National Youth Day 2021: 12 January, Theme, Slogan of Yuwa Divas

National Youth DayNational Youth Day will be celebrated here with the theme ‘Channelizing Youth Power for Nation Building‘.National Youth Day is celebrated in India when there was a Birthday of the Swami Vivekanand. The government has declared National Youth Day from the day of Swami Vivekanand’s Birthday and the day is celebrated as National Youth Day. It is celebrated on the 12th of January.

It is celebrated to create a great awareness amongst the people of India to get them every knowledge about the Importance of the Rite in India. It is used to generate a positive attitude towards the people to provide them with every knowledge about how to behave in a proper way in the country.

National Youth Day is used to make people come closer to each other and understand each other to perform a task better. It is essential for people to get every idea and plans to focus on the actions necessary to do all the tasks with proper knowledge of the things.

One has to get the information about how to behave in a proper manner o perform every task accurately and confidently. National Youth Day is Celebrated to make every young generation to come across many ideas and plans to cultivate a proper plan to develop every sector in the right way.

There are many people who are ambitious to make every design and intends to generate for the betterment of the citizens. It is very essential for people to cope-up with various types of activities and handles every possible task to develop better infrastructure for the people.

There are many types of people who use different techniques and plans to develop the country in a proper way by which each and every people are used to share a better knowledge and experience as per their requirements. People of India come together to cultivate a better attitude towards many programs to carry every task in a better way.

National Youth Day is performed every year in India in many Schools and Colleges with many Speeches, Presentations, Music, Yogasanas, Youth Conventions and much more. It is used to provide the knowledge of the true heroes of India like Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Swami Vivekanand, Dr. Babsaheb Ambedkar and much more.

National Youth Day is used to provide the Nation to cooperate with each other to generate a better world for the people who require much of the education from their Parents and Teachers. It is quite important to focus on the goals and ideas to cultivate a better future amongst different Countries.

People are likely to develop each and everything in a way to gather proper knowledge and ideas from experienced people. There is a very good idea to make the people build up a bright future for them as well as their children to reach them to a great height.

Everyone has a dream to arrive at a great height, and they want to perform in their activity in a better way. So it is important for the development of the country to develop the Youth of the Nation to make a strong and better Nation.

A Nation is used to generate a better future for their children to get every benefit to them using education and to nurture them with good teaching. One has to come ahead to make a better country by making the Nation to communicate with the other nations for their welfare and prosperity.

It is more useful to develop a Nation properly than to make a Nation to develop in an improper way. So people have to become more realistic about their goals to make every goal possible to perform in a better way.

National Youth India is used to teach many of the Students in the Schools and Colleges to behave in a good manner with the other people who make every people contribute their support for the welfare of the country. It is not possible for a country to be perfect in every part of the field.

But people can be able to try to make their country better in a proper manner. Every people are used to generate a proper way to cultivate a positive attitude towards the people to carry out every task properly and accurately.

Every people are used to tackle and handle various kind of activities which has a variety of issues and difficulties for them to achieve their goal in a proper way. It is quite important for people to encourage each and every youth to participate in every activity to make them perfect for every activity to develop their and Countries future. People are more able to focus on those activities by they can be able to get some profit from it. It is not that problematic for the people to generate a better world, but they want to act according to the generation where people are forced to perform every task with many difficulties and problems to solve in the right way.

National Youth Day Theme

Following is the year-wise theme of national youth day celebration in India:

  • The theme of 2011 was “Sabse Pehle Bharat.”
  • The theme of 2012 was “Celebrating Diversity In Unity.”
  • The theme of 2013 was “Awakening The Youth Power.”
  • The theme of 2014 was “Youth For Drugs Free World.”
  • The theme of 2015 was “Youngman” and “Youth for Clean, Green and Progressive India” (and the slogan was “hum se hai nayi shuruaat”).
  • The theme of 2016 was “Indian Youth for Development, Skill, and Harmony.”
  • The theme of 2017 was “Youth for Digital India.”
  • The theme of 2018 ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi.’
  • The theme of 2019 ‘Channelizing Youth Power for Nation Building’.

National Youth Day Activities

National Youth Day is celebrated to make every people get a better knowledge about the people who gave them freedom and to provide them with the knowledge about how to behave with other people in the right manner. It is used to cultivate every knowledge to the people to reach their dreams to a great height. It is used to provide every people to manage the things in the right way and to perform every task with proper management of all the activities. Every Nation is used to develop their skills and talents to make their Nation more secure and formulated in every activity.

It is quite important to become more stable and generous to build a strong and peaceful Nation to make the people in the Nation more steady and prosperous. To climb a great height, one must be able to gain every knowledge of the related activities. So it is quite important to become more positive towards every goal in the right way. Many Students are getting into many activities by which they can be able to get many profits from their task.

Swami Vivekananda was a great follower of the Mahatma Gandhi Ji, and they used to get every knowledge form them for making the country to achieve freedom.

Swami Vivekanand made many ideas and planned to cultivate a better attitude towards many young generations to make a better world by developing activity in a better way. Swami Vivekanand used to gather every knowledge about the country and in which stage the country is moving around. He made many arguments and announcements to the people to settle down the country in a much better way.

Swami Vivekanand is used to provide every knowledge to their followers and Students by which every Student behaved in a right and proper manner.

It was the time when Swami Vivekanand told the people to develop their attitude towards the welfare and prosperity of the people. It had been quite ideal for the Swami Vivekanand to make the people get every activity to complete in a high and manner to finish up their task.

Swami Vivekanand is used to transfer every knowledge which they had in them to different parts of the world for developing not only our Nation but also their Nation. Swami Vivekanand is used to establish art in their Students and Youth to make a better future for the people of India.

Swami Vivekanand is used to manage everything excellently to provide every activity to be performed in a quite responsible manner to cultivate people to become more active and accountable towards every goal.

It is quite essential to get every people their rights to maintain Equality, Justice, and Peace in the Nation. Swami Vivekanand was able to provide every people to gain the proper amount of knowledge to develop the Nation with great prosperity and ideas to cultivate every Nation to move ahead with other Nations.

It is more important for people to spread their knowledge around many people to develop awareness in every people.

He also published a number of books from 1887 until his death on July 4th, 1902. These books include Sangeet Kalpataru, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Vedanta Philosophy: An Address before the Graduate Philosophical Society, Bartaman Bharat, My Master, and Vedânta philosophy: Lectures On  Jnâna Yoga. Books that were published posthumously include Inspired Talks, Para Bhakti or Supreme Devotion and Speeches and Writings of Swami Vivekananda.

One has to stand forward to raise the future of the country using knowledge and information which is a great thing to make the people gain awareness of the Past, Present, and Future. People are more reluctant to get every knowledge for their profit-making, and they want to get a better idea and plan through every information they arrive for the welfare of the people.

People should behave safely, and they should provide every with proper encouragement in every field. People are ambitious to get into every possible idea to maintain and plan a task for their better future. So it is essential for the people to cooperate with each other and to provide every people with the joy of making much life to them.

Many people gave their lives for freedom, and they gave the message to the Youth to behave appropriately and possibly to handle every task with a positive attitude to make the people more realistic.

The youth of the country should be practical and convincing to tackle and handle every tough and challenging situation properly. Every Child is entirely different from others and this results in giving birth to various kinds of activities and also problems in every area.

So every people should be capable enough to act according to the situation, and they should manage every task quite comfortably.

A celebration of the National Youth Day

National Youth Day is celebrated with enjoyment for the Youth to grow and come up with better ideas and plans to develop the Nation in a better way. It is quite simple to make any decisions, but it is tough to walk across that path by which the people are more able to get the exact knowledge of the Past and Present activities, and they can visualize the future for the welfare of the Nation.

It is a great way to strive hard for the youth to maintain peace and to develop a proper way to handle and tackle everything in a better way. It is quite right to perform with excellent knowledge and to make a proper note of every task properly.

People on the day of National Youth Day celebrates with great encouragement in the Youth. They play Games, Music and also give many speeches to make the people knowledgeable in every part of life.

People provide much valuable time for participating in many activities that cultivate youth to gain proper peace and knowledge of all the events. It is quite essential to know the appropriate way to get every knowledge according to the different types of people.

People are used to gathering every activity to be perfect, and it is quite remarkable to be a part of the Nation to handle and develop every part of the Nation to be fulfilled in a better way.  It is essential to survive every field in a better way to produce any task within a particular period.

People are more stable to manage every task with proper ideas and plans to make people grow in a better way. So it is critical to handle every job by the Youth to make every intends to gather the things in the right way.

Every people should be able to manage the tasks with a decent idea to cultivate a better sense to create a healthy and high Nation. Every Nation has a variety of Children which they can be able to gain every type of Knowledge for their betterment.

Every Child should walk on the right path, and they should maintain proper ideas to build up a good Nation. So it is essential for the Youth of every Nation to gain good knowledge and to become every Nation to reach a new height of success.

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