National Flag Adoption Day 2021 – 22nd July, Theme, Essay

essay on national flagNational Flag Adoption Day is used to celebrate on the 22nd July to make the people aware of the Indian Flag which represents the Whole Nation consists of the Crores of the Indian People. India got freedom from the rule of the Britishers and they got freedom on the 15th August 1947 where all the people of India got every right and opportunity to move around every part of the Country. Britishers had made many of the ideas and plan to control Indian people and they were doing many illegal and bad activities to the Indian people. Every people were very eager to do many of the things by which the Britishers run away from the Indian Country.

Many of the National Leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, and many other National Leaders strive hard to give the Freedom to the Indian Country. Every people were curious to do lots of activities for the welfare of the Indian people who were controlled by the Britishers. Britishers were used to control all the Rights and Opportunities of the Indian People with their cruel rule. National Leaders tried many of the things to handle and tackle the situation of the Indian Country to remove the control of the Britishers.

National Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi Ji made many of the Angolans as well as Satyagrah’s to make the people to get every type of rights and Opportunities for their Welfare. Mahatma Gandhiji fought for many of the Rights and Opportunities to carry out many legal activities in the Country. There were many great ideas and plans made by the National Leaders by which they used to remove the Britishers from the Indian Country. So it is important for the people to remove the Britishers to save the Country from the illegal as well as the cruel rule of the Britishers.

Britishers tried to control the people of India by harassing them and also beating them with many weapons to get the people of India under control. Britishers were very cruel as they made every rule for their own benefit and profit by making the people do much of the tasks in a very time. Indian people were forced to do every task with accuracy and they were beaten by the Britishers when they get tired or can’t do any work. Britishers were more curious to make much of the profit from the taxes of the Farmers.

Farmers were ruined by the Britishers and they were beaten and harassed very much to achieve their goals to be fulfilled in a better way. Farmers carry out many of the tasks in the Day as well as Night time. Farmers were used to taking many of the Fields with the help of the Loans from the Britishers. When the Framers don’t have the money to pay much of the loans to the Britishers then the Britishers were used to treat the Farmers badly. Britishers kept a lot of taxes on the Goods and Services by which the Farmers and many other Indians were very depressed and sad to pay a lot of Tax on the Basic Goods.

Celebration of the National Flag Adoption Day

There is a great importance of celebrating the National Flag Adoption Day to make the people aware of the value of the Indian National Flag and know the History of the Indian Flag. People should Respect the Indian National Flag as it represents the Whole Indian Country. Indian National Flag is hoisted every year on the 15th of August by the Government of India to Respect the National Flag as well as Respect the Indian Leaders who gave India Freedom from many Britishers. Every Indian should give Respect to the National Leaders such as Mahatma Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand, Subhash Chandra Bose and many other Leaders who Freedom to India from the Britishers Raj.

To encourage the people of India to Respect the National Flag, Government made many laws to Hoist the Indian Flag to make every citizen of India stand and Salute the Indian Country. People are more curious to get all the Rights and Opportunities for them. Many people want only the Rights and they don’t want to do any hard work for the possible Rights and Opportunities. It is important for every people to get all the Rights with many of the Responsibilities to handle and tackle ina better way.

People are used to managing lot of things in order to get much of the benefit to them for their own betterment. To get Freedom number of people of India died and also got injured while fighting with the Britishers for their Rights and Opportunities. One has to develop their mind in order to focus on many of the tasks to do for getting all the valuable and Basic Rights to the people. Britishers were very curious to handle all the situations of the Indian Citizens to make every Indian their slave in order to work according to the Britishers. One has to become more serious to fight for every Right to give every justice to the people of India.

National Leaders who were trying to give freedom to the people of India were cooperating with their followers to remove the Britishers form the Indian Country. So Every National Leader was used to meet in many secret places to make many secret plans and ideas to fight and remove the Britishers. Britishers were used to carry many weapons by which they used to beat many of the Followers of the National Leaders who tried to fight against Injustice and Inequality. Britishers were made many types of plans and ideas to focus on the Economic as well as Infrastructure of the Indian Country for their own betterment.

National leaders taught their followers to be courageous and confident to fight against the cruel Britishers. They try to maintain peace and Discipline in India Country. National Leaders were made many Followers target those Britishers who ruined the life of the Farmers and many Indian Citizens. So Every Indian were made to fight for their Rights against the Britishers Rule.

Reasons for Celebrating the National Flag Adoption Day

National Adoption Day is used to make the people to get aware of the Flag of the Indian Nation and to encourage the people to Salute the Indian Flag. People used to celebrate the National Flag Adoption Day for the National Leaders who gave the India Freedom from the Britishers. Britishers rule the India Country for around 150 years. They made the people get harassed with many things and forced to target the weak Children’s to do illegal tasks with them.

People are used to developing a lot of activities to fulfill their life with lots of happiness and joy. Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar who was the Freedom Fighter of the India Country established the Constitution of the India. He used to teach lot of his followers to fight for their own Rights. He gave them every knowledge to cultivate a better attitude in minds of the young generation to fight for the Rights and Opportunities. They made every people create many better ideas and plan to remove the Britishers from the Indian Country.

Mahatma Gandhiji who was a National Leader had many of his followers to fight for their rights. After getting India Freedom every Indian people were very happy to celebrate Independence with lots of Indian people. Mahatma Gandhiji did many Satyagraha’s and also made many rules to remove the taxation from the Salt act and other activities. They secretly kept many of the meetings with all the National Leaders and tried to change the bad situation of the Indian people into Good Situation.

Indian National Flag is made up of Three Tricolors which are Saffron on the First side, White on the Second Side and the Green on the Third side of the Flag. It represents the whole Indian Country. It has Ashoka Chakra on the centre of it. The Indian Flag is represented with all these Colors and also the Ashoka Chakra on it’s Middle of the Flag. The government to give the Indian Flag Respect and Salutation organizes many of the events in the country where lots of the Indian people come together to celebrate the Indian National Flag Adoption Day.

On the 15th August, the People of India come together with attaching the Indian National Flag on their dress to give the Respect and Salutation to the Indian Country. There are lots of people who come down to their Society to celebrate it with many events. People Hoists the Indian National Flag on the 15th August and also on the Republic Day on the 26th January to give Salute and also Respect to the Indian National Flag. There are many events organized by people like Discussions, Speeches, Games, Singing many Patriotic Songs and many more. People of India sing Patriotic songs with a lot of concentration when they hoist the Flag of India with many of the people to give Respect to the Nation as well as National Leaders.

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