Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (MGP) : Consumer Guidance Cell

Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (MGP) : Consumer Guidance Cell

Mumbai Grahak Panchayat

What are MGP and CERC? Why are they formed? What are the uses? And what are the activities they perform? How  are they useful to us? And what do they stand for?  This article is aiming to solve all your issues regarding the Mumbai Grahak  Panchayat and  Cerc (Consumer Education and Research Centre)

The Mumbai Grahak panchayat was found in the year of 1975 and was registered under society’s registration act . The MGP has its office at Grahak Bhavan , Sant dnanyeshwar MARG , vile parle (W) which is situated in Mumbai.

Following are the activities of Mumbai Grahak panchayat:

  • The novel distribution system of Essential items- A novel system of distribution was introduced so as to bring consumers together and provide them essential household commodities at cheaper rates in adultered form and incorrect weight . for this purpose a group is required to be formed of a minimum of eleven families called the grahak sangh. The demands of all such Grahak sangh is combined and a final consolidated demand list is prepared . these items are then produced by the purchase committee from the market or directly . the material is then delivered to each sangh.
  • Grahak panchayat peth-  There are many items in daily household use which are consumers personal choice such as cloth , Glassware etc. these items are not generally supplied in the monthly distribution network. For this purpose , consumer fairs are held once a year at places like Dadar and Borivali , where consumers can directly buy from wholesalers or manufacturers.
  • Regional committee- with the idea of spreading out consumer movement and to decentralize the existing machinery, regional committees comprising of sanghs in their region , were set up in the year 1985. These committees undertake the following activities.

1) Consumer organization- through the medium of distribution of essential household items , consumers have come together in large numbers. This wide consumer support base has made it possible for Mumbai Grahak Panchayat to be recognized as a potent consumer organization.

2) Consumer education – the common citizen is made aware of his rights as a consumer and educated thereupon in the following way.

  1. Newspapers Features- articles are regularly published in leading newspapers.
  2. Grahak- garahak, the mouthpiece of Mumbai Grahak Panchayat is published monthly and circulated to all the members.
  3. Television – Participation in a discussion on consumer subjects on television in Hindi , Marathi, and English.
  4. Publicity campaigns – Consumer activists from the organization arrange lecture, discussions workshops, street plays etc, to increase consumer awareness.
  5. Fight for consumer causes- the study and Research wing of this organization undertaken an in-depth study of the consumer Problems .


Consumer education and research centre are a nonpolitical , nonprofit making consumer organization . it was set up 1978 to guide and protect consumer rights.

Activities of CERC.

Major activities of CERC are:
  • Ensuring consumer safety , ranging from safety against explosion gas cylinder in the kitchen in the aircash in the sky.
  • Public accountability of public utilities which are Monopolies too.
  • Protect consumers against unfair and restrictive trade practices.
  • Availing of consumers forums and commissions for the evolution of tortuous liability of business for defective goods , deficient services , negligence and unfair trade practices resulting in loss or injury to the consumers.
  • Cerc has promoted a membership or organization called consumer education and research society ( CERS)
  • To promote consumer education and research.
  • To find out search and to define consumer interests and to make all efforts to protect and promote consumer interest and satisfaction.
  • To represent before the government and  other legal authorities for the protection of the interest of consumers.
  • To make consumers aware of their rights and remedies and strength through educational , training and other programmes.
  • To undertake and pursue the activities in order to protect the interest of the consumers .
  • Cerc have also organized a research in chemical and health hazards to serve the following objectives
  • To provide information on comparative testing , ranking and evaluation of the customers product and also recommend the best of the products to the customers.
  • To call the corrective action like product recall or discontinuation in respect of unsafe products and also actions against false and misleading claims sustained by Lab tests.
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