National Integration: Short Paragraph, Essay for Students and Children

Our nation has some cultures, languages, faith, religions, and regions. Apart from all, there is some combination of all the people of a country into a single whole, which creates oneness, unity, and commonness.

As, the birds are live together all people in one common bond no matter their religion, language or history. So, our nation should also belong to it.

In the different types of ethnic groups, religions of the nation, people are getting much involved, but some unity must allot in the nationality between each other.

Power of the National Integration

Since Independence, there has been much talk of national integration. Our nation can be strong by making force and unity, which is essential to living together peacefully. People of national integration can be identifying themselves as a part of a single whole.

India is a great country, and people have to make it different as compare to another country in the matter of togetherness and unity. It will be a great feeling for us when we will constitute proper national integration.

India has a large number of population, if we get united, this great human force with vast resources of the country can carry the whole world with us.

Lack of national integration

During ancient times, there was the bad national integration, which we know very well. In the history, there was a destitute record of the national integration.

Our nation has brought many changes, but there are not any changes to the combination of people.

The worst tragedy that has devoured up India is complete national integration.

We belong from the nation of India, but there is much crowd and distraction separated the individual with each other, yet living together.

National disintegration and disunity can make destroy the good image of the nation, and it is the ancient evil of the society.

We suffer from many of the indignities and humiliations because of the lack of integrity of the country.

It is the main reason of the number of national crises and dissolution of the nation; the whole people could not pull together.

Disintegrated history

In history, the national integration not properly conferred. There is many types of people, who make disintegration in history such as

The thousands of Mughal soldiers conquered India because the native rulers could not unite together, rather they worked against each other and helped the enemy.

The significant disintegration of the nation done that time when the Rajputs, Jats, the Maratha, and the Sikh all were brave people beyond doubt, but they could not sit together.

That all religions people fought with each other separately and were defeated one-by-one.

It was the high disintegrated point of the nation is that the British regime came to India with their culture and our society also makes changes into the culture and language of us.

The British language English has taken place into India, and our Indian people make a habit of it. The whole country has converted by this unification.

They have brought many differences in India by their English education, dress and habits and cultures came into differences in India.

Indians began to feel the first time the kind of bond among them. Another bond has bounded the people was the subjugation under the British.

This relationship became very prominent towards the closing year of the British rule in India.

Indians at the time fired with the spirit of nationality. The national leaders coming from different states so much fused that they forgot all the small differences of caste, creed, and language that divided them.

When the British left India, there was began a slight issue and raised their ugly heads. Every people of the state turned to itself and tried to look to the interest of its own. New slogans raised, and spirit of fellow and co-operation substituted by the people that began to play and interplay.

The people brought up many differences in their religion after Independence Day, and they started to show off their supremacy over others. It creates the disruptive problem of linguists between the two sections of the people of one state.

It is the shameful happening of the Assam over Bengali, Assam controversy and the illegal demand of Khalistan by Akali proved beyond doubt that we have not been able to realize the very fundamental ideal of national integration. The division of Punjab over the language issue to a large extent impaired the national unity. Apart from this, the caste rivalries assumed dreadful proportions.

Modern national integration

Our India is now a free country and unity must be valued by each other. Unity is the great strength of the people.

The unity must be in each other mind. It is the great thinking of individuals that they are one family and one nation.

The national integration is the crying need for developing to the country like India.

We Indians don’t need and want anything because we have great ambition and mission to complete it.

If we keep the feet firmly on the ground, then we can bring about the integration of Indian people.

In modern times, their political integration has already taken place, but emotional integration is a must for national integration.

Political freedom has brought in its wake new forces of fanaticism which threaten to destroy the brilliant concept of one country and one people.

The problem of caste in ancient Hindu society is acting as a disrup­tive force in the country. The question of boundaries and distribution of river water continues to occupy an important place in Indian politics even today.


The process of national disintegration has lately been gathering strength. The biggest question today is how to preserve national integration, soli­darity and oneness without which orderly progress of the country is not possible.

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    I would like to start with my gratefulness because it helped me understand the meaning of “national integration”, but I would also like to tell you that this article needs to be thoroughly edited and republished because it has severe grammatical errors which if corrected would make it a really great article and a good reference to all kinds of people who like me could be researching on this topic.

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