infrastructure and tourism.
  3. Setting a civil aviation authority to replace the DGCA would give airlines greater freedom from government control.

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