10 Amazing Myths about IAS Exam, Must read to clear Doubt

Myths about IAS Exam

On coming across IAS aspirants, emails, blog comments and forum posts with many queries regarding IAS exam and how to prepare for it but much of it is myths or incorrect information they gathered up from various sources.This is to provide you with correct information about he IAS exam and remove all your misinformation.

1.One need to study for 15-20 hours a day.

It is the most believable myth of IAS exam is the in order to clear it you need to study for 18 – 20 hours or sometimes even for 24 hours. It is not possible for any human being to focus continuously on one particular topic for 15 hours or more.Mindless slogging is not at all required. You should only do smart and focused studies. If you study with consistency and focus then it doesn’t matter whether you study for 10 hours or 20 hours.

2.Selection of two optional subjects:

It is still believed that there are selections for two optional subjects in Mains. Dear aspirants the pattern changed in 2013, and now you only need to select just one optional subject instead of two.

3.Reading all NCERT books for prelims:

It is very obvious that you need to read NCERT books. But it doesn’t mean that you go through each and every NCERT book for prelims.There are particular Ncert books that you should read for prelims.

4.Have to read dozen of books for Prelims and Mains both:

Your aim is to crack IAS exam and not to do masters in IAS. You only require a smart study with smart study material. Reading dozen of books will gain you nothing instead it will build up tension in your mind. Stick to a good quality of books whose language is feasible for you. Do not follow all the books which your coaching institutions and peers recommend you.

5.This prestigious exam is almost impossible:

IAS is an independent exam which requires its own approach to achieving success. If one goes through statistics of this exam you will find that 900 aspirants are cracking this exam every year and gets selected in various services.This exam is very much doable and only requires hard work and a will to do attitude. Agreed to the fact that this is a really tough process but not impossible process.

6.Being non-English candidate is a disadvantage:

Your language is not a barrier for you, in fact, your lack of confidence and giving -up attitude is. Language is never an obstacle for any candidates who belong from vernacular languages. There are arrangements for all the student irrespective of their language. You should always select the language in which you are confident and which is most comfortable for you. Every year numerous students from the non-English background are clearing the civil services exam.

7.Age limit:

As long as you are eligible for this exam you have chances of clearing this exam. There have been many candidates who attempted this exam during the last ages of their eligibility and have cleared the exam.It’s never too late to attempt the IAS exam Provided you have a definite plan and willpower to make it.

8.IAS is the most powerful service and once you achieve it you are the King:

IAS is a service that offers you the best opportunity to do good for your country. That does not mean it is the most powerful job in India. Rather, it is the politicians who wield the real power. Do not join the IAS if the only motivation is power.This job is only for those who have a desire for doing good for the welfare of society.

9.No need of writing practise or attempting mock tests:

Attempting any exam, and not just IAS, without proper practice beforehand is like shooting in the without having bullets in your gun.It is very important to have yourself tested before entering the exam hall. After all, you don’t want to blow up a crucial attempt and an entire year of hard work simply due to lack of practice. That’s why you need to know the importance of a good test series for IAS.

10.Requirement of luck:

Good luck and bad luck factor is really not very applicable here. The only thing that works over is here is your attitude towards it and your hard work. Luck and chance play a role in varying degrees in any endeavour of our life. But that does not mean it is the only thing that matters.Y ou should focus on your preparation.

Hope all your misconception about the IAS exam might have been cleared now.

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  1. Prakash says:

    My height is 145cm (male) can I appear for ias2017

  2. Sonali jain says:

    Mam can u plz tell me the important books in NCERT needed to be study carefully basically for Prelims

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